View Full Version : Custom Army Building Using Boil-and-Pop?

08-12-2002, 06:07 PM
Three wee points, and I'll be grateful for ANY feedback:

1) I've just discovered that the following POTJ/Saga figures all have interchangeable helmets/headgear:

- Bespin Guard (POTJ);
- Naboo Royal Guard (goatee, maroon outfit);
- Endor Rebel Soldier (Saga - I'm fortunate enough to have both the bearded and the non-bearded versions, thanks to a very good local supplier).

My question (before I buy extra copies of all these figures and try it for myself) is this: has anyone tried swapping any combination of these heads around, and, if so, how well do they fit with regard to head-to-neck size?

I reckon it should be possible to make at least two new versions of each of these three figures, if the heads fit!

2) Also, I have a surplus Bespin Guard from the POTJ Carbon Freezing Chamber playset whose right hand broke off so that I had to reglue it (I later bought a replacement).
I'm minded to swap his head onto a separate POTJ Bespin Guard body and use that head elsewhere, but I'd appreciate knowing in advance if it will fit without too much paring.

3) Has anyone considered making a custom Bail Organa from the head of EITHER the Endor Rebel (bearded) OR the Naboo Royal Guard and a body TBC (Chancellor Valorum)?

I'm very much a beginner at customizing (haven't done much more than removal and re-application of paint and ink before), so I'd be grateful to hear of anyone who's made any headway in this area.

If I don't get any feedback on this in the next week or three - depending on how well I can get hold of duplicates of the figures in question - I'll try to post photos of any progress I make here in these fora; but any advice from anyone who's been there already would be great.


Jango 2
08-18-2002, 02:07 PM
i didnt get a word of that

Rogue II
08-18-2002, 03:16 PM
I did a head swap with the Bespin Guard and the bearded Endor Soldier. I think I posted the pic in the ROTJ and ESB sections.

Anyway, the neck of the ERS is longer than that of the Bespin Guard. I ended up trimming back the ERS neck to keep him from looking like Taun We.

08-19-2002, 03:42 AM
Thanks for the advice Rogue II! I'll have a look there!

Later . . .
Looks good!
I wonder what the POTJ Bespin Guard body will look like when I put the head of my Carbon-Chamber pack-in Bespin Guard's head on it?!