View Full Version : Dlx Anakin W/geonosian Moc F/t

07-03-2002, 09:27 PM


-AT-AT chin guns (even if you have one, lemme know)
-Imperial Shuttle side door, 2 front guns
-Sandcrawler (can be incomplete)
-TIE Interceptor (can be incomplete)
-Rebel Transport (can be incomplete)
-Bwing (can be incomplete)
-loose POTF figures or coins (figures can be incomplete)
*Yak Face (yeah I know.. but I need it!)
*A-Wing Pilot
*Imperial Dignitary
*Lando General

-EU Leia MOC
-EU Luke MOC
-EU Airspeeder MIB
-EU Clone Emperor MOC

-POTF2 Death Star Escape 3-pack
-POTF2 Jedi Spirits 3-pack

-Star Tours Figures
-Saga Target Accessory Sets

-email/PM what you have if you don't have anything on the list above!