View Full Version : Japanese Pepsi Caps

08-07-2002, 04:33 PM
Have located a store near my office where they have the Japanese Pepsi caps in a display case. If anyone is interested in trading for them please let me know and I will pick some up. Let me know which ones you are interested in and I will see if they have them. I have a very limited (sorry) want list, all MOMC:

Saga Jorg Sacul
TF Vader
EP1 R2-B1
EP1 Queen Amidala (Battle)
EP1 Sio Bibble
EP1 Naboo Royal Guard
EP1 Tatooine Disguise Set
EP1 Rappel Attack Set
EP1 Podracer Fuel Station

I might also be interested in some EP1 Tri-logo carded figs with foreign speaking CommTech chips.