View Full Version : 12" Luke Skywalker and Tauntaun

Darth Cruel
09-08-2002, 01:22 AM
Well, I have had this one opened for most of the day now and I have spent some time messing with it. I want to go over some of the points.

Tauntaun - This will be the easy part so I will start with it. Not too impressive. The paint job on the one I have is great and the detail of the sculpt is fine. But the material destroys the toy. It is made of a plastic that does not hold it's shape even for short term posing. The problem is primarily in the hip joints and upper legs. The one I have will not even support Luke's weight.

Luke Skywalker - As some of you may have guessed...just a new head sculpt on the old figure. And make no mistake, this IS a good sculpt. But he still has the body with no articulation in the waist. The ankles bend but don't swivel. And the head turns but doesn't nod. The accessories are great. Except for three details. They are STILL using that same stupid blaster sculpt they have had from the first Han and Luke figures. The only change that has been made to that blaster is the addition of the rings on the hand grip to make them fit more snuggly in the figures' hands. This sculpt is grossly innacurate and desperately needs to be corrected. It is an obviosity to me that this figure should have been packaged with a pair of macrobinoculars at least, but with a scanner as well. And finally...they didn't even have the decency to spray the snow on the uniform.

Here is a tip - If you are looking for one, the one I have will be returned to TRU in Victorville CA on Monday (noonish). It is opened, but still in brand new condition (though that is not saying much).