View Full Version : Dark Horse Mini Busts

08-03-2002, 09:25 PM
What's everyone's opinion on the Dark Horse Mini Busts soon to be realeased?? I think they're great. I like the fact that they're numbered to 3,500. I'll get Yoda and Vader.

08-03-2002, 09:43 PM
I like them.I'm not a huge fan of mini-busts or busts,because they look freaky without arms and such,but GentleGiant has pulled it off well.I dont have $50 to spend on the Vader one I wanted,but there is always hope:)The Anakin and Zam looked nice too

08-03-2002, 09:49 PM
I'd get them if they were like the ones that were shown at Toy Fair 2001, but these are highly unnatural looking IMO. They look like Unleashed figures on steroids that got their arms hacked off in final production. ;)

08-03-2002, 09:50 PM
I received the Obi-Wan bust this week and it is pretty cool, I must say...I will definitely have to get Yoda.

08-04-2002, 08:15 AM
Hey GeneralKenobi, What's the packaging like?? I'm not an opener, and I'd hate to spend $50 on something that doesn't display well in the package.

08-04-2002, 09:11 PM
Can anyone tell me when the Geonosian bust is going to be relesed?

08-04-2002, 09:16 PM
I don't know about the Dark Horse Mini Busts, but my Legends Boba Fett bust is awesome. If Dark Horse is half as good as the Legend one I have then I'll be buying a few more.:)