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08-17-2001, 02:36 AM
I'll just be reviewing on the Han Solo Stormtrooper disguise here cos' I've only opened him up among the 3.

HAN SOLO Trash Compactor

There's nothing much to say about this area as this figure is still very much generic as compares to hundreds of its older cousins.

Head Sculpt
I should say this is my favourite head sculpt for any Han Solo I've seen from Hasbro. But the head was made slim and lenghten probably to able the helmet to fit better. But still, he looks much much better than his Collection Series partner.
One thing I notice is that his eyes are a little wider. The reason I mention this especially is because the version of Carbonite Han has got slits for eyes and he is widely agreed as the best head scuplt for Solo before this one.

Armour Sculpt
Hasbro had made new sculpt for Stormtroopers armour and the major change I notice is it has now got shoulder armour as a seperate piece rather than what we are seeing now on current Stormtroopers with a single joing molded piece of armour from shoulder to biceps. But still, it looks kinda chunky and not sleak when it should be.
The body armour was re-sculpt with a bigger circumference on the neck-line area (if you know what I mean). But still, rubbery material was used but it got a certain level of glossiness when shone against a light source. It creates an illusion of he is having hard plastic body armour but do not be fooled :)
He has a new belt and the little round canister behind the waist is no longer a moulded on cheap looking piece of what we used to see.
The Helmet fits the head but no matter how hard I pressed against it, the flesh color of Han's neck is still quite visible. Maybe its only my piece but it sure looks quite unpleasant.
The lower body from waist down is pretty much the same. No discovery there

He comes with a standard issued Imperial Blaster (no new sculpt here) and a supposedly metal rod we all seen him using in the film. But due to the packaging space constraint, it got quite bended. Nevertheless, I'm not using that accessories and that's not much trouble for me on this item. And of course, the helmet.

After all, I still applaud Hasbro of even bother to re-sculpt the armour (to this certain extend) and I think this is still a very good figure that all 12" collector should own.

About the other 2 figs, I have slide DST fig out from the box but its still binded by wires. It looks exactly like the one we all see on the various web source so often.
Death star droid has very cool painting scheme and have slim nice body as compares to its cousins the C3PO and 4-LOM.

Nevertheless. I hope I have given a comprehensive review on Han and I would be glad to hear other collector's feedback on this figure as well.... maybe there's some hidden gem I failed to notice or such :D

08-17-2001, 08:26 AM
I will be passing on Han, just too many. The other two figures look alright from the pictures I have seen. I will pick them up.