View Full Version : Disney Exclusives In Hand For Trade (all 3)

07-26-2002, 06:38 PM
Hello, I have some sets of the 3 Disney exclusive Star Tour figures for trade.

-RX-24 (REX)

My priority wants are a TF Vader which I will trade 2 sets of 3 figs each( total of 6 figs, 2 of each droid) or 1 set (total of 3 figs, 1 of each droid) for a Lucas figure.


-Any Vintage Star Wars figures MOMC C9+
-Any Indiana Jones figures MOMC C9+

-Pit Droids 2 pack
-Queen Amidala( Coruscant)
- " " ( Battle)
-Sio Bibble
-Red R2 unit from Queen's spaceship

-Boba Fett (FF)
-Captain Piett (Both) (FF)
-Darth Removeable (FF)
-Death Star Trooper (FF)
-Emperor's Royal Guard (FF)
-Garindan (FF)
-Ree-Yees (FF)
-Zuckuss (FF)
-Tie Pilot (FF)
-Boba Fett (FF)
-sandtrooper (FF)
-Weequay (FF)

-Leia Hooded (Commtech)
-Motti (Commtech)
-Wuher (Commtech)

-All Expanded Figures

-Tattoine Skiff

-Han Stormtrooper mail away
-Wedge (blister carded)**
-Scanning troopers (blister carded)**

-Han Tauntaun (Beast)
-Luke Wampa (Beast)

-Watto's Box

LMK if interested, Johnny

07-26-2002, 06:57 PM
ill give you a han & taun taun for a set of disney figures