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07-08-2002, 12:25 AM
i have plenty of haves and a few wants..
haves:(these are just a few, ask if what you want is not listed)
sandtrooper, yoda, han hoth, lando, luke dagobah, luke han stromtrooper 2-pack, c-3P0, obi-wan, luke hoth, sandtrooper, luke ceremonial
beasts: rancor, bantha, jabba w/ han, ronto w/ jawa, stap w/ battle droid
TRU coins: han bespin, chewy, snowtrooper
ships: outrider, awing, cruisemissile, swoop, imperial speeder bike, airspeeder, naboo fighter, anakins podracer, expanded universe speeder bike
max rebo 2 pack: sy snootles and joh yowza, ghost of obi-wan, kabe and muftak
EP1: mace windu, ric olie, jar jar, qui gonn, chancellor valorum, obi-wan, gasgano w/ pit droid, padme, watto, boss nass, darth sidious, ki-adi mundi, senator palpatine, anakin, queen amidala, battle doid, c-3p0
POTF2: (ask for variant cards)
emperor, stormtrooper, death star gunner, ugnaughts, grand moff tarkin, vader, bob fett, sandtrooper, tie pilot, garindan, 4l0m, c-3p0. r5-d4, hoth solider, tusken raider, snowtrooper, greedo, hammerhead, r2, jawas, ev9d9, yakface, gamorrean guard, malakhili, luke, luke x-wing, han, anakin flashback, han carbonite, leia slave, luke ceremonial, leia, obi wan, luke stormtrooper, leia boushh, yoda, luke jedi, lando, garindan, luke dagobah, bespin han, luke hoth, han hoth.
POTF2: battle damage storm trooper, leia all new likeness, leia w/ hood, r2 w/ parts, 3p0 w/ removable limbs, luke w/ blast shield helmet, lobot, prune face, mon mothma, aunt beru, zuckuss, r2 w/ holo leia, jawa w/ gonk droid
POTJ and SAGA: any figure from the trilogy (not as high of a priority as POTF figs)
let me know if anyone wants to make a trade! hate2runBP@hotmail.com

07-09-2002, 08:48 PM
hey i need stap with battle droid,watto, boss nass, and anything imperial, storm troops, sand troops, death star gunner, tie pilots. also need jawa's. I have leia new likeness, r2 with parts, 3po with removable limbs, luke blast shield, lobot, prune face, mon mothma, also have saga djas puhr and palpatine, and count dooku.
e-mail me and we can work a trade