View Full Version : kit fisto is pretty cool!

hango fett
07-10-2002, 09:22 AM
i just opened an extra one we had for a while and he is a pretty cool little guy! the only bad thing i sthe magnet! it's to small for it to really "attract" the lightsaber....but other than that, it's cool!
what do you think?

Darth Sidious
07-10-2002, 09:43 AM
Yeah, I agree. I like the Kit Fisto figure. It is funny how pegwarmers (KE Jango, Kit Fisto, Super Battle Droid (In my opinion)) are sometimes the nicest figures. Kit is one of the most awesome pegwarmers I've ever seen, except for the magnet thing.

hango fett
07-10-2002, 09:57 AM

07-10-2002, 10:07 AM
yeah kit is a pretty cool action figure

The True Maul
07-10-2002, 10:32 AM
He is a very good figure!!!!! :cool:

07-10-2002, 10:36 AM
I too thought he was very underrated. Maybe people see him so much clogging the pegs they take him for granted.

07-10-2002, 11:29 AM
he is very good

07-10-2002, 11:31 AM
I have a friend who had him. He's pretty cool. Better than a chunk of the line but no where near my favorite.

hango fett
07-10-2002, 12:51 PM
thats just about it, MATB....good, but nto my favirote...my fav is probably gonna be either maul or ani of the new wave....

07-10-2002, 01:12 PM
I always thoguht it was a cool figure.

07-10-2002, 01:28 PM
Kit fisto is the best! Now that i think about it... I took the Green Saber from Dooku's package and gave it to Kit. Now Kit has Duel Lightsaber Force Action! He's like rambo in the movie. If you noticed he was the first to attack! And he was the last one to get up on the ship because he was having too much fun destroying the droids!

07-10-2002, 01:31 PM
I like my Kit, but I'm still not happy with preposed figures, I wish Hasbro would start making them all with bending knees and arms like GI Joe.

hango fett
07-10-2002, 02:56 PM
well, we should be getting re-sculpts of all the jedi in robes instead of action poses soon.

07-10-2002, 02:58 PM
Good, cause I'm all for that hango fett, I just hope you can bend the knees and arms so you can sit them in the Jedi council chambers.

hango fett
07-10-2002, 03:02 PM
that would be very sool if they made a jedi council set from TPM & AOTC. it would be a best seller!
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07-10-2002, 03:04 PM
He's a good figure I agree. Though he could've used a couple extra points of articulation and less of a pre-posed stance so he could balance better. I had to use some handi-tak under his feet to keep him up. I wish they could've also added some articulation for the tentacles on his head as a small bonus so we could posisiton some of the ends how we wanted.

07-10-2002, 04:53 PM
Yes yes LtBasker, less hard plastic and more movement.

07-10-2002, 06:55 PM
he should be able to move his head left and right

hango fett
07-10-2002, 07:25 PM
he can slightly move left and right, but not enough for my likeing....he does lack articulation in the slashing arm, but is good for my arena diorama...

07-10-2002, 08:08 PM
He would look nice in an arena battle diorama w/ all the jedi!!

07-10-2002, 11:40 PM
Out of jedi in the movie i will problem give four over all. With yoda 1, obi-wan 2, mace 3.