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07-12-2002, 05:29 PM
What a strange set this is... BTW, it won't work in your Ani Speeder because of the button.

Grade: B-

Anakin's head has a big open mouth and big open eyes to match. I suppose this head sculpt might not be so bad if not for the dead-awful paint apps used on the eyes - which are HUGE and white with bright blue pupils, and have super-thick cro-magnon eyebrows. The eyebrows and eyes are such an odd combination that he looks more like a muppet than a person, and that wide-mouth-bass look doesn't help much either. The teeth showing are not overdone, unlike POTJ X-wing Luke, but the yell is pretty extreme none the less. The hair looks more like a sponge than anything else, I think that's the fault of the paint AND the sculpt, but it's minor. The head is not supposed to turn, it's glued in place and mine has already cracked in the back from trying to turn it.

The vinyl-like fabric vest thing is a bit too wide at the shoulders, but is otherwise not too shabby. The vest covers the huge slots in the upper chest which allow the gimmicky arms to completely cross, however sometimes the vest moves and the slots show, sometimes the vest can even end up in the wrong place entirely. The vest has a plastic belt over it that's fairly detailed but taller on the right than the left - it visually works but it tends to slide downards during handling. The rest of the outfit is ok, the insides of the sleeve cuffs are painted lighter and the boots are painted darker. The wrists rotate but the arms have NO other articulation beyond that. The legs are fairly close together in a slightly-extreme pose, but this doesn't detract from the figure.

The gimmick itself is relatively lame, the figure crosses sabers by moving his arms in towards each other, but the mechanism won't move the arms all the way across and feels very stiff at the end of its travel - you can manually have the arms complete their travel though. The internal gearing feels cheap and can slip a gear on either side making the travel distance shorter or having one arm not fully return - luckily, with cheap gearing comes the ability to simply force the gears back into alignment "the hard way" by pushing the button while holding the arms in place or vice-versa. Because the shoulders are special pieces to allow crossing, the arms connect to pegs that have tabs on either side which makes the arm pop off if you try to rotate them like a normal figure, luckily they pop back on pretty easily but this sucks. Also, the gimmick is far too wimpy to cut the Geonosian in half, the most damage it can do is knock the figure over. The button on the back is very thin and small and sticks out quite a ways, the slot it's in indicates this button wasn't the original design Hasbro had in mind here as it's the wrong shape and flops around - it also keeps the figure from sitting in the Anakin speeder unless you cut it off in which case you'll lose the gimmick.

This set comes with 2 lightsabers with new sculpts, neither has a removable blade. The green saber is just silver but has nice sculpted details, it's too similar to other "generic" sabers in the SAGA line though with a cone on the bottom and rings on the emitter end. The blue saber is either a slightly-modified version of Anakin's AOTC saber or a non-modified but badly-painted version of the same. The reason I put that modifier on here is because the emitter on mine is flat instead of being angled, and while the blade's sculpting MAY suggest an emitter shroud that was left unpainted, it's too rounded to be sure, so it's a flat-topped Ani saber. The handle is silver with lots of well-applied black paint, the details here are sharper than on the Ani Hangar Duel version.

The real reason to get this set is the Geonosian, which comes apart in many places. The figure itself has standard neck and shoulder articulation, and the wings are also ariculated though not on ball joints like its single-carded cousin. The figure is rubbery but chunky enough that it's not a problem, and it is less posed than the single-carded one -- both have the same problems standing though, so if you have good luck with the first one, this should be more of the same. The paint is a lighter shade of green and doesn't match from piece to piece, there are several different greens and brownish greens depending on angles and the head is a bit more brown than that - all the body pieces have a VERY mild irridescent sheen to them. The sculpt is passable, nothing amazing but not terribly disappointing either. This is clearly not some simple pack-in figure, it's fairly well-painted and -executed. The wings are translucent pink with green accents. The legs are completely non-movable.

The arms and wings are removable, simply pop them out of their sockets and pop them back in again. Each socket and corresponding peg has it's own size and shape, so for example, you can't put the left arm in the right arm's socket - which is good for keeping things in order. The head does come off, though it's probably not a good idea to do this since it's on a long, thin peg that likely won't stand up to repeated "recapitation" ;). The main gimmick of this piece is the way you can cut it up - the torso comes apart from the top of the left shoulder to the right torso in a diagonal slash across the torso, and the waist comes straight apart. Both sections have 2 pegs holding them in place, and since this is a figure MEANT to come apart, the figure comes apart fairly easily. Inside each sliced section are dark red "guts", fairly nondescript segments of the Geonosian's interior - while not as detailed as a McFarlane toy like this would be, it's still fairly nifty if you like gruesomeness. The pegs are not painted at all though, so the lower half of the waist and the right side of the torso have 2 green pins sticking out. The pegs stand up to my Anakin's attacks just fine, the only way I've gotten the Ani fig to cut up the Geonosian was to have the sabers knock the Geonosian to the ground and have it come apart - not terribly effective as this deluxe set's gimmick goes, but taking apart the Geonosian is fun, he really looks like he's been lightsabered apart.

This set doesn't really distinguish itself as a "deluxe" in any way when compared to some of the basic SAGA figures already out, but it's not utter trash either. If you don't mind dropping ten big ones on this set, it's not terrible and it's fun, but it could have been better and deserves a better paint job and articulation for Anakin.

Grade: a somewhat generous "B-"

03-22-2003, 03:00 AM
Over half a year later, I finally hacked off Anakin's gimmick button so he'd fit in the speeder. Hacking off the button wasn't enough though because the arms kept popping off of the pegs thanks to those tabs on the pegs. Getting those off was a little more difficult because the shoulder pieces don't want to stay still and aren't flush with the rest of the torso, but eventually they saw it my way and departed allowing the arms to rotate more - though not fully thanks again to the shoulders being within the torso ever so slightly. Adjusting the arms to the proper gearing, I finally got it so Anakin could hould both handles without losing an arm. However, since the already-out-of-scale was sculpted for the CC Obi-Wan's scale which is smaller than the general Saga scale that Dlx Ani is in, Ani is tough to get into his seat so he doesn't look like he's sticking way out of the speeder. Eventually he's maneuvered in so he's facing forward with his head actually touching the headrest and his arms holding the controls, leaving enough room for CC Obi-Wan to sit next to him with his sharply-bent left arm fitting under Ani's curved right arm. However, again the scale issue rears its ugliness and Anakin's head looks too large next to his teacher... plus those massive eyebrows & wide-open eyes and mouth don't help much at all.

Would I raise the figure's grade with these modifications? No, still not even close to an adequate representation for my tastes - but in my house, it's currently the only game in town.