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boss nass
08-31-2002, 05:54 PM
Here we go..... please email me with some offers

My Haves are:
Loose theed hanger playset
Loose legos
Falcon Ramp struts and ramp
Dagobah Parts
Sandcrawler Ladder and battery Cover
Vintage snowspeeder Parts
Vintage 12in boba fett body parts
Vintage 12in Chewy pody parts
Carded figs:
Potj Courusant guard
Potj Bespin guard
Potj imperial guard
Potj Zutton
Potj FX-7
Potj Shmi Skywalker
Potj Gungan Warrior
Potj Queen Decoy Black gown
Potj Porkins
Potj Teesk
Potj Lando
POtj Han Solo Death Star
Potj Luke x-wing
Potj Sabe
POTJ annaversary 2 pack Luke/Leia
POTJ annaversary 2 pack Chewy/Solo
Saga Bespin Luke Metel peg or plastic
Saga Bespin Vader
Saga Mace
Saga Jango finel Duel
Saga Taun We
Saga Lumanarii
Saga Palpatine
Saga Obi Wan Pilot
Saga Chewy
Saga Han
Saga Das Phur
Saga Endor rebel soldier
Saga Orn Free Taa
Saga Qui Gon
Deluxe Anakin and Geo warrior
Ponda boba Cantina set
Saga yoda
Saga Anakin Hanger
Saga Dooku
Playschool Falcon
POTF Rebel pilot 3 pack
12in Watto
12in Mace
12in Emperor
12in Lando
12in Red Clone
12in Yellow Clone
12in Aura Sing w/book
12in C-3PO w/book
POTJ Luke bacta tank
POTJ slave leia
POTJ Maul shirtless
Orange card monkey leia
Green card tarkin
Ep 1 Captin Taplus
Ep 1 Mos espa 3 pack
Ep 1 Epic force Obi wan
Epic Force C-3PO
Ep 1 Kaadu and Jar
Destroyer Droid Room alarm
1 Dooku Pen
1 Vader pen
Ep 1 Deluxe Qui gon
Ep 1 Mauls Lightsaber
Jabba Glob
Action fleet stuff MIB
Cloud Car
Naboo Starfighter
Alpha snowspeeder
KB Exclusive AT-ST and Landspeeder w/non mint box
D Vaders Tie fighter
Loose Imperial shuttle
Hoth playset
Dagobah playset
Slave 1 transforming
Naboo temple ruins
Mos Espa Market
Jabbas palace
Yavin rebel base
Loose micro mashine ships and figurines over 150
Micro heads MIB w/exclusive vader
Interactive Yoda
3PO pen MOC
Diecast Star Destroyer
Vintage diecast Landspeeder
3PO case no straps
Tons of N64 games
guitar sheetmusic

MIB or MIB only
-Ep 1-
Pit droid 2 pack
Sio Bibble
Amadella Battle
Naboo Royal Guard
Anakin (naboo0
BD clean,shot,and dirty
captin Panaka
Maul (sith Lord)
Maul (hologram)
DD Battle damaged
Nute Gunray
Kenobi(jedi Knight)
Amadella Coruscant
Qui gon (jedi Duel)
Qui gon (jedi Master)
Qui gon Holo

Potj Boss Nass
Potj Maul sith apprentice
Potj Clean Biker scout

Luke w/t-16
Leia hooded

Ishi tib
Ree Yees

Most FF figs
Most Orange Cards
Most green cards
All Leia coll.
All EU
Flashback Chewy
Flashback Emperor
SOTE boushh
SOTE Luke Disquised
Dash Rendar

3 pack Mynok Hunt
3 pack Jedi spirits
3 pack Watto's Box

POTF Luke w/Rancor
POTF Endor Attack playset
Jabba w/2 headed Announcer
2 Exclusive Cantina band members
All Rebo 2 packs
FF Slide Holder
Han w/Taun Taun
Luke w/Wampa
Millenium Figs
POTF Action Figure Case
Death Star Escape playset
Dewback and Sandtrooper MIB
Deluxe Snowtrooper
Deluxe Probot
!G-88 2 pack
Boba Fett Epic Force
Vader Epic Force
Stormtrooper Epic Force
Toy Fare Vader
Exclusive Jorge Sacul
POTF Vaders Lightsaber
POTF Luke's Lightsaber
T-16 MIB
Speeder bike w/Luke also Leia
Swoop Bike
Making of Star wars video or DVD
Vintage Cantina and Land of the Jawas backdrop
Droids and Ewoks cartoons and movies
Star Cases
Figure Stands
most modern 12in
Vintage 12in Obi wan
Vintage 12in Solo
Vintage 12in Leia
Vintage 12in Luke
Vintage 12in weapong what do u got?
Dagobah R2 adapter
Taun taun reins
Mantience energizer boxed
all vintage boxes
Turrent and probot set MIB
Bespin freeze chamber die cast figs all
Vintage B-wing MIB
Vintage Dewback MIB
Vintage X-Wing MIB
Vintage Landspeeder any condition
Vintage DV tie fighter MIB
At-At chin cover vintage
Vintage death star
Vintage Star Destroyer
Vintage Rebel Transport
Radar laser Cannon
vintage tie Interceptor
Vintage Shuttle
Vintage ewok Glider
Vintage ewok Catapult
Sy snootles mic:)

08-31-2002, 07:43 PM
Here are some things I have from you list :)
but there loose :(

Leia and ewok
leia and han

I need
Saga Ponda set
Saga anikin and geonosian
12" mace
12" yellow clone


boss nass
09-08-2002, 12:37 AM
Bump with new have
Playschool Stompin Wampa