View Full Version : Looking for Dexter JettsterW/BGC and R2D2 With R3T7 Leg W/BGC

07-23-2002, 08:17 AM
Have to trade:
1-Luminara unduli W/Removable Cloak Text
1-Boba Fett W/ T-Visor Error Center is Black and the Top is Blue
1-Super Battle Droid W/BGC and Error Back Card
1-Battle Droid W/BGC
1-Bespin Vader W/Curled Hand
2-Jango Fett W/BGC Grey Variation
1-Bespin Luke W/Metal Peg
1-Count Dooku W/Darth sidious Looking Down
1-Massiff /Massiff is loose in Package

Looking for :
Dexter Jettster W/BGC and Pipe Text
R2-D2 with R3-T7 leg W/BGC
and any other Variation....email me