View Full Version : my Djas Purr reveiw

Goebel the hutt
07-21-2002, 10:55 PM
Hasbro has done it again made a charactor that was in the movie

for less than 5 seconds ,and a character with no lines at all.

well let me get to my review i don't do the outta ten or outta five

crap I say the crap i want as I go. Well any way the head sculpt

is great when you look at the pic it looks just ,The body is

awsome, I thought that everything was great until I looked at

the guns.

I opened this thing up and grabbed the guns and I like everyone

else probably thought the blaster effects on it were great but I

took it off and took the elatic string ang and all that crap of the

hands and put the gun in there it fell out right away you know

they could of repanted the jango guns black to put in there I

dont care as long as they fit I don't want a frigin gun thats as thin

as an envolope so im giving this thing nine thumbs up I know

your probably thinking nine thumbs up what the hell is that well

screw you this is my review and ill be doin alot more.