View Full Version : question about 12" JAR JAR BINKS electronic talking figure?

Jango Jett
07-20-2002, 06:08 PM
I just picked up a mint in box 12" inch electronic talking JAR JAR
BINKS with energy ball throwing action and articulated body at
TRU for only $4.97 ! what did these originally sell for ? when you
push the buttons on his back it makes battle throwing sounds and
says a few lines from the movie. This figure will be a nice item to go on display with my Ultimate Jango Fett. :D

Exhaust Port
07-20-2002, 11:11 PM
I think those electronic figures went for $29.99 orginally. I could be wrong.

Jango Jett
07-21-2002, 02:18 AM
your right, I was informed that they were originally $29.99 regular