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08-07-2002, 01:18 PM
I got the first wave:


These are really packaged nice and come with stands, fully painted accessories, etc.

They all seem to be fully articulated, wearing sort of a rubber suit over some of their points of movement (like in the body torso) to make them appear more real and still allow good motion.

I've only had time to open Malcolm Reed, the weapons officer. He comes with a case that you can put two phasers in - and they fit in specially molded trays inside the case! (Like when you buy a power drill at Home Depot and it has that foam insert so your drill doesn't bang around in the case) Malcolm's phasers won't move around either. Plus he comes with different hands so he can be pointing, or firing the ships phase cannons, or he can hold two guns and "make like Jango Fett" and blast stuff away with both barrels smoking.

I'll fill you in on other figures as I open them. But I was quite satisfied with the quality.

They were $9.99 each at "The Game Stop" a computer game store I've seen in several malls that may have taken over Software, Etc. stores. Anyway, I called ahead when they told me on a previous walk-in visit they'd be getting the figures. They saved me a complete set which is good since I'm told that Sillik (the Sulibaan's dark agent) is only 1 per case! (I think all the others are 2 per case, except Captain Archer might have 3 figures in there).

Did you guys want these? Have you bought any? What do you think?

08-07-2002, 02:03 PM
Cool!!! I was thinking about getting Archer, Tucker and T'Pol from the next wave. How are the likenesses? I didn't really think the Archer one looked much like him in the first wave. T'Pol looks perfect, though!

08-07-2002, 02:51 PM
Put up some fig pics.

08-07-2002, 03:10 PM
Sorry about pics. I don't have a digital camera, and my scanner won't work too great on these because they're 3-dimensional.

Someone will post pics from www.Figures.com I'm sure - or the links. I'll do it myself if no one else has, but for the moment I have to fly.

The likenesses are really good. You have to watch your paint jobs to get them the best that you can, like any toy made in the likeness of human actors. It helps if you find a fresh case because tehn you can compare them. They were all really high quality however, and I think almost any I saw would have satisfied me were I to have only seen 1 set of any of them.

These are the non-Deluxe ones.

The Deluxe ones will be out later in the year and feature light-up, sound-effect bridge counsels that go together to make the whole bride.

I'm not sure about who's in that wave though. In Starfleet uniforms, they don't make Hoshi (she's in the Away Team assort.), so I'm wondering how they'll complete the bridge:

Archer has the Captain's chair.
Travis has his pilot's station.
Malcolm has his tactical station.
T'Pol has the science station.

I suppose the science station could be big enough to include communications, but I think maybe a Hoshi in Starfleet Uniform could only be made available in the Deluxe line.

Sillik and Klaang are a two-pack in the Deluxe Line because Klaang comes strapped down to the Sulibaan torture chair.

I plan to get these, too. I want to do scenes with my Trek figures, and characters like Klaang and Sillik were never on the bridge, which is fine by me, because I'd rather have everyone set up kind of "normal" on the bridge as it is.

Then I hope they make Trip in his Starfleet Uniform, so that he and John can be posed rescuing Klaang from Sillik's torture chair!

In the Away Team wave, there will be figures of the Nausicaan and the Andorian, as well as Hoshi, Trip, T'pol, and Archer in E-VAC suits. I think the "normal, single-pack Travis" should be fighting the Nausicaan (from Fortunate's Son) and the normal Malcolm and T'Pol should be going at it with the Andorian (from Shadows of Perjm).

Dr. Phlox is supposed to be an exclusive in his E-VAC suit available (somehow???) I don't know what I'd use him for. But Hoshi and T'Pol can have an adventure in their E-VAC suits (from Dogs of War - the crushed Klingon ship. I think I can use my loose Klaang for that one. Maybe they'll make Malcolm to join them). As to Archer, Trip, and Phlox in their E-VAC suits? Well, I'll just have to find a use for them. I'm sure I want to make another rematch between John Archer and his enemy Sillik, so that's a possibility!

But the figures are really impressive!

08-07-2002, 03:18 PM
I posted links to most of the pictures of the new figures from Figures.com a while back. I will link to the post in the thread that they are in. :)


Here's a couple more links that show newer stuff like the Nemesis Picard, Data, Shinzon, and Viceroy figures as well as more. :)


Jar Jar Binks

08-07-2002, 06:05 PM
I'm thinking about waiting for the Deluxe sets, but I dunno. Since I'm not a big fan of Enterprise, I'm unsure of spending money on the figures to support it even though I would like to get them.

They should release a Deluxe Phlox with Sickbay bed section that you can put Klaang on. Btw, the E-VAC suit Phlox is gonna be an exclusive for the Communicator magazine.

08-07-2002, 07:02 PM
I think that these figures are a good start for Art Asylum, and I'll probably get the first wave and I'll defnitely get the Nemesis set. I think that they should make a TOS movie set- with Kirk and Spock in the red ST2-6 uniforms, Khan, and General Chang.

I don't know about those Borg figures though, with all the possibilities in the ST universe, these EU Borgs are a weird choice.

hango fett
08-07-2002, 08:34 PM
dumb question....when and where are these due out? we are big on ST too, so we will be getting them, too!

08-08-2002, 01:09 AM
Hey Tycho, care to "waste" ten smackers to test how well the rubber bloomers on these figures will stand up to rigorous posing/displaying? I'm thinking pose one up and then put it in a low-temp oven for a few hours. I have a bad feeling these will crack in a diorama situation over the course of a few months.

08-08-2002, 01:45 AM
There's a warning on the packaging about that.

I'm not going for too extreme of poses to bend the rubber and experiment with my first set.

However, when the deluxe figures come out, sitting them in their chairs is what the bridge playset is there for. Of course I'd like to leave them in their stations in a set, enclosed display, that's permanent. These are poorly designed toys (or display figures) if they cannot remain posed at their bridge stations. What's the use of getting the deluxe sets then?

I don't think they needed to use the rubber or sacrafice articulation if they'd only been put together like Playmates did their 7" (all plastic Deep Space Nine set). So what if a little realism was sacraficed because the uniform was not supposed to have a waist seam in it (on Enterprise jumpsuits or Sillik's body suit)? I'd rather not buy something that will degrade and warp after even 10 years.

Hopefully this won't happen. These are great figures. But I've also increased my toy expenditures quite unexpectedly:

I started collecting Star Wars Unleashed, I'm into these Star Trek figures and will likely do all the Enterprise stuff, and possibly Nemesis, depending upon how much I like the movie (I'm only partially sure I'd commit to collecting Deep Space Nine figures from Art Assylum, forgoing any other characters I might have from Playmates, save for Enterprise characters, because there weren't any!)

But I'm also really tempted to get Playskool Star Wars Adventure Sets too, and it is getting borderline ridiculous because I have no room nor no budget for all these toys!!!

I would not even collect Star Trek (save for Deep Space Nine stuff) were it not for the fact that the Trek figures brought back Star Wars collecting nostalgia when Playmates debuted them in 1992, several years ahead of the Star Wars Renaissance's beginning.

But I am glad I got these figures from Enterprise - and my first Star Wars Unleashed (Jango Fett - because the next waves looked too good in person at Comic Con). So, here we go again.

I will be standing on the exit ramp of the Interstate 5 freeway with my cardboard sign: "Need Money for Star Trek figures." Please be kind and donate. I accept Jem Hadar for my army in lieu of cash.