View Full Version : Loose Toy Biz Marvel, and McFarlane Spawn figs for trade

07-19-2002, 05:23 AM
Hey gang, I have 2 big rubbermade containers full of these figures which I no longer care to keep. All of my figures are in mint loose condition with all accessories UNLESS otherwise specified. I don't feel like doing the typing unless I get a few responses, so if you collect these lines and are looking for new additions, PM or email me for a list. I'll get back right away.
For Toy Biz I focused on X-Men and have quite a few. I also have a good number of Spider-Man figs and some of his odder villains, a number of FF figs, as well as a cool Hulk figure.
My Spawn figures are from 97, 98, 99 - Manga, Dark Ages (I think), and other waves from those years. Again, email or PM me and I'll do my best to describe them as I may not even remember all of their names.
I usually deal figure for figure for what I need, which right now is the last 10 Saga figures (31-40) and anything newer than that, all of the deluxe Saga so far, and a Reek and Acklay. Let me know what you need, Im pretty agreeable.

07-22-2002, 06:30 PM
Okay, okay sorry for being lazy. Ill do my best to describe all of the figures in these boxes, bear with me as some of the Spawn characters I just don't know. Here goes....


The Horrid (?) - big green dragon with 2 detachable wings. Very big green dragon.

Manga Violator - tall silver coloured skeletal looking Violator figure

The Heap - big green pile of garbage with opening mouth and bones to go inside

Spawn - Arsenal of Doom (?) - cool spawn with spikey legs, real chains and more firepower than should be allowed on a 6" fig

Manga Samurai Spawn - very nicely detailed version of Spawn dressed as a samurai, complete w/ detachable shield and pike

Spawn the Black Knight (?) or some such Medieval looking Spawn. Very large with huge battle axe (bloody) and a Wolvie type claw poking out of left gauntlet

(very cool looking) Al Simmons - dressed as Robocop with a flamethrower, missile launcher, moving visor, gun and knife. Problem - visor still works but a small piece is broken off. Displays perfectly.

Austin Powers - underwear only, with talking base ("Would'ju fancy a shag?"), toothbrush and sexy dictionary, Baby, Yeah!


Hulk - huge, green Hulk, complete with smash apart wall, and wall smashing action!

Kingpin - repaint from Spidey-villain set, with staff

Rhino - green paint, from same set

Venom - black w/ rem. rubber mask from same set

Arcangel - blue costume, blue skin, blonde hair, silver wings

Nimrod - black w/ blue highlights, missile firing wrist, possibly repaint from x-villains set?

KaZar and Sabretooth tiger - from X-Men Savage Land line

Dr. Doom w/ extending wrist, rem. cape, pistol

The Thing - blue undies only, no tank top, from FF line

X-Men movie Sabretooth, with fall-down rent-a-cop (not the snowy one)

X-Men movie Wolverine, complete with girders that bend to bind him

Age of Apocalypse Magneto - long hair, rem. cape, helmet and big clear hand that goes over his hand

Age of Apocalypse Gambit - Remy repainted slightly, came in 2 pack with Rogue

Rogue - from a/n 2 pack, removable belt, brown jackey, gr. and yel. suit

Ice Man - bobby drake, clear blue version, w. ice slide section

Silver Surfer - w/ silver board

X-Cutioner (?) w/ removable green crystal armor (from x-villains set?)

Mr. Fantastic - Reed w/ silver rem. vest, stretchy arms

Storm - silver coloured, long white hair, chest supposedly sparked but it never worked, lightning bolt in hand, plastci (like vintage sw capes plastic) rings hanging off her back like a cape

Storm - w/ Danger Room combat droid that spins and shoots lightning (short, Manga hair variant, dark blue uniform)

Nightcrawler - w/ sword, suction cups on knee and left hand

Sabretooth - captive version, w/ muzzle, wrist binders and break free-action (probably also from x-villains set)

Wolverine - dressed as logan in brown jacket and jeans, spring loaded pop-out claws

Wolverine - savage land(?) - primitive looking black war-paint on Logan who is wearing black boots and trunks, no shirt and bone accessories. Comes w/ many small silver knives

Wolverine - battle damage - wripped costume, slashing arms action, light blue highlights (repaint? I used to have the exact same one with dark blue where this one is light??)

Spider-Man - w/ Dr. Octopus arms and visor

Spider-Man - super posable, red and blue costume

Spider-Man - battle damaged, w/ web backpack, ripped mask, ripped-off arm of Doc Ock (!!), and detachable camera that goes on belt

Spider-Man - with web firing wrist guards, backpack takes in air, you squeeze it to get the web bolts to fire (web-balls, not strands)

That's it. Let me know if there's anything there for you guys. Please, please please ask if you want further descriptions, I really don't know what else to look for. Thanks.