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08-10-2002, 12:06 AM
Hi everybody,

I have a bunch of really played with vintage figures and parts, and want to trade them for vintage weapons and accessories.

All figures are incomplete unless otherwise noted.

All figures are very played with.

Click Here For Pictures (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/samcorp73/lst?.dir=/My+Photos&.view=t)

I have:

Lando - Besbin x2

Klattu x2
Yoda - has orange snake
Bibb Fortuna - has breast plate thing
Tusken Raider (very played with - might be good for a head for you Tantooine Attack diorama builders out there)
Vader - has cape
Chief Chirpa - has head piece

Yoda's house from Dagobah playset
Falcon Canopy - no glass
Falcon Satellite Dish

I also have these four EP1 "Dresser Top Standees"
Jar Jar
Sith Lord
Darth Maul

Here is what I need in the way of weapons and accessories:

Leia Bouissh - Helmet
Han Solo - Blaster
Chewbacca - Blaster
Ackbar - Staff
Vader - Telescoping Lightsaber
Greedo - Blaster
Jawa - Cape and gun
Luke (ANH) - Telescoping lightsaber
Stormtrooper - Blaster
Tusken Raider - Gaffi stick, and cape
21-B - Probe
Boba Fett - Blaster
Bossk - gun
Lando Bespin - gun
Lobot - gun
Luke Bespin - lightsaber and gun
Hoth Rebel Commander - rifle
Hoth Rebel Solder - gun
Hoth Snowtrooper - cape and rifle
Yoda - Staff
Zuckuss - rifle
Bib Fortuna - staff
Biker Scout - gun
Chief Chirpa - staff
Emporer Palp. - staff
Gammorean Guard - axe
Klattu - staff and belt cloth
Lando Skiff - staff and helmet
Squidhead - belt and coat (not cape)
Wicket - Staff
Hammerhead - blaster
Uganaught - smock, case

I know the figures are not worth much, even very low offers will be considered.

E-mail me samcorp73@yahoo.com

Thanks for looking


08-17-2002, 11:24 PM
Yoda, and MF satelitte are gone.

I no longer need the Jawa gun, but still need his cape.