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07-24-2002, 12:50 AM
This is the age old question. The answer is very simple, but seems to be a concept that most people canít grasp. A variation is an INTENTIONAL change like in the Saga line - Kit Fisto sticker change, Anakin Hanger blister change, figures that came w/BG then w/o.

An error is just that Ė a MISTAKE. It was never meant to happen and is usually one of only a handful. Like a figure missing a weapon or with the wrong accessory or even NO accessory. Like the Dooku with unpainted cape chain, Yoda missing his lightsaber, etc.

The other thing is a Hoax - any item that is only sealed by tape - it can be opened and resealed. 12 inch, vehicles, cinema scenes, 300th Fett, etc.

Darth Cruel
07-24-2002, 09:45 AM
I have been thinking about this for a long time. I used to classify my figures the same way until it dawned on me that an error is a sub-grouping of variation as it is true that ANY difference would fall under the dictionary definition of variation (including sculpts if we wanted to go that far). In this case we would have (and this is how I catagorize mine):

Figure error variations - Pieces that have mistakes such as the missing insignia Boba Fetts, and simple bad paint job figures, or figures with the wrong or missing accessories.

Figure correction variations - Obiously, the error variation after it has been fixed.

Package error variations - Packaging that has misspelled words, inserts inserted wrong (I.E. my "Purchase of the Droids cinema scene which has the insert with the figures tied to it inserted upside-down), and the warning label mistakes.

Package correction variations - Same as figure correction variation, but for the packaging.

Figure production variations - Pieces that are intentionally changed at the production line for various reasons such as in order to more accurately represent the character as it appeared in the movie a la the long 'Saber figures, The tan vested Luke, or Boba Fett's glove paint. Or a change done for safety reasons such as removing a sharp point from an accessory. This variation, however, may cause the original version to become an error variation depending on the reason for the change.

Package production variations - Which includes intentional changes like figures of the same sculpt being put on different cards like the ones from POTF2 that came on red and green cards, or changes in the way the piece is held in the package such as the lightsaber R2-D2 which has the 'saber packaged on either the right or left. This group could also include the transition tray long 'Saber figures just to keep them from needing their own catagory (which would be the package combination production and error variation:)).

The way I catagorize mine is probably a little too technical for the purposes of collecting, but I am known to be a little retentive.

hango fett
07-27-2002, 12:01 PM
i've had this figured out for a while. but thanks for tie-ing up the loose ends.

01-09-2003, 10:45 PM
I don't even bother seperating my variations. I know I have 2 of the bloody stump Luke, 2 brown vested Lukes, 2 of the different Leia belt variations. But since I never intend to sell them, why bother. Let my offspring battle over them when I die.

08-06-2004, 04:13 PM
anyone know of the clone wars carded clone trooper package variation. i have both versions, but never heard of the variation being noted.

08-06-2004, 04:15 PM
There were two versions made of him intentionally, so no variation there

05-24-2005, 01:01 PM
Unless you are talking about the "tri logo" animated figures. At least two Wal-Marts in my area got both the regular english cards and the three lanquage cards. Other than that I am not aware of a variation on these figures.