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07-16-2002, 09:30 AM
Since I don't see a section for the Playskool line of stuff, I'll post this here. Here is a pic of the upcomming Millennium Falcon set:


What do you think of the Playskool line? I think thay are cool, and the Falcon looks like the best yet. I have not picked any of the Playskool set yet, but I might get this one.


07-16-2002, 10:52 AM
What is the minimum age for kids to buy the Saga figures, 4 or 5? These figures are only good for the kiddies waiting to turn that age.

07-16-2002, 11:23 AM
I have all Playskool stuff up to the Falcon, and I can't wait to buy it. They are absolutely great sets...with good value for your money. Anyone looking should try checking JCPenny, they seem to have alot of them!

07-16-2002, 01:14 PM
These toys look really funny...just take a look at chewie!! I'll probably get 1 for my nephew.

Thumb Wars
07-16-2002, 07:57 PM
i have the nabbo starfighter and the x-wing packs and i think these things are great!!! i will be definitaly picking up a falcon! i kinda wish they would to an at-st with a speeder bike and bikers scout pack in. also have endor luke with it. or a tie fighter would be cool too!

Master Goeweins
07-16-2002, 10:46 PM
I love them because they remind me of the ultra cool Super Deformed figures that Japan gets. Did anyone see the Ep1 Super Deformeds? They just flat out rocked, but were too costly for me to get. So the Playskool sets are a must have for me!

07-17-2002, 05:07 AM
I think this set looks great and I'm really looking forward to it. It should go really well with the X-Wing set.

07-17-2002, 09:44 AM
super deformed ep1 figs...what are they?

Master Goeweins
07-17-2002, 02:23 PM
Super Deformed is a series where the figures are shrunk, but the heads are still big. The "Palm Talkers" were the American imports of the Super Deformed line in Japan, except the American ones included voice chips. They made these for Ep1 as well, but there are no American versions yet (if ever). Any time American companies bring these over, they always avoid the term "Super Deformed" and call them "Little Big Heads" or something.

I hope they make more Palm Talkers, they went quick. I would love a Super Deformed Kit Fisto.

Thumb Wars
07-17-2002, 08:33 PM
i'm just a little upset that we didn't get the Pepsi figure toppers. why is it that japan always gets the really cool stuff???

Master Goeweins
07-18-2002, 08:30 AM
It irks me too. They even had Battle Droid popscicles for Ep1. They were three dimensional droids on a stick in different flavors. Not just cheap Gogurt tubes.

Those bottle tops were extremely cool. Maybe they are recognized more for being ultra collectors.

Thumb Wars
07-19-2002, 06:49 PM
not only were they cool, there was also an "arena" thingy that you could display all of them on! it seems like japan gets all the cool stuff. like Pespi-man. i want a Pepsi-man!!!

Darth Narcis
07-20-2002, 01:41 AM
that stuff is sweet, its like rpg deformed verisons of the characters. i saw the maul set the other day, and ive seen a tatooine one too.