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07-12-2002, 11:53 AM
I am back from my vacation in TX and here's what I found:

In San Antonio, NOTHING! Zero! Nada! Same old peg warmers at Toys R us and Target. I did pick up an Orn Free Taa at KB though.

In Uvalde TX, There local Walmat had a pathetic Star Wars display. Not much. Although on my return a week later I saw Palp, Dejas, and Jango FB. Which were hard to find here on Long Island. Of course I haven't ventured out since I got back. I will this weekend.

Back home in Del Rio TX! The new Super Walmart had an impressive Star Wars collection. They pretty much had everything but Han, Luke Chewie, Vader, Yoda, Dooku. The usual MIA figs. But they had everything else.

One thing I noticed was they had TONS opf Bobba Fetts with Background cards. Which are scarse everywhere else I look.

Didn't come home with much except Orn, Massif, and Quigon. It was a fun adventure.

07-12-2002, 12:32 PM
You just didn't look in the right spots, at the right times ;O) If you're ever in SA again, check a Super-Walmart at 6am. I guarantee you the pegs will be absolutely stuffed. The other day there were so many Palpys, Djas Puhrs, Orns, and Qui-Gons that figures were falling off the pegs because they were filled up to the brim.

Darth Brick
07-14-2002, 12:44 AM
Man, you should have checked here in Pearsall. We're about 50 miles west of Uvalde. Our Wal-Mart rocks because (a) we've received every wave about two weeks before the big guys in San Antonio do, and (b) there are only, like, four people in the whole damn town who buy Star Wars stuff, so the figures just sit there between the Power Rangers and Spider-Man!

I just went earlier today and we were still overstocked with Dookus, Yodas, Chewies, Bespin Lukes and Vaders, and Endor Hans. Really! It's nuts!