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07-26-2002, 09:53 PM

Saga Figures

1-Kit Fisto W/ BGC missing Lightsaber
1-Kit Fisto W/BGC Missing Lightsaber Blade Just holding Handle
1-Boba Fett W/unpainted Range finder
1-Boba Fett W/Bottom of T-Visor is Black and Top is Blue
1-Djas Phur Missing Blast effect on the Gun
2-Jango Fett W/BGC Grey Armor
1-Jango Fett W/Grey Armor NO BGC
2-Super Battle Droid W/BGC on ERROR CARD
1-Clone Trooper Missing Chest paint and utility belt paint
1-Luminara Unduli W/Removable Cloak Text
1-Luminara Unduli W/3 Stickers Covering Text
2-Bespin Darth Vader W/ Curled Hand
1-Bespin Luke W/ Bloody Stump
2-Bespin Luke W/Metal Peg
2-Count Dooku W/ Darth Sidious Looking down
1-Yoda W/ Green eyes
1-Yoda W/ left foot is painted Brown
2-Battle Droid W/BGC
2-R2-D2 W/ R3-T7 Legs But right leg Sprocket is White not Silver
1-Saesee Tinn W/seperated Lightsaber blade
1-Massiff W/ Masiff loose in Package
1-Orn Free Taa W/ Hand Palm Up

Micro Machine Action Fleet

2-Millenium Falcon
2-Tie Advance

1-R2-D2 W/ R3-T7 Legs and BGC
1-Jango Fett W/ Head Missing
1-Jango Fett W/Blue Visor
I'm always looking for Errors / Variations
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