View Full Version : Parks Saber lightsaber

09-09-2002, 04:58 PM
I got my Parks Saber lightsaber today. Tomorrow is the 10 week mark and the website says it takes10 weeks for delivery and seeing as how it actually came Friday (but I wasn't home to sign for it!), they get points right off the bat. I ordered the NON-ignited Defiance lightsaber because I've already ordered the Anakin FX lightsaber. This saber hilt is UNBELIEVABLE! I am floored by the quality here! It looks a little different than the pic online. It looks sort of like a cross between Lukes sabers in ESB and ROTJ. Very sturdy, very solid and nice and polished. It has a nice weight to it too. The detailing on it is beautiful. I've wanted a "real" lightsaber hilt since I was about 4 years old and now I have one. This thing will look extremely cool hanging from my belt on Halloween. DEFINATELY worth the $80 I paid for it. Anyone who wants a simple, very cool looking lightsaber hilt and can't make one yourself, I highly suggest you order one of these. A very cool addition to anyone's Star Wars collection. This really gets me stoked for the Anakin FX saber that I should get by the end of next month too. Then I'll have the best of both worlds. If I could get my webcam working, I'd post pics. Maybe later.