View Full Version : Have some of the KFC/TB/PHutt toys must trade!

Leroy Landers
08-09-2002, 10:14 PM
I have the following Pizza Hutt, Taco Bell, and KFC toys from the summer of '99. willing to trade.
You probably won't find them anywhere else. I am an open trader so I will accept trades from a wide variety of things Star Wars, Star Trek, Anime like Gundam, Robotech, comic books, battletech, etc. So e-mail at dmeyer@wctc.net and we can think of something. I've never traded before so you would be the first!

Taco Bell:
Anakinís podracer
Anakin Skywalker Transforming Bank
Hovering Watto
Joking Jar Jar Binks
Levitatiing Queen Amidalaís royal starship
Sebulbaís podracer
Walking Sebulba

Pizza Hutt:
Darth Maul Sith infiltrator
Jar Jar Binks squirter
Lott Dodd walking throne
Planet Corsucant
Queen Amidalaís royal starship
Sith-holo projector
Yoda Jedi Destiny

Jar Jar Binks squirter
Opee sea creature chaser
Trade Federation Droid Fighter