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08-17-2001, 08:24 AM
I have been waiting for these two for a long time now. WHat needs to be done to get them. I would figure that Jabba would sell out, why not make him. Yarna would add to any assortment. Any one else interested?

08-17-2001, 08:56 AM
I dunno who Yarna is, but I am all for a new Jabba.

Eternal Padawan
08-17-2001, 11:32 AM
Yarna is the fat dancer. And yes...We would like to see these ASAP.

the master jedi
08-17-2001, 04:50 PM
I'm suprised they didn't make Yarna back in the 80's or at least in the PotF2 line several years ago.

Obi-Dan Kenobi
08-18-2001, 12:29 PM
Yeah! A big, sloppy, fat Jabba with all the fixin's. Water pipe, bowl o' frogs, Salacious Crumb in a seated position, perhaps even the rotsserie behind him, and his fat, six-mammaried personal dancing concubine. This, I would pay much dinero for.

08-18-2001, 04:22 PM
Not a bad idea, but I'd rather see an ROTJ Jabba that came with a Slave Leia that could sit properly.

Yarna could be done as a regular figure with Bubo as the accessory, since so many folks seem to want Bubo these days. (Does this remind you of "Gabbo"? BUBO! BUBO! BUBO! ;))

08-18-2001, 05:19 PM
yarna never made it because the EU painted her as a floozy and more than just a friendly lady if you catch my drift :D

If Hasbro just made her with the new detail they've got into the figures, so we get all her warts and all that craxy costume detail, plus label her as 'Yarna D'al Gargan - Jabba's favourite' or something inocuous like that we can leave her unsolubrious EU history behind.

Apparently, Lucas didn't want a character of that nature as a toy for kids, but as it will be the collectors who pick her up not the kids I can't see why in this enlightened age we can't have the final dancer from Jabba's court.

Maybe she'll make it to the next fan choice if we wish really hard! :rolleyes:

08-20-2001, 04:59 PM
I concur with the sentiment that we need a POTJ Jabba the Hutt. Below is a reprinted portion of one of my four Wish List threads from the Old Forums which outlines my ideal version of this much needed figure/set:

Jabba the Hutt Deluxe Playset - I'm probably not the first to suggest as much, but i have an idea of what would make this far superior to the original. The playset should include as its centerpiece, Jabba's throne. But not just the throne itself, include the brazier and spit (with removable roast) behind Jabba as well as the arch from which a removable (perhaps magnetic) Wol Caba(censored)e can attempt to lick C-3PO.
Of course Jabba is a must, in repose as in ROTJ with a SEATED Salacious Crumb. Be sure not to cut corners on Jabba, make him as accurate as possible and avoid gimics!
The playset would be rounded out with the inclusion of not one but TWO additional figures, C-3PO (slime stained, be fair this would not make a good stand alone figure, but as part of a playset it is quite appropriate) and, of course, a seated Princess Leia (she would have to be designed to be forever in a seated position, but then that's how most of her time as Jabba's prisoner was spent, and there is already a standing version anyway).

There you have it, the ultimate Jabba set. For those of you poised to suggest that Bubo is a must-have pack-in, though I agree, I think he is best served elsewhere, like in my suggested Jawa (with palm-frond fan) and Bubo Two-Pack!

And not to get too far off subject, another Hutt is long overdue for the figure treatment. That's right, GARDULLA the HUTT! We need a figure of the massive female Hutt so Jabba won't be so lonely as the former lone Hutt of the Star Wars toy universe. Sound off today if you agree with JediCole!

08-20-2001, 05:14 PM
And now to Yarna.
In all honesty I doubt most collectors have the EU history of any character that ACTUALLY APPEARED ON FILM in their minds when they buy a figure. I certainly wasn't thinking, "Oh wow, they made that peaceful botonist", when I bought my Momaw Nadon figure. There is little likelyhood that such history enters into the equasion. The real reason we have not previously seen Yarna is quite obvious. Until recently (perhaps the last year or so), she was frankly unmarketable (at least in Hasbro's eyes). You see, if you think back on the history of the POTF2 line and its offspring (Shadows of the Empire, Expanded Universe, and Power of the Jedi), you can see an evolution from the original "Hasbro is a toy company and toys are for kids, therefore only kids buy or want to buy toys of any kinds, including Star Wars" mentality to the "Hasbro has a long-standing dedication to fans and collectors and we are striivng to produced the figures and toys that you have wanted for years" platitude of the present day. How soon we forget the awful, broad chested Luke and Han, the tiny headed Luke X-Wing Pilot, the lack of significant detail that slowly gave way to separate vests (born of solutions to long-sleeved coat wearing characters) and the attention to accurate detail that now prevails. Yarna was not a good choice for the child-driven Star Wars line of the past (again, we all recognize and know only too well that more adults than children were buying even the earliest POTF2 figures, but Hasbro tended to deny this trend until about a year ago), however, today she may well be on the fast-track for release in 2002. Don't quote me on that, but I wouldn't be surprised to see her show up on one of those lists of SKU's that Wal Mart employees supply to Sir Steve throughout the year or even in the Fan's Choice Poll #4!

08-20-2001, 05:22 PM
I too would like to see Gardulla - the female Hutt with the big boobies. But only if she came with Diva Funquita. (I got a thing about fat chicks!)

Yarna could come with a pack-in of Rappertunie. We could do with the rest of the band and as Yarna is quite a large-ish figure she could just have him as a simple accessory. he doesn't need to have any removability from his water organ that he sits on or arm articulation. Just needs to be a good sculpt.

Ak Rev and Umpass Stay should come as a sort of cinema scene type package with the big thunder drum and the drumheller harp and Bontormian Klesplong that they both also play. For one thing, this would just look awesome in a box on a display and just fantastic loose with the other band members.

Jabba should come with his dias but no figures. The throne should be a decent facsimile of the film prop with all the trimmings including his hookah and the bowl of frogs. The backrest should be done right to go all the way round the back of Jabba. And there should be cushions and drinking cups on the dias.

I agree with jedicole's idea for a more complete playset with the arch and the spit roaster behind Jabba plus the steps down the side of the dias. Plus Wol Cabashhite stuck to the arch with that big ol' tongue licking away at nothing. :p

Bubo would indeed make a perfect companion to the fan carrying jawa in a 2-pack. :p

08-20-2001, 05:31 PM
Oh yeah, and we gotta get a Hermi Odle sometime soon!

And J'Quille, Elom, Jess, Bib Fortuna resculpt, Sgt. Doalyn, Fur skirted Klaatu, Weequay in white top, That Ugnaught (forget his name), Cane Adiss, Loje Nella, Ishi Tib, Beedo................

08-21-2001, 08:08 AM
The reasons that everyone gives why Yarna can't be produced is because of the back story and about it not being appropriate for kids. If that is really the problem Hasbro has (a stupid one in my opinion), then why not make it an exclusive of some sorts. It can be the next fan club exclusive. She could be packed in with Hoover. (I am hoping that Bubo will be included with Ephant Man.)

A ROTJ Jabba the Hutt is a must. I just do not see why it has not yet been made. It would sell, and everyone wants it. This also goes for the remaining Rebo band members. I want Rappurtine and Ak-Rev.

Gardulla the Hutt would be cool as well, but if we can't get a ROTJ, how can we get Hasbro to give us a Gardulla beast. Hermi Odle would also have to be the next deluxe figure to join Ephant Man. I am for that too.


Rollo Tomassi
03-21-2002, 02:29 PM
Just reminding Hasbro that they haven't made Jabba OR Yarna yet. Thought it might have slipped their mind...

03-01-2008, 01:23 PM
Just reminding Hasbro that they haven't made Jabba OR Yarna yet. Thought it might have slipped their mind...

Dunno what you're talking about since they already have announced Yarna, they even showed some prototype pics of her. Lookin' good. :thumbsup:

jedi master sal
03-01-2008, 08:39 PM
Dunno what you're talking about since they already have announced Yarna, they even showed some prototype pics of her. Lookin' good. :thumbsup:

J/C Caes, you are the king of digging up old threads long buried...

I dub thee "Gravedigger."

03-02-2008, 08:52 AM
I remember when i started this thread. Well I guess it would be the right place for me to say thank you to hasbro. Now get to work on Jabba :)