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Sidiously Darth
10-16-2001, 01:40 PM
Looks like I will not have to buy all the back issues of the original SW comic books. Dark Horse is finally getting on the ball.

Does anyone mind that they will be in B/W instead of color?

Bel-Cam Jos
10-16-2001, 05:32 PM
I'm surprised Marvel gave up their rights to them. I figured they'd try to cash in the SW nostalgic effect.

I'll admit, the colors weren't always that good in the comics, so black and white isn't so bad. But only 4 issues? Even if these are big (which equals expensive), that's over 25 issues in each. Unless they're edited, but then that's kinda crummy.

10-16-2001, 08:13 PM
Here's the article:

The classic Star Wars comics of the 1970s and 80s will return in special giant-sized collections published by Dark Horse Comics. The original comics have long been out of print, and back issues have become increasingly difficult to find. Dark Horse is planning to gather the Marvel issues into a series of four black-and-white trade paperbacks, allowing new and longtime readers to revisit the original Star Wars Expanded Universe. Unlike previous reprint efforts, which only featured a select number of issues printed in a smaller, digest-sized format, these reprints will cover the entire series run plus Star Wars Annual #'s 1-3 in four full-sized trade paperbacks.

The Marvel series covered 107 issues from 1977-1986 and filled in the story between the films of the classic trilogy. Long before there was a Grand Admiral Thrawn, a Mara Jade or the Yuuzhan Vong, a generation of Star Wars fans returned every month for the continuing adventures of Luke, Leia and Han, and new characters like Jaxxon, Shira Brie, Kiro and Valance the Bounty Hunter. The series features art and writing by some of the comic industry's greatest names, including Archie Goodwin, David Michelinie, Chris Claremont, Jo Duffy, Carmine Infantino, Al Williamson, Walt Simonson, Michael Golden, Ron Frenz, Tom Palmer, Cynthia Martin and more.

As long as they're printed on quality paper and not that toilet paper they were originally printed on. I think the black and white gives it a better quality. The inking often got too distracting especially when some of it was completely the wrong colour. The subtleties that the artist worked in are accentuated by the simplicity of the monochrome presentation, lending an aesthetic that normally one would find in a master artists studio. those Rembrandt sketches are comparable to a goodwin comic set piece. Don't you think...?:cool: These books are gonna be big. Don't quite understand what they mean by trade paperback copy, but I certainly want a set of them. That's my youth in them there comics :)

Sidiously Darth
10-17-2001, 03:04 AM
I think that article answered one question I have. It's in regards to the "smaller, digest-sized format" TPBs. I have issues 1, 4 & 6. They were printed by Dark Horse and titled "Classic Star Wars A Long Time Ago..." How many issues were there?

My next question, will the British issues not printed in over here be part of the package?

My last question involves 2 TPBs from Boxtree that I picked up the other day. One is Classic Star Wars w/ Vader on the cover w/ a red border. The second is Classic Star Wars: Book 2. The cover looks similar to the Classic Star Wars Vol. 2 The Rebel Storm. Are these just the British version of the American ones? I'll post pics if needed. Thanks!

Bel-Cam Jos
10-17-2001, 06:34 PM
I think the Dark Horse SW: Devilworlds issues were reprints of the UK weekly series, but that would've been maybe 10 issues maximum. I'm looking forward to finding the UK series, too.

Only 10 issues away from having the Marvel set? Why couldn't they have published these TPBs sooner?

10-17-2001, 07:46 PM
Well...at least u have them, and for that matter in color!!:)