View Full Version : Need land of the jawas parts and micro parts too..help;)

07-06-2002, 04:12 PM
Hi all,
I have taken the venture into the world of vintage stuff and I need help. I have a micro death star world comming that is in need of the communications consol round thing, the door that lets the kids fall into the trash compactor that is bent shaped, and possibly the power off switch to the tractor beam and that darn gun;)
The land of the jawas needs are hard I figure. I need all that goes to and includes the cardboard backdrop of the sandcrawler.
So if you got em let me know. I do have some randoms.
Please mail me at
thanks in advance and enjoy all

I also need teh turret defense for the hoth micro world and the freeze chamber and ganrty for the bespin:)
thanks again