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07-31-2002, 10:27 AM
I'm looking for the following figures. I would prefer they be loose, but whatever you have. Having weapons is not a must.

Luke from Luke wampa beast assortment/ will also take wampa if necessary
POTF II Ree Yees
Commtech Stormtroopers
Loose POTJ Chewbaccas
Ponda Baba POTF II
Leia Boushh SOTE
Dr. Evazan

Vintage Yodas
Vintage luke endor w/cape


I have a variety of vintage and and newer figures (POTFII, EP 1, AOTC, etc) loose. I also have weapons to trade, and many carded figures from 1995-present. Please reply to this post or email me at wtsheldon@yahoo.com. Thanks