View Full Version : For Trade: Rare, Vinatage, and Variants

08-05-2002, 04:48 PM
I have FOR TRADE a ROTJ (1984) Leia C9+, SOTE Leia U.S. Coll. 1 C9.5+, POTF2 SS/LT Luke Tatooine C9.5+, SE Movie POTF2 Luke Jedi, POTF (1985) Luke in Poncho C9+, POTF2 Sandtrooper C9.5+, POTF2 SS/LT Vader C9.5+, POTF2 Green Carded Boba Fett One Circle C9.5+, ROTJ (1984) Vader, pointing scene card C9+, ROTJ (1984) R2D2 C9+, ROTJ (1984) Chewbacca C9+, ROTJ (1985) C3PO C9,120 loose POTF2 figures, all complete with weapons and never played with, and a 1982 Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones C9.5+ Unpunched. Please let me know if you are interested in making a trade. My ebay account is sithjedi666@aol.com, and I have a positive rating of 19+. I can also provide references upon request. Will consider only serious trade offers. Thanks.


e-mail = esprague@bowdoin.edu