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08-31-2002, 08:10 AM
I don't know about you guys, but I'm a big fan of both movies, as I'm sure you can tell by my avatar. ;)
We have yet to see quality Alien or Predator figures...the crappy Kenner line always left me unsatisfied...this is something I've been waiting for since about 1992! :D
Check it out: http://www.spawn.com/features/mm5/alienpredator.html

You can preorder the set at www.aislesniper.com for a reasonable price ($24.99).

08-31-2002, 12:24 PM
This is why we have an "Other" toy section.

I thought the single alien figure released for Alien: Resurrection was pretty cool. Not very poseable but still pretty cool. Although that was the only redeemable part of that whole flop of a movie.

08-31-2002, 12:59 PM
Sorry, BigB!

I forgot about the "Other" toy section. And BTW there were several figures released for Alien: Resurrection. I assume it's the Warrior Alien figure you're talking about, though...I have that one too. :)

08-31-2002, 01:27 PM
Yeah, that's him, I know there were other figures released, but I don't really remember any of them.

Didn't Kenner come out with a toy line in the early 90s that had stuff like Rhino Alien and Scorpion Alien? The only figure notable from that line was the Alien Queen.

Edit: I knew I was forgetting to do something, namely check out the link you posted.

Hmmmm, pretty nice......no wait, 'nice' isn't the word.....more like abso-friggin-lutely incredible! 19 points of articulation on the Alien and 12 points on the Predator? Seems that McFarlane has been doing something that Hasbro has forgotten -- namely listening to it's fans. I will definitely have to see about picking this set up.

08-31-2002, 01:57 PM
Yeah BigB. I think I mentioned the Kenner line but its Aliens and Predators weren't nearly the quality of what we're seeing now. I always wanted McFarlane to do these guys ever since their first Spawn line came out in '94. You can preorder these bad boys at Aislesniper.com, but you can also preorder them here for 2 dollars cheaper, if that helps. :p

08-31-2002, 03:12 PM
hey don't say the old kenner aliens figs weren'y good
I LOVED to play with them and still have all of my old ones

but the new mcfarlane ones......super friggin unbelievable!
I am so definetly gonna buy them when they're out
but the endoskeleton isn't bad too and sarah conner is cool too
fits good to my t-800 and t-1000 from MM IV
do you collect more mcfarlane toys deadeye? I going to toysrus on monday hoping to find Skullsplitter of viking age (series 22)
hope I'll find him, he looks so great

08-31-2002, 05:50 PM
Yes 187-Maul,

I love McFarlane toys but don't have a lot since they're a bit pricey. I have all the figures from the Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 lines, and The Fly and Snake Plissken from one of the Movie Maniacs lines.

08-31-2002, 06:51 PM
these are "must-haves" in my book!

thanks for the heads-up DE !

08-31-2002, 07:40 PM
Sure thing, man. I highly suggest that you guys pre-order these guys. I just preordered the set from Amazon. I'm a member of the Aliens vs. Predator forums and this set is very highly anticipated....it's likely to fly off the shelves!!! :eek:

08-31-2002, 11:47 PM
I don't collect em but I always thaught the ones from the 90's were pretty cool. Alot of my friends had them and I tought they were very cool. :)

09-01-2002, 08:49 AM
I had most of them...but these are even cooler! :D

09-06-2002, 12:04 AM
I guess no one remembers the somewhat rare Aliens vs. Predator two-pack from Kenner. One of the only accurate sculpts in the Aliens or Predator line. Though nothing on the order of the MacFarlane set that prompted this thread, for the time, and for Kenner, it was a great set. I still have the Alien from that set displayed proudly with my 18" Kenner Alen figure that my parents got me for Christmas all those years ago! We had no idea it would turn out to be one of the rarest toys ever!

One word of caution, though. Don't become too enamoured of the images that MacFarlane has released of these figures. Have you ever noticed that the figures that come out in the stores seem to be less than they appeared in the promotional materials or appearences in toy magazines? Well, that is because MacFarlane utilizes the dubious practice of promoting with "two-ups". These are paint guides that are twice the size (and thereby have marginally more detail) than the finished product. I have often heard people complain that the figures don't look as good when they come out as they did in the magazines or ads. This, kids, is why.

It think this set will still look great regardless, but bear in mind that it won't look exactly like the pictures you see here. What you see is not what you'll get, per se.

09-06-2002, 12:54 AM
I'm glad McFarlane is making the Alien and Predator figures. These will probably be the best of those figures.

09-06-2002, 08:41 AM
actually I do remember the kenner alien vs predator 2-pack cause my brother has it ! it was pretty cool though (never undewrstood why they didn't release them as 2 single figs too
I do have a repaint from the alien but he's light-blue (like baby blue) and that sucks
but till now I've never been diappointed by mcfarlane about paint quality or something, till now they always were like they were supposed to be: GREAT!

09-06-2002, 12:40 PM
The set looks nice, but it still can't beat the Kenner line. Not only for the cool Alien vs. Predator set, and for the unique Alien variations. But for the Queen *****, from the Queen Hive Playset. That figure is just awesome. And it looks almost 100% movie accurate, including have the high heeled feet. :cool: :D


Jar Jar Binks

09-07-2002, 06:48 AM
I fond this poic I made a while ago of my freddy movie maniac fgure (not thw 18" one but the normal one)
the pic proves the incredible paint job on mcfarlane figs

09-07-2002, 05:32 PM
I dunno. The Kenner line has some good figures but most of them were just ridiculous. ("Snake alien!" "Predator with stupidly enormous missile launcher poking out of his gut!")
The AVP 2-pack from Kenner was certainly a good one, offering Kenner's only movie-accurate Predator and only their second movie-accurate non-queen Alien (the other was the Scorpion Alien.) They weren't released as individual figures because neither had gimmicks like all the other Kenner figures and wouldn't be considered "Worth as much." :rolleyes: