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08-17-2002, 10:11 AM
I recently found all except the Endor set, which is the one I really wanted.

1) Death Star set - Death Star Trooper is the same mold as the original. The Mouse Droid is large but it has a "pull-back" feature. It doesn't work very well. The Interrigator Droid is huge as well. Is that to make us not notice how huge the Mouse Droid is? The Stormtrooper belt is cool but if you put a blaster in the holster, the figure can't lower it's arm because the blaster is too big.

2) Hoth set - Hoth Rebel Soldier is original's head on Hoth Luke's body w/ beard painted black. The backpack doesn't even fit on the figure. It comes with a cartoonish looking mini-tank.

3) Arena set - Red Droid is cool. It's the same mold as the POTJ Security Droid and Saga Battle Droid. Weak plastic. The Handcuffs are from the Bespin Capture Han. The extra lightsaberes are cool. The cloak is cool except the hood is sewn down.

Everything is made from the cheap rubbery plastic. They're worth getting just for the extra figures, but don't expect too much from them.

08-19-2002, 07:49 PM
Ah, yes, I finally have all 4 of these sets (Carded). I managed to pick-up extras of the Death Star Set and the Endor Victory Set.

Death Star Set: Finally, the long awaited re-release of the Death Star Trooper. Hasbro did change the plasic used for his legs. The legs are molded from a softer (weaker) plastic. However, that does not detract from the fact that we get more Death Star Troopers.:D For the most part I am not impressed with the "Accessories" the mouse droid is WAY too big, and does not work very well. I still have a ton of Interogation droids from all of those $1.99 CommTech Vaders, so what's the point. It was nice to get an extra Stormtrooper helmet.;)

Overall grade: A (I give Hasbro credit for trying with the accessories)

Endor Victory Set: Another chance to get the Scout Trooper!:) Though, Hasbro probably should have left him clean, given that the Clean Trooper was the harder one to find in the States. Hasbro managed to mess up the QC on this guy, backward crotch?!?!:( hehehe Anyway, they did a better job with the "Accessories" on this set. Highlights include an all new AT-ST driver helmet (now Endor Han can make that video call;) ). We also get a stormtrooper belt and a couple of blasters. Not to mention a soft goods jacket, and an extra Endor Rebel Soldier helmet.

I was disappointed with the drum set. I had foolishly hoped that the helmets would be removable and serve a dual purpose. Unfortunatly this is not the case. It would have been cool to get extra helmets for the Death Star Trooper, Stormtrooper and AT-ST Driver. Oh well. :confused:

Overall grade: B+

As for the other sets, they look good in their plastic prisons. I am happy with all four sets.

I welcome MORE of these sets from Hasbro!

09-11-2002, 07:01 PM
Received all 4 of these sets through the post today.

Gave the stormtrooper helmet from the Death Star set to "wet-look trash-compactor" Luke from the board-game, and spent 5 mins correcting the pelvic area of the Endor scout using "boil-and-pop".

I was slightly perturbed that the drumsticks are too slim for any Ewok except Logray to hold them properly, but maybe a blob of Blu-Tak will correct this. I think the drums themselves are fastened to their stand with glue rather than molded, so with the right combination of boiling, soaking and prising-off it might be possible to remove them if required.