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The Bald Ewok
10-24-2001, 07:14 PM
Hey I just got the new EGM and the review crew gave it a Solid 9!! The only downside to the game was that it was a weekend beat, but other than that they loved the game. Also as I side note, the review crew picked the X box over the gamecube as the system to own. Let me know if you want more info on the review!

10-25-2001, 08:38 AM
That's usually a Nintendo flaw, initial game play is kept somewhat low for the kiddies to beat. Glad to hear it got a solid 9 rating though. What else did they say?

10-25-2001, 06:19 PM
Originally posted by The Bald Ewok
Hey I just got the new EGM and the review crew gave it a Solid 9!! The only downside to the game was that it was a weekend beat, but other than that they loved the game. Also as I side note, the review crew picked the X box over the gamecube as the system to own. Let me know if you want more info on the review!

Just like they said the Dreamcast was a "must-have" system.:rolleyes:

$300 AND no Zelda or Mario or Metroid? Sorry, I'll pass.

What exactly do you mean by "weekend beat?" Was it too short? Did they specify how many levels?

The Bald Ewok
10-25-2001, 06:49 PM
Here is what they had to say word for word....

Rogue leader isnt a particular long game. You can whiz through its 11 missions in one weekend if you dont worry about eaning medals or opening bonus missions. But heck - this sucker is worth the price of admission for its final two missions alone, which faithfully re-create Return of the Jedi's raid on the second Death star, right down to your high speed flights into the superstations tight, winding superstrcture. And thats where rouge leaders is at its best-when its lets you relive the famous battles from the flicks, such as the first films trench run and Empire's Hoth scene. For the most part, the levels that fill the gaps between these big battles deliver the same white knuckle fun. ( I leaned in my seat a lot while playing this game.) What the non movie missions lack in scope and familiarity, they make up for in complexity and overall wow factor. One mission for instance has your excorting Rebel shuttles over a water world toppling AT-ATs before they can trundle from the sea, and protection ground troops while they assualt a crashed star destroyer, no Rouge leader aint perfect. One level is disappointing and feels tacked on. And spotting TIES against the starfield backdrop is tough, forcing you to rely heavily on your targeting computer. But this game is the perfect launch title for Gamecube. You'll know why once you take that first trip down the Death Star Trench and hear Ben Kenobis voice.


In my opinion, Rogue leader is the best gamecube launch title by far. I cant remember the last game that got my heart pumping like this one. My hands were even shaking after some missions! I guess it's the combination of classic Star Wars scenarios (you go through all three movies here) and an incredibly well designed beautiful game. And it aint no cakewalk either. If your skills arent up to snuff in any of the missions- at least all but one exceptionally easy run near the end, anyway--youll definetely find yourself floating home. But despite the difficulty its almost impossible to put Rogue leader down, and thats the sign of a truly great game.


Its rather ironic. The best Star Wars game I've ever played is one that simply follows the movies as closely as possible. Rogue leader does just that, and its aided by some of the most incredible graphics sound effects and music you ever seen/heard. Sure the stuff aint orginal its ripped straight from the films. but no star wars game has ever combined all of the elements so well (thanks in no small part to the power of the gamecube). the intense action and sweaty palm gameplay prove the games legit as well; its not just the fluff and presentations that makes this such a killer title. This is THE reason to own a GC, not Luigis Mansion.

10-25-2001, 10:24 PM
I was wondering what the finished product of the game was going to turn out like. Sounds like a definite winner! And no mention of pop-up or slow-down, so I hope they are pretty much non-existent.

Thanks, Bald Ewok!

10-26-2001, 10:59 AM

The Bald Ewok
10-26-2001, 07:28 PM
Glad to help Bigbarada!

11-04-2001, 08:39 AM
I'm glad its getting good reviews, I've been looking forward to Rogue Leader since it was announced. Im surprised they picked X-Box over Gamecube though, although neither system appears to have a lot of solid launch titles. I played about a dozen demos or so of X-Box games, and all but about 2 were not even worth the time playing the demo.

I never really intended on getting an x-box, and I honestly don't think its going to be able to compete with the likes of PS2 and Nintendo.

11-04-2001, 09:56 AM
Originally posted by Wolfwood319
I never really intended on getting an x-box, and I honestly don't think its going to be able to compete with the likes of PS2 and Nintendo. Me either, but I can tell you one thing, I can't wait to find out how the X-box does this x-mas through next.

I'm still a little fumed at Lucasarts for taking Obi-Wan off the PC platform and putting it on the X-box because of THEIR mistakes. From what I heard, Lucasarts basically mismanaged this game so badly that it was almost totally unplayable to the point where it was a shelved title, and then WHAM, x-box announces it's coming.

11-04-2001, 04:11 PM
Ah...worry not young super moderator. Said Lucasarts, has..that Obi-Wan on PS2 shall also be... The force is strong with this one. :D I think they did at least, I remember seeing it mentioned on a site somewhere, I hope it's true cause I really don't feel like trying to shell out $300 for an X-Box which I heard is huge and bulky (and yet the gamecube is like...what? 6"x6"x6"?) and that in 5 stores that their demo systems have screwed up like freezing up and just not working at all. I doubt X-box will do very well at all considering I heard it's huge and so is it's controller while the game cube is like this tiny box and it's $100 cheaper than the X-box. With PS2 still in it's own winning streak, and Game Cube on the way with the mini-discs for the game discs and it being from a company experianced with game systems, I'd say X-box really has a chance...to get slaughtered badly. ;)

The Bald Ewok
11-04-2001, 07:24 PM
Anybody think that there will be any vehicles from EP2 in RL?

master jedi
11-04-2001, 09:45 PM
Originally posted by The Bald Ewok
Anybody think that there will be any vehicles from EP2 in RL?

I think there might be a hidden Ep.2 ship in it like they did for Rogue Squadron for N64.

Boba Rhett
11-04-2001, 11:07 PM
I'm willing to bet money that there will be one hidden. :)

11-05-2001, 01:11 AM
"that Obi-Wan on PS2 shall also be."

"Oh... joy." - Dr Leonard McCoy
I couldn't give a chicken's fart about the PS2, aka "the most overhyped videogame system since Sega's Game Gear". ;) I don't own one, I don't plan on owning one, and if I win one, I'll probably sell it for pez. :P

As for a potential Ep 2 vehicle in Rogue Leader, I'm betting I already know what it'll be:




Just like when Lucasarts was working on an Ep 1 game with the Naboo Starfighter in it and put a Naboo Starfighter into Rogue Squadron, this year they're working on an Ep 2 game with the Jedi Starfighter so I'm betting they'll put a Jedi Starfighter into Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader.

11-05-2001, 03:20 AM
Well ok, I admit the PS2 was a little too over-hyped, but trust me, it does have some really nice graphics and Starfighter is a pretty cool game, you can do some really sweet piloting. Err, to keep this on Rogue Leader, do you think they'll have extra hidden ships like Rogue Squadron had the Falcon and TIE Interceptor? Oh yea, maybe we'll get an AT-AT bonus level like we did with the AT-ST in RS. :cool:

11-17-2001, 10:33 PM
Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II
Visually, Rogue Leader is not like previous video games. Its scale is epic. We like to bandy that word about, but this time we’re using it in all seriousness. In the Battle of Endor level, you replay the ending of the Return of the Jedi—and it isn’t just an approximation—it’s the real deal. When Lando Calrissian realizes it’s a trap and you U-turn into the Imperial Fleet, the Destroyers are not just background; you have the dubious honor of taking them on…not all of them, admittedly, but enough of them to make Rogue Leader one hell of an experience. And while its scale is gigantic, Rogue Leader doesn’t skimp on details. Every ship and Imperial Walker is lovingly ornate, right down to its gears. Rebels have goggles and snow gear. Radar devices are beautifully reflected in pools of water. Sometimes—actually, a good deal of the time—it was necessary to fly around as a tourist just to take it all in.
Rogue Leader’s grandeur is reinforced by that ol’ Star Wars music. Sound effects are movie-quality, and Leader has many more voice-overs than Battle for Naboo or the first Rogue. Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles) even recorded new lines especially for the game. There’s even a Mark Hamill sound-alike so that Luke chimes in more than you might expect.

Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II is a must-have game for fans and lovers of aerial combat. For Star Wars fans, it justifies purchase of the GameCube. For the gaming world as a whole, interactive entertainment has made the jump to the next level.

State-of-the-art—i.e., the artists have surpassed themselves. Epic grandeur and telling detail co-exist to create an unforgettable experience. Museum material.

SOUND: 5.0
This is not your Daddy’s Nintendo 64. Crystal clear voice-overs, standard but classic music, and the best blasting and crashing effects you’re likely to hear ever.

The teeny problems you might have keeping track of everything is more a part of the game’s flavor than a mechanical or design flaw. What’s at first overwhelming will most likely become second nature after a few missions, and the GameCube controller is a dream.

Some people may forgo sleep with this one. Exciting missions, unbelievable visuals and sound, and, like the first Rogue and Naboo, a replay factor through the roof. If we had higher than a 5.0, this one would get it.


11-19-2001, 05:34 PM
I'll bet alot of money that an Episode II vehicle is in there, but we are going to have to wait. I also know that if you get all gold medals in the missions you get a special vehicle, but they are not saying what?