View Full Version : ok, who has Anakin Skywalker - Tatooine Attack?

Darth Trymybestus
07-31-2002, 10:10 AM
I picked up 3 of this figure and man, I think it's VERY cool but I have this feeling that some people might be disappointed purely because it's been hyped up.
It has a very small button on the back and what you do is press the legs together and then press the button and the right leg kicks out a bit.. it's a bit lame.
The soft goods "skirt" is quite cool, the "leather" part that is blowing in the wind is very soft so he could still fit in the speeder I should think.
It's an awesome sculpt and his robes look much cooler than Hangar Duel, his head sculpt is awesome but this isn't a figure than can be used in the romantic dinner with Padme scene.
He can hold lightsabers in both hands, I see people using this to fight dooku with the green lightsaber in the left hand.
The cool thing is that he can hold the lightsaber in both hands, I also feel that this figure would look AWESOME sitting on a swoop bike if they make it.
I thought it would be the best Anakin figure yet and I'm torn between it and Hangar Duel because they are both awesome in their own way.
If you like the character of Anakin Skywalker you NEED this figure, it is VERY cool and I'm sure that most people will LOVE it, it's just that some might be disappointed purely because of the hype.
For me, it lives up to the hype and I'm really glad I got this figure, I look forward to the next Anakin Skywalker with a robe

07-31-2002, 10:31 AM
Boy, am I ****ed...I'm glad you like him...but no wonder I can't find any of this figure if people like you are picking up three at a time! :frus: :D

Darth Trymybestus
07-31-2002, 10:37 AM
Originally posted by DeadEye
Boy, am I ****ed...I'm glad you like him...but no wonder I can't find any of this figure if people like you are picking up three at a time! :frus: :D

Hey, all's fair in love, war, and collecting Star Wars figures :) seriously though, they must have LOADS in stock.
www.r2dtoys.com check that out :)
And I got them for the normal price which is 5.99. I'm shocked that I have a Star Wars figure before most people in the USA!
The figure actually stands up too which is a bonus, I hope you get one soon... I know you've wanted this figure for a while!!

07-31-2002, 12:39 PM
I certainly have wanted one for a while, as my sig can attest. :D
So how is that R2 site? The only sites I've seen that carry Anakin are exhorbitant, selling him for the price of 2 or 3 standard-priced figures. :frus:

07-31-2002, 01:32 PM
Hee hee... I got 2 Anakin TAs... Basically one is to be opened and the other is to be kept in the card... I'm an loose collector but some figures just got to be kept carded... I have yet to open him though as I was just alittle lazy too... (waiting for me new display shelf to come first)... I saw the posters for the saga figures and I thought that the Anakin TA really was the one with the nicest pose and sculpt... I'm glad that you have confirmed with me that it is very posable other than the little lame gimmick :) Anakin TA deserves to be one of the better saga figures around...

Cheers :) :crazed:

07-31-2002, 02:14 PM
Since you have two carded TA Anakins, would you give me one??? I'd give you my POTF2 AT-AT or Episode I Royal Starship for one of those figures!!!

07-31-2002, 03:06 PM
Deadeye... I just sent you a private message...

Cheers :D

07-31-2002, 10:27 PM
i have him and the new maul yes the anakin is the best so far

Darth forb1us
08-01-2002, 03:47 PM
Originally posted by DeadEye
Since you have two carded TA Anakins, would you give me one??? I'd give you my POTF2 AT-AT or Episode I Royal Starship for one of those figures!!!

holy lol
just wait a little while, its only ~$5.34 after taaaaaaaxx :D

08-01-2002, 10:10 PM
Does anyone have a piccie of the actual figure? Does the skirt really look as horrible as on the last con?


08-01-2002, 11:38 PM
Deadeye, are you that impatient to get that figure? Oh my god, it's not even released nationwide yet. I mean........oh well....nevermind

Lt Kettch
08-02-2002, 09:24 AM
QLD calm down man, i think he was kidding, i've looked at alot of forums lately, your just talking smack wherever you go.... chill!

08-02-2002, 10:17 AM
I want the new Darth Maul-Sith Training

08-02-2002, 11:57 AM
My momma always told me, smack is as smack does.

I wouldn't qualify it as smack talking, a lot of it is just smart-arsed imitations of what other people are currently posting.

But if you mean random silliness and general misbehavior, well, I have been doing that here for years! :D

And I don't think he was kidding either. I know how much he has desperately been wanting this figure. Sounds serious to me.

08-10-2002, 07:32 AM
I have one. Got mine today along with maul Teemto and Ki-Adi.

The kicking feature is particularly redundant although the knee articulation is quite nice if a little ugly in the execution. The soft goods/plastic 'skirt' is a little strange but works with the extremempose of the figure.
The head sculpt is great, really nicely proportioned and detailed. The arms are fine and I have mine posed with one doing a force manouvre and the other deflecting BD blaster fire. This figure really didn't need the leg action gimmick it's great without it and the gimmick doesn't work like all the other silly gimmick features that are activated by buttons.
I only bought this for the accessories for my tusken camp diorama but I'll be sticking this Anakin into the arena instead of HD Anakin. This new one looks better on the shelf in a display but certainly makes for a lousy toy to play with given his inability to stand properly due to the leg gimmick.

The accessories are cool though. :)

Darth forb1us
08-10-2002, 08:36 AM
ok cool, I'll be on the lookout. Going out today and will be hitting a lot of stores =]
Still have not seen teemto nor ki-adi... but TRU did just get the Xwing in (passed on it though...)

08-11-2002, 08:54 AM
My Anakin TA stands just fine, and boy was I surprised! With the legs the way they are, I thought for sure he'd topple over, but he stands no problem.

Maul on the other hand, is hit and miss. You've got to get the balance just right for him to stand. I guess I need to break down and get some bases to pose all my loose figs on. Maul looks way cool tho. Wish his head would move back in a non-nodding position, but I really like the fig as far as a posable look goes.

Check your local K-Marts, since that's where I found mine. I had pretty much given up on K-Mart since early on, but stopped by there on a whim this past Thursday, and there they were!!