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07-23-2002, 11:01 AM
Hello everyone! I'm glad to be here! I've been visiting Sir Steve's Site since 1997. I can't believe how it has grown so big! It use to be such a small site back then. But he still has the best pictures and information on Action Figures I've ever seen anywhere! Is because of SirSteve that my husband and I became like children again collecting Star Wars figures like when we were kids. My husband and I have been fans since 1977. We bought a lot of figures as kids but as we grew older we lost most of them. We got married in 1990 and read all the Timothy Zahn's book that brought back excitement for us. Then in 1995 we began collecting all Star Wars Action Figures. Well, now we have 2 daughters, and we are moving to a bigger house. As we were packing we realized.." My God, we bought a lot of extra figures!" So now I'm auctioning them on Ebay. If you are looking for something I might just have it since we bought a lot of rare figures. This is our link:http://www.geocities.com/topaz0122/index.html
when you go there just click on the Ebay tag and it will take you to our list which includes pictures.
Well, we hope to make friends here, there are many action figures from Str Wars we would like to get that we never had so you are welcome to email us you list of haves and wish list too.
Bye all,