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09-12-2002, 09:36 AM
There was a guy that I worked with who had a child that his appendix broke and had to be hospitalized. We had taken up a collection for him to help out financially for him and his family to use to drive back and forth from the hospital. What does he do, he goes and blows the money on drugs. Needless to say I was furious.:zzz:

Exhaust Port
09-12-2002, 10:34 AM
Ah, the life of a drug addict.

09-12-2002, 03:38 PM
scum and pondlife. It happens a lot though. It's best to give money to registered charities IMO, there's more chance that the money will actually be used for the purpose it was given. Although a lot of charities spend so much on printing leaflets advertising their charity that there's hardly any of it makes it to the causes the charity was set up to help.

I suppose it might sound hard and callous, but if I were involved in collecting for someone as you were I would only give on the proviso that the recipient produced proof thatbth money had gone where it was supposed to. In this case with receipts from either gas sales or from bus or train tickets. Taxi firms will provide receipts if pushed. It's a sad state of affairs when you have to think like that but when people who work hard to earn their money give to needy causes they should be able to do so without worrying that their money will be squandered by ne'er do wells.

personally, I only give to charities who have a proven track record of getting the cash into schemes that help people and the money is often claimed by recipients after the fact.

In the UK we have government subsidised schemes for getting help with travel costs to and from hospital if you are a low income individual or in receipt of state benefits. Proof of that status is required in order to claim back the expenses. I.e. you go the hospital and there is a bursars ofice on site that you go to to claim the money. Many don't bother because it drains funds that could be better used to pay for other services like ambulance pick up and transportation for wheelchair bound people and the elderly. But it doesn't stop the greedy and mercenary from claiming money using someone elses identification.
I actually welcome the idea of a credit card sized identity card with photo as a standard way of checking ID. We don't have anything like that as standard yet because the civil liberties groups feel that it is an infringement of human rights, that these cards could be used to breach human rights about medical or other personal information by having all the most sensitive information about a person available to anybody who could access the system that stores this info. it'll be some time before the small print is worked out but it's something that will happen and it will hopefully provide a safeguard against abuse of charitable schemes.

A litle of topic but you're initial post sent me off on a tangent as I thought about it.
hopefully I haven't bored you too much :zzz: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Darth Cruel
09-14-2002, 04:13 AM
I had a simple schooling in this arena. I gave a homeless man 10.00 once and he jumped up thanking me because he was able to go buy alcohol. From that point on, although I do still give when I can...I DO NOT GIVE CASH...TO ANYONE. If I want a homeless person to eat, I will get food from a fast-food joint if one is near. If I see a family having a hard time, I will buy groceries or pay their gas bill when I am in to pay my own.

09-14-2002, 11:52 AM
That's why I just keep all my money to myself like a good greedy American. Though sometimes I will stop long enough to give them a good kick or two.


09-14-2002, 12:07 PM
The way I see it, a homeless man's life if pretty bad as it is, why should I get sanctimonious and put conditions on how he spends the money I give him? If he wants to spend all the money I give him on booze and forget for a moment where he is and how tragic a turn his life has taken, then let him.

09-14-2002, 03:07 PM
If I see someone who is homeless, and they have some sort of a "Hungry - Please Help." sign, then I will actually go up to them, ask them what they want to eat, and go buy it for them.

09-15-2002, 07:21 AM
Y'know those charities that do meals on wheels? The one that take a soup wagon round to the homeless guys under the bridges and dole out food and simple things like blankets and clothing? Give money to those charities and get the homeless fed. They do the best job they can but lack serious funds. It's organised and you know the money goes where it's supposed to.
Mostly the people who work for the charities do so voluntarily so they don't recieve any of your money just the guys you wanted to help when you donated.

Giving money to the homeless is actually just perpetuating thei self destructiveness. They aren't going to feel better if you give them money for booze or drugs.

Maybe I sound sanctimonious, I've just had the experience of knowing many people who dropped out and having talked to them after they got back on their feet and regained some personal dignity in decent hostel accomodation, and found work of a simple nature, they always said that the worst thing was being given cash that fuelled addictions they'd had.

But that doesn't mean everyone wants to live a 'normal' life, there are those who drop out of society for a reason and want to stay there. Are happy being Mr. no name under the bridge with the rats and damp and cold.

I still say the soup wagons offer the best alternative to giving cash to the homeless though. But that's just me I guess.

09-15-2002, 05:35 PM
I believe it can be summed up in the lyrics of one song....