View Full Version : STAR WARS must sell,,need to sell!! power of the force

08-05-2002, 02:22 PM
star wars figures MOSC, never opened up 4 sales. Never opened, sweet figures. Must get rid of.

Power of the force
1st version Princess leia orange card .00 I got 6 (of these fine ***$ ladies) @ $5.00 each
Obi wan green card .02 c9 (grandpa mosses) $3.00
Lando carlissian orange card .00 c10 $3.00 (pimp daddy of all the newbian “what’s a newbian??,,,,,,,,, shut the *** up” )
Luke skywalker flash back card .00 c10
Princess leia flash back card .01 c10
Emperor palpatine (aka old man rivers) green card with hologram .01 c8.5+ $3.00

Deluxe probe droid .02 c9 $4.00
Purchase of droids 3 pack box set/uncle owen, c-3po, luke skywalker/ .01 MISB c9

Princess leia collection 2 pack sets (leia gets around)
Leia n skywalker .01 c10
Leia n r2d2 .00 c10
Leia n wicket ewok .01 c9
Leia n han solo .01 c10
$5.00 each or $18 for the set shipping included

Episode 1
1st version darth maul .00 c10 $5.00

must get rid of these fools,,,so also taking reseanable offers. N I take cold cash (at your own risk), paypal.com, money orders, or checks. Got feedback on ebay and yahoo auction user name jessdawgg. Email jessdawgg@yahoo.com or pm me. need pics no problemo, plmk.
I mean these are cool figures, u can have them opened for display, for example, have lando pimping, leia diorama Cool huh???