View Full Version : San Diego Comic Con Q's

07-12-2002, 09:26 AM
Does anybody know if Hasbro is going to be releasing anything exclusive/or early at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con?? I know Mattel and Palisades will be, and have heard rumors about Hasbro doing the same thing. However, they are unsubstantiated. I have heard about them releasing a limited number of the Toys R Us exclusive R2D2, a limited number of the Jorg Sacul's, and even the Toy Fair Darth Vaders. But like I said, all these claims are probably just people hoping. My father-in-law lives near there, and he told me that he'd be willing to go there for me if I only give him a list of what I want. If anybody here knows any info on this upcoming event let me know, and maybe we can work out a trade in something. Right now, I know I need the Jorg Sacul and the bloody luke. I also need a few from the POTJ line.