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10-24-2001, 05:32 AM
Hey Hasbro !

What about a 12" Landspeeder ? I think its not too big (something like a Barbie-Ferrari *g*).

Here are my favorites to produce:

12" Gammorean Guard
12" Amanaman
12" Bantha /w Tusken Raider
12" Rancor /w Malakili (maybe too big, you have to cheat with the size, as you did with the Dewback *g*)
12" Rebo Band (I think this was announced)
12" Leia Endor
12" Ugnoughts
12" Lando Skiffguard
12" Lando General
12" Probe Droid
12" Oola
12" AT-ST (same size-cheating as with the Rancor *g*)

Leave the imperial figures to Marmit, they do their job much better with that uniforms.

master jedi
10-24-2001, 12:13 PM
Don't forget:
12" Tonika Sisters
12" Sebulbas blue twi-lek assistants
12" Mara Jade
12" Oola falling out of her costume

10-25-2001, 08:41 AM
12" Amanaman
12" Yakface
12" Gammorean Guard
12" Bantha /w Tusken Raider
12" Rancor /w Malakili
12" Mara Jade
12" Oola
12" Rebo Band
12" Probe Droid
12" Klaatu
12" Barada
12" Niktu
12" Yareal Poof
12" Ki-Adi-Mundi
12" Plo Koon
12" Saesee Tiin
12" Yaddle
12" Oppo Ranscics
12" Eeth Koth
12" Even Piell
12" Trash Compactor Monster

10-25-2001, 10:48 AM
I just need these 1/6 :

1. General Veers
2. Gamorrean Guard
3. Scout Trooper (with no bike)
4. Rebel Fleet Trooper
5. AT-ST Driver

That's it. Now Hasbro, is it too much to ask for?

10-25-2001, 05:09 PM
Well, I would guess that you will get your biker scout alone. :( Anything to reuse something to make more money.

10-25-2001, 06:50 PM
I think it make perfect sense for Hasbro to repackage the Biker Scout singular. They have all the imperial troopers in 1/6 and what makes the BS so different that he had to come with his vehicle? Hasbro has AT-AT Driver, does it means he should come packaged with a 1/6 AT-AT? Or a 1/6 Tie Fighter?
They have done it for Hoth Han and they can do it again for BS :) I keep my finger crossed.

Hasbro, I'll probably buy at least 1/2 dozen of BS if you release them singular pack (w/o bike) but I'll only buy 1 with bike. Do you smell business opportunity?

10-26-2001, 04:10 AM
I am from Germany, but I have heard that they marked down the BS with Bike to 12,95 $ at walmart i the US. So why don't you buy 6 an throw the bikes in the trash ?
When it will be released single, it will cost 19.95 $.

Here in Germany you pay 150 $ at comicstores for the BS /w bike.

10-27-2001, 08:57 PM
The Biker Scout w/bike for US$12.95 has already become a folklore. I think there's NONE to be found ANYMORE in ANYWHERE in the States (correct me if I'm wrong). How do I know? I have asked friends in the states to help me locate the gem but its been almost 3 months now and there's no news whatsoever.
I don't know what's the coversion rate for Deutsh Mark vs the US greenbacks but here in Singapore, I paid US$120 for my set.

I'm also an Army builder in the 1/6 area and I will be thrill if there is a BS out there packaged singular. That'll be GREAT. Of course, if I can lay my hands on a $12.95 set, I wouldn't be dump enough to thrash the bikes :)
Its all in the name of "cost cutting".

10-27-2001, 11:01 PM
12" Gasgano
12"Jedi Council members
12"Jabba The Hutt (it could be made)
12" Scmi
6" Ewoks

10-28-2001, 04:10 AM
I have the Illusion Jabba. And it fits absolutly perfekt to the 12" Figures.
A Hasbro-Jabba would be not so well done I think.
If you can get your hands on a Illusion Jabba, buy it !

10-28-2001, 10:49 AM
i hope hasbro will release a 12 inch electronic jabba. but the electronics would be in his throne. include a ROTJ bib fortuna for all those who missed out on the FAO swartz exclusive. and price it around $50 or so so it dosen't clog the shelves like the overpriced dewback.:)

a 12 inch snow speeder would be cool. if 21st century toys can release a huge army tank, then a snowspeeder is very possible.(expensive but possible). i know i'd pay $200 for one! as an accessory, it would have the orange jacket for your luke in x-wing gear.

10-28-2001, 11:23 AM
12" Ephant Mon and Hermi Oddle ?

Nice 2-Pack.

12" Escape-Pod for 3po and R2
12" Eopie /w Qui Gon
12" STAP /w Battledroid !!! (Great, why did'nt bring Hasbro this one ???)
12" Ree Yees
12" Skiff (Yeah, here we go !!!!!)

11-03-2001, 10:23 AM
The following were announced and/or rumored at one time, and would still make great additions to the line (with the possible exception of Odie Mandrell):

Oola (w/Salacious Crumb)
Leia (Boussh) - Another chance to rerelease an existing figure!)
Gamorrean Guard
Probe Droid (Announced ages ago, reportedly abandoned)
Odie Mandrell
Senator Palpatine
Nute Gunray
Lando (Skiff Guard)

Others that I would love to see:

Momaw Nadon
Rune Haako
Bespin Security Guard
Takeel (to give the "Cantina Four" the 12" treatment)
Dr. Evezan
Princess Leia (Ewok Village)
Nein Nunb
Gungan Soldier
Rebel Fleet Trooper
Naboo Royal Security
Hoth Rebel Soldier
Endor Rebel Soldier
Lak Sivrak

11-03-2001, 10:39 AM
I can't believe I left out Weequay and Ree Yees! I was working on custom 12" versions of these guys when I discovered I was allergic to the casting resin and had to halt production. Be sure to add them to the list, Hasbro.

And though I personally have no use for the Expanded Universe, I think that Mara Jade and Thrawn would be good choices for this scale too.

12-23-2001, 11:44 AM
I need more 12" aliens! I'd like:

Ellors Madak
Djas Puhr
Nien Numb
Gamorean Guard

Finish the bounty hunters, too. Including Denger, of course. And it would be nice if 12" Fett was put back into production. He is exceedingly popular...

12-23-2001, 11:50 AM
But the Hasbro Boba Fett is extremly ugly (the KB-Version too).
Spend a bit more money and buy yourself the Marmit-Fett. There is no choice, if you want a perfect Fett.
I have thrown my KB-Fett into the trash, after getting the Marmit.

12-23-2001, 12:30 PM
Marmit Fett smokes. But it's not a bit more....it's a lot more.

12-23-2001, 02:27 PM
dude,,,, I would have to aggree with you cats about the marmit fett..Its hella cool,,but man does it cost so much.
I have the kb fett,,which is nice,,but when I get the marmit fett...I am going to chuck the kb one...
I think hasbro should redo there bodys,,,they use to many old joe bodys. they need more articulation ....
and make more aliens,,now that would be nice...........and finish the bounty hunter set!!!

12-23-2001, 11:34 PM
My 12" wishlist is:

Gammorean Guard
Leia Endor (w/ removable helmet, none of this "molded on" stuff)
Lando Skiff guard
Probe Droid
Mara Jade
Kyle Katarn (a deluxe fig with all the weapons from the first 2 Dark Forces games)
Plo Koon
Rebel Fleet Trooper
Lightsaber-launching R2-D2
STAP w/ battle droid
Darth Sidious (the POTF2 12" Emperor figures are way off base IMO, this would make up for that)
2-1B & FX-7 2-pack
Endor Rebel SoldierI especially want a 2-1b figure, a Leia Endor figure, and a saber-launching R2. However, what I'd REALLY like is a new 12" SW body, the current one is definitely not as articulated as I want.

12-24-2001, 07:19 AM
problem with the bodies is that Hasbro took the european "Action-Man"-Bodies for their Star Wars-Line. Probably to make US-Customers think that it is a real new body and not the GI-Joe one. But I am from Europe and I know these non-movable piece of crap-Action Man bodies very good.
It would be much better if they would take the GI-Joe-bodies because these are even better than the Action-Man.
The best bodies are still the Marmit ones, but Dragon are also very good. I know many who take a Dragon Body and fit it with the Star Wars uniforms, but this is an expensive way.
I don't even understand why they changed again the necks. The Episode 1-Figures had very movable necks, but the latest POTJ 12" have the fixed ones, argghh I hate it.
You do these Figures for Collectors !!!!! and not only for kids. After 6 Years of producing you just have to admit that !!!
All we hear of you is: kids kids kids, but even kids want authentic figures !!! Please do with that 12" Line the same as you now do with the 3/34, make them better !!!

12-27-2001, 05:59 PM
I personally would like:

- 12" Admiral Piette
- 12" Amanaman
- 12" Plo Koon
- 12" Rebel Fleet Trooper

12-29-2001, 02:23 AM
JT....your list is excellent....a 2-1B/FX-7 two-pack! Brilliant....I'd wince, but it actually would make a good store exclusive set.

Here's my take:

1) Gamorrean Guard

Hasbro proved they would go the extra mile with unique body with the Boss Nass figure, so properly doing a large character justice is not out of the question...

2) Leia in Endor Gear

I just want her to display with the Enodr Han & Luke....but make her flexible enough to ride the speeder bike!

3) Momaw Nandon "HammerHead"

This cantina classic would shine with the detail a 12" figure would provide...

4) Nute Gunray

One quality of the action collection I always enjoy are the soft goods selected for the uniforms or costumes...& the Nemiodian's intricate robes, while challenging, could be real eye-catchers. Plus, it's a must to have one representitive of a race tha't so prominately featured in the prequels...

5) Rebel Trooper

I can't believe we haven't seen this one already...and now that we've got a generic Imp Officer, maybe the chances of seeing a rebel one are better...

6) Plo Koon

He's just got such a unique look, but I have a feeling we may see this one in the AOTC collection of figures...

7) Ki-Adi Mundi

This coneheaded jedi master would be a good addition for the comics fans (like myself) too, but as with Plo, he may be featured in the EpII collection...

8) Jabba the Hutt

If this character ever does get the 12" treatment, it MUST be the ROTJ rendition of him....I like the idea presented earlier in this thread about it featuring electronics in the throne base (Jabba's laugh, his lines to Luke Skywalker & Leia) & a deluxe treatment including Bib is a great suggestion too....

9) Zuckuss & Dengar

PLEASE give us the last two classic bounty hunters!!!

10) Weequay "Skiff Guard"

Another cool denizen of Jabba's court...heck, let's deluxe this one out too and do a two-pack with Lando in his Skiff Guard guise...

12-29-2001, 08:53 PM
check out this link of 12 inchers hasbro hasn't ever made, but should. my favorites are mas amedda, nine numb, and weequay. but they are all really good.


12-31-2001, 11:00 AM
JB, glad you dig my list. I agree with you about the Hoth Droids 2pack, it would both make me wince AND make me hunt. I think you're right about it being a good exclusive, but I don't want Hasbro to think they can get away with more exclusives either, so I'll say that I'd rather see this as a 2pack that's not exclusive rather than the Vader/Maul one they recently mass-released.

I have nothing against Nute Gunray and Momaw Nadon, they'd probably make good 12"ers, but the idea of those never seem to grab me. Then again, neither did 12" Boss Nass, and he turned out really good (though I'm still hunting).

With the Rebel Trooper, I've noticed Hasbro has only done one "normal guy" figure, the aforementioned DS trooper. All the other "generic army builder" 12" figures have been helmeted - I think they're afraid that a face that isn't an instantly-recognizable star wouldn't sell, but I'd disagree with that assumption of theirs... provided the figure looked good. ;)

01-03-2002, 07:44 AM
Originally posted by JediTricks
However, what I'd REALLY like is a new 12" SW body, the current one is definitely not as articulated as I want.
Kinda ironic that the same company that makes the articulated GI Joe can't come up with a similar body for the SW figures. :rolleyes:

01-04-2002, 04:00 AM
12" SW always seems to be the dumping ground for the left over GI Joe bodies that are outdated for the Joe line.

El Chuxter
01-07-2002, 01:38 PM
A 12" Sidious would be cool, and even better if it was Senator Palpatine/Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious. Just one figure and three sets of clothes, a la 100th Anniversary Luke.

01-07-2002, 08:05 PM
In one of my earlier posts, I recommended a 12" 2-1B figure. I would like to ammend that suggestion with the following:

A 12" 2-1B/FX-7 Two Pack!

Also, after finally obtaining a Deluxe Amanaman, I must say a 12" scale Amanaman is on my list. Oh yes, and also Dr. Evezan!

01-07-2002, 10:20 PM
I just got Amanaman too. He's really cool. I also finally got 12" Fortuna; he's definitely a favorite!

01-07-2002, 11:45 PM
How original of you Cole. ;)

Chux, that'd be pretty cool, maybe instead of just a 100th Luke-style set, it could be a 2pack with another Senate Guard and the extra clothes.

01-08-2002, 10:55 PM
Originally posted by JediTricks
How original of you Cole. ;)

Sorry Tricks, didn't mean to steal your thunder there. I had honestly not read all of the latest posts all the way through, so I didn't even notice your suggestion of exactly the same thing, which predates my own. I guess we all think alike!

01-09-2002, 12:59 AM
Originally posted by JediCole
Sorry Tricks, didn't mean to steal your thunder there. I had honestly not read all of the latest posts all the way through, so I didn't even notice your suggestion of exactly the same thing, which predates my own. I guess we all think alike! Suuure, that's it! I know the truth, you were just using my ideas for some sick game... ;) Ok, maybe not. :crazed:

Eternal Padawan
06-09-2002, 10:10 AM
I wonder what Hasbro's criteria for choosing new 12" figures to do is?

A Rebel Fleet Trooper would be cool.

A 12" Jabba?!!? That would be HUGE.

Exhaust Port
06-09-2002, 12:07 PM
It seems to be full of endless possibilities and hopefully Hasbro is listening. I would like them to concentrate on the fact that these are a great collectible that allows for some amazing detail/accessories that the 3.75" line doesn't. Maybe they'll get the idea after the success of Jango.

There is no reason that we should have to pay +$100 for a Marmit figure to get a nice sculpt of an Imperial soldier. If they'd try to produce a line of truly well sculpted figures then it's popularity would take off. How hard would it be for them to produce a Stormtrooper that doesn't look like some kids halloween costume?