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08-27-2002, 07:29 PM
I was thinking of dressing that Harry Potter chic doll up as Jaina Solo.

I haven't bought it yet. But the idea is there in my head.

Would somebody please talk me out of doing that?

I wanted to make the Jedi kids, Han and Leia, Luke as a Master, and Chewbacca watching them....

Then after I make customs (at least in the 3 3/4") I usually end up disliking them because they aren't "offical" enough for me.


08-28-2002, 11:41 AM
Is there an official Jaina Solo portrait, like the Mara Jade portrait?
Here's a photo of the Hermione doll, everything's bendable but her hands.

08-28-2002, 12:11 PM
There are a lot of pictures of Jaina Solo floating around out there, all with a little different takes on how she dresses and what she looks like - but the similarities to Leia are all agreed upon.

In the picture of the figure you posted, notice how her hair might remind you of Leia Ewok Princess?

This got me thinking "Jaina Solo." Next, the freckles are something some kids have that go away with age. Jaina doesn't have freckles as an adult, but as a kid - say in the 8-14 age range, she might have.

Now, how to dress her? (and what's up with all the stripped down doll pictures that get posted in this forum anyway?)

Jaina's wardrobe might include:

1) kid clothes - something in between earth contemporary, and a little bit 'Star Wars,' but as a child, she won't have a sense of any kind of "Bespin's latest fashion."

2) X-wing Flight Suit - this doll is likely way too young looking to be Jaina Solo now, a member of Rogue Squadron. The X-wing Flight Suit is out for now, but recall that the 100th Anniv. Luke contains an extra one if you use him in his Tatooine garb.

3) Jedi Robes - Jaina was not a Jedi Knight at this age. Training, sure, but Luke didn't have his students wearing Jedi robes and only did later pictures depict new Jedi dressing this way, and that is likely due to artist mistakes. The whole purpose of the Jedi robe is to be totally covering the body if necessary, so that a Jedi might infiltrate a planet where they'd be the only member of their species there, and not cause any attention (i.e. a human on Duro wrapped in a Jedi robe looks no more different than a Duro on Duro when wrapped in a Jedi robe). Luke might have started his Jedi wearing robes when mission parameters dictated it, but Jaina at this age wasn't being sent on any.

4) Bespin fatigues - a basic utility, travel fatigue, that's what Luke wore in ESB, and he thus found something similar for his trainees. Your Luke Bespin figure cannot donate his outfit for this potential Jaina doll as it's likely too big for her. Maybe if you can sew, you can go for this. I don't know.

5) the black leather look - Jaina upon being Knighted was wearing a black jumpsuit with a New Republic crest on its clasp. It was a basic body suit that fit her as her Aunt Mara's. A lot on the sexier side, this doll will not fill-out that kind of uniform.

So - I think your choices are "Bespin-style tan fatigues" or an orange thing, that goes the same way (like what Tahiri wears), or some kind of "Barbie kids' clothes that don't look TOO out-of-place in Star Wars." Remember this Jaina is barely old enough to not need Chewbacca to baby-sit.

Also, I can see a 'clear-band' will be necessary to help the girl hold a RED lightsaber (some off-red color that's not too "Sith")

But what do you guys think of the head sculpt on this chick?