View Full Version : Zutton w/ Decapitation Head Peg

Lord Tenebrous
08-26-2002, 11:38 AM
After months of having his head slide back to the front, I figured that maybe if I turn his head all the way around, the peg would be loosened, and he'll have a greater range of view.

Bad choice, as his head tore off. It appears that the peg is attached to the body on all four sides, thus the "twisting" head articulation.

Luckily, his head is big enough to balance well on his shoulders, so I won't glue it. But maybe once we get a Bultar Swan, I'll use an extra for a Snivvian Jedi. She's short enough. :)

08-26-2002, 12:05 PM
Cool, now you can have the Slave 1 gun him down and his head will go boingy boingy boingy. :D

I don't think I've ever played with my Zutton's head since I've had him. :crazed:

Mr. JabbaJohnL
09-05-2002, 06:49 PM
I wish I had a Zutton . . .
LT, you said you could get one once. What happened?