View Full Version : More reoffered items and STILL no Han on Taun Taun!

07-11-2002, 08:46 PM
Why is it, that we starting to see items reoffered that were plenty easy to find the first time around, but we still are not being reoffered the items we really want? What's wrong with you Hasbro? Take the picture below for example: granted, I know these two didn't come together the first time around (and they were fairly difficult to find in some areas), but we've been offered the 12 inch Taun Taun and the 12 inch Luke before. Maybe I'm deaf, but I haven't heard a whole lot of fans begging for these items to be rereleased. At least, nowhere near as many as are asking for items like the 3 3/4 inch Han/ Taun Taun Beast Pack, Qui-Gon on Eopie, and Imperial Shuttle (note: I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the vastly overpriced and grossly under produced F.A.O. Schwarz version, which I'm certain I will never see in the stores when it's released anyway!). Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'd like to think that there are more of us who'd like a second shot at things like the last (and coolest/ most desired) series of Episode 1 accessory sets than there are those who want another 12 inch Hoth Luke and Taun Taun (I'm sure there are going to be a lot of 12 inch fans who are gonna let me know on this one!). Even the new Cantina Alien sets and Saga Action Fleet vehicles aren't much more than repainted reissues of older stuff that couldn't have been much easier to find the first time around, and that most of us already have! The least you could've done is given us a line of all new Cantina Aliens and Action Fleet ships (or reissued the impossible to find, highly desireable last series of Galoob Action Fleet vehicles! Even just one or two per assortment in place of the same old X-Wing we all have already!). Throw us a bone Hasbro! It's the least you can do for all of our years of support.

07-11-2002, 08:59 PM
Geeze RooJay,

You must be as P.O.'d as I am sometimes on this matter, I for one am sick and tired of redone action figures that are actually rehashed figures from Hasbro's garbage bin. Those new accessory packs with new figures, common rehashed Death Star Trooper, Battle Droid etc. The 12" Luke and Taun Taun with a little different paint. The new Cantina Alien sets, we have all those figures already in probably the exact same pose. The only one I may be interested in is the Wuher rumored pack. I wish they would just shut up and listen to us, cause without us the line will die. I don't want rehashed figures, vehicles etc, I want some things redone, but redone with new sculpts and better designs. i.e. figures that are like GI Joe ( bendable knees and arms etc.) , not scene specific poses. Wake up Hasbro give us some new stuff too.

07-11-2002, 09:10 PM
Before someone jumps in to defend the Cantina Aliens sets by stating how it will give new collectors a chance at some older characters, let me just go on record about how much better I feel the line would've sold if made up of all new figures of never before produced characters! At the very least, we should be hearing reports that Dr. Evazan will be an ALL NEW sculpt! Something like that would sell to both new collectors AND those of us who've been supporting Hasbro from the beginning! Those new to Star Wars collecting would've made do, and could've easily waited for Greedo, Ponda, Momaw, and Wuher to be redone maybe one per assortment a little on down the line. It's just plain cheap of Hasbro in my opinion. If they really wanted to reissue something they should've gone for an item more people have been asking for. I don't recall having read where anyone was stating how much they wished Hasbro would make another Greedo. Han Solo on his Taun Taun must've been much more requested than any of this stuff we're seeing rereleased so far, AND at least he is a major character from a very memorable scene!

07-11-2002, 09:18 PM
My sentiments exactly RooJay, give us something new for a change or at least what we are asking for ( 3 3/4 Han and Taun Taun, Shuttle ( non-exclusive) ). We don't need anymore of the same Cantina Aliens sets, we need new ones just like you said, and possibly one old one inserted with the bunch from time to time. I guess they never read these forums, too bad for them, cause if they did they would make one huge pile of money.