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08-30-2002, 01:58 AM
It was great seeing Chewie taking care of business, protecting Han Solo.

So what happened to Boba Fett?

And what about Lando?

Will he be mad at Han for what happened with the arrival of the Empire? (it wasn't Han's fault!)

Is Leia going to go and rescue Han from Jabba? (again, but this time in the role that Luke played in the rescue?)

Anyone like Lando's desk? That little humor wasn't wasted on me. I had a good laugh.

08-30-2002, 02:48 AM
im a big fan of the infinites series and i cant wait to see what they dow ith the rest of the movies (what if obi wan died in TPM? or only maul died? would ani still have been trained? would qui gon join dooku? what if luke gave in and killed vader?) Tycho its a good thing you brought up that little tidbit about the desk because i hadnt realized that it was a carbonite block until i looked at it again. to answer your qeustion about boba fett, tycho, i just realized that when lando is telling vader that fett left unexpectidly, you see the bottom of landos desk and it is none other than boba fett frozen in carbonite(also he appears in a carbo block on the cover;look right under the infinites logo and ul recognize his helmet). i think lando and lobot found some way out, and have possibly joined the rebellion. as for han, i think hes decided to finally pay back jabba the hutt only to be double crossed and taken as a prisoner, with chewie escaping and getting landos aid in a rescue attempt.

08-30-2002, 03:05 AM
You brought up a million good points here!

1) How could LANDO be so cruel as to freeze Fett. Han wouldn't let Chewie kill him, so is freezing him that much more of a humane thing to do?

2) If Cloud City was destroyed, would Fett survive frozen that way? Will Vader find him? Will he have it out for Lando?

3) All the Infinities have strong roles for Leia becoming the Jedi hero. Was this a shortcoming the Trilogy never fulfilled?

4) Everyone likes the idea of Yoda meeting Han Solo. They play well off each other, don't they?



If Luke killed Vader, whoa would things be different!

What would have happened in the Battle of Endor?

Would Luke and his new Master escape - still losing the Death Star?

Would he have also somehow killed the Emperor, but demanded control over the Imperial Forces as the heir to Lord Vader?

We've seen something like this in Dark Empire. Still, they could take things in a different direction from there.



If Qui-Gon had trained Anakin, would there have EVER been a Darth Vader?

Who would Sidious get for his next apprentice? I guess if Dooku was already working his way in there...

Then would Dooku kill Qui-Gon and drive out Anakin's anger?

What would have happened if Qui-Gon had never met JarJar? How would the Battle for Naboo have played out?

What would have happened if Maul had killed Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan?



Would Qui-Gon have joined Dooku? What would this have done to Anakin, assuming if Qui-Gon were alive, that Anakin would train with him as his Master.

Would Obi-Wan become just a two-bit side-show? What would he go and do?

What would have happened if Anakin could have saved his mother?

How would he have behaved if Padme had previously married (and still was married) to another?

Heh - we could have some fun talking about what might be cool!

08-30-2002, 03:40 AM
1.) well by freezing fett, its keeping him out of the way, while keeping him alive, so its not that bad...at least not until...

2.) the destruction of cloud city, which surely resulted in boba fett being obliterated. as for vader having it out for lando, i dont believe fetts death would have anything to do with it, seeing as how he could just hire someone else to track down han; if anything vader only wanted landos head for harboring and aiding han, chewie, leia and the droids.

3.) i think that ROTJ should have put some focus on leia beginning her jedi training or using the force or SOMETHING as opposed to having her revealed as the mystery skywalker and then...nothing.

4.) yes they do play off each other well, i found their verbal exchanges in ESB infinites amusing, however to be truthful i forgot how they interacted in ANH infinities and im too lazy to go hunt down my copies now.


if luke had killed vader and joined palpatine, then i believe that they would have escaped as luke would have sensed the rebels destroying the shield generator on endor. i dont believe that he would kill the emperor, as palapatine was far too powerful, and if you were to follow comic continuity, then hed just return as another clone anyway. with luke turned, the sotry could go one of two ways: the rebellion would fall, as no one would be able to defeat luke or the emperor, since there were no jedi alive to fight or to train leia, OR mara jade would feel betrayed that the emperor has now taken the person she was trained to kill under his wing, join the rebellion and train leia, with both of them going against, and ultimately conquering luke and palpatine.



if qui gon lived to train anakin then i think hed still be somewhat rebellious, however hed never make the turn into vader. also i dont think dooku would leave the jedi order, as part of the reaosn he left was qui gons death...perhaps, palpatine would bide his time and then kidnap one of the newborn skywalker twins to train? or perhaps, obi wan would feel like a third wheel to qui-gon and anakin and join sidious? if qui gon and jar jar never met, then qui-gon and co. either would have stumbled upon the gungans secret hiding place by accident or be forced to retreat and get the aid of ever available jedi, resulting in a jedi massacre similar to the one at geonosis(this is also a possible scenario if maul had killed obi wan and qui gon as only a jedi would be bale to take on a sith)



like i said above i dont think dooku would leave the order if qui gon were still alive, however obi wan might get jealous and decide to join sidious OR obi wan could join, only to have dooku, anakin and qui gon also join at a later time which could enrage obi wan, causing him to turn back to the light side and kill qui gon, which would cause anakin to hate obi wan as he killed the only father figure hes ever known (besides watto, to an extent). if anakin ahd rescued his mother then perhaps he would realize that something like this could happen again and decide to resign from the jedi order so that he may live with and protect his mother for the rest of her life. if padme had already married, then i believe that this would anger anakin and perhpas lead him to kill padmes husband wihtout her (or anyone) knowing thereby sending her into anakins comforting arms.

08-30-2002, 11:34 AM
Great Theories!!!

I'd love to see some of these in a full Dark Horse storyline:

Most amazing was the "attack of the Jedi" sent to Naboo during TPM to try and find out what happened to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan! If they'd been killed, who would've become Anakin's Master, and then what would have happened?

Geonosis, only 10 years earlier - at Theed!!! Wow!


I liked the idea of Mara and Leia, if Luke had turned to the Dark Side. However, Mara was so loyal to Palpatine that I wonder...also, though it's Infinities, would they allow an EU character from the main continuity in to the play?

Still it would be interesting...


I think that if Anakin had saved his mother, he might have tried to bring her back to Coruscant to live with the Jedi.

If she'd have went, she - or Cliegg, Owen and Beru, would have been targets - especially any time they left the Jedi Temple.

If Shmi was leaving and perhaps only Cliegg went with her, Owen would want to stay because he and Beru were not married, and Beru had family on Tatooine. Then if something happened to them, Cliegg would want to go try and rescue them, and Shmi would go with him. Anakin would no doubt be distracted in his training as a Jedi, likely chasing after them. The whole thing with the Tuskens could have happened anyway.

If Shmi left with Anakin alone, she'd have no life, and no way of being with Cliegg. I doubt she'd want to. It would be like "thanks Ani, but I'm staying anyway." She already said her life was on Tatooine (in TPM).

The only way it'd work is if Beru "prematurely" marries Owen, and they all agree to leave.

Last but not least, if Dooku and Shmi ever had a relationship, one movie story-line theory of mine (as I hate the immaculate conception story and don't trust it), she couldn't go back to the Jedi Temple and chance meeting him (since she wouldn't have known he'd left anyway), especially if she was married.

In the actual continuity, I still think if Dooku is Anakin's father, this whole thing has such new potential and possibility!

08-30-2002, 03:45 PM
I think that if Obi-Wan and Qui Gon were killed, then Anakin wouldn't have been trained and maybe would have stayed on Naboo to train to become a starfighter pilot. Also, was that Mace's saber that yoda gave to Leia? The design kinda resembles that of Mace's, not to mention that it's purple.

09-01-2002, 01:21 AM
Actually, if you notice, the comics start off following the movie, then alter an occurrence from early in the film. Each "Infinities" series is independent from the other.

The above ideas for ROTJ and TPM occur at the end, so it's likely they will never occur that way. More than likely, ROTJ will begin with Boba Fett actually killing Leia (Bousshh) or Luke losing to the Rancor. TPM might begin with Qui-Gon and Obi Wan either dying or successfully capturing Nute Gunray during the "negotiations."

AS for the current ESB series, I think Lando and Fett were officially killed off. The Infinities series pulls no punches (hell, it killed off Luke), and I think that whole sequence was meant both to mirror Alderaan and show Vader's anger with Lando.