View Full Version : looking for Lifesize YODA or Watto

09-12-2002, 11:16 AM
I am looking for a lifesize Yoda or Watto released by pepsi in 1999. I have the following to trade, I also have many transformers to trade if any one is interested. Please email me at jhamm4@yahoo.com if you are interested!

For trade: All the figures come with a Star Case protector!

Star Wars Potf2 for sale : Condition from 1 to 9, 9 being perfect, All mint on cards
GC=Green card
RC=Red Card
FF=Freeze Frame
POTJ-Power of the Jedi
E1=Episode 1
Sote= Shadows of the empire
SC=Saga Collection /Attack of the Clones
Comm=Commtech Chip

1. GC- Weequay C8
2. GC-Sandtrooper-c8
3. POTJ-Shmi Skywalker-c8, card has tear from sticker
4. GC-R5-D4-C6, due to bend on bottom of card and price sticker
5. Gc-Snowtrooper-C8
6. E1- Darth Maul (Tatooine)-C8
7. E1-Gasgano-C8
8. Gc- Grand Moff Tarkin (Tri Logo) Foreign release, C8 -HARD TO FIND
9. E1-Ody Mandrell
10. Gc- Han Solo ( Endor) Blue Pants, C8
11. Rc- Han Solo ( Carbonite Freezing Chamber C8
12. Gc- Rebel Fleet Trooper-C8
13. Gc- Garidan ( Long Snoot) C8
14. POTJ- Ellors Madak ( known as Duros in the books) C7+, 4 Available, all have sticker hickeys
15. Gc- Grand Moff Tarkin C8
16. Potj Shmi Skywalker-C7, due to rip caused by removal of sticker
17. RC- Princess Leia Organa C8+ x2
18. SC= Padme Amidala (with back drop card) C8+
19. SC= Padme Amidala (with back drop card) C8+ RARE With Mole
20. Gc- Admiral Ackbar C8+
21. Gc- Bespin Han Solo-C8+
22. Gc- Luke (Hoth) C8
23. Gc- Emperor Palpatine C8+
24. Aotc- Clone Trooper ( Variation, NO Dots printed on card insert) RARE C8+
25. Aotc- Count Dooku
26. SC- Darth Vader ( Bespin Dual) The new figure
27. Aotc- Clone Trooper ( Variation- 5 Dots on chest!!!
28. E1- Ric Olie, C8+, VERY RARE CLOSED right hand, a cool figure
29. Comm- Darth Vader, with droid, a VERY HARD TO FIND FIGURE
30. Gc- Jawas, C8+, price sticker
31. Rc- Han Solo, Hoth gear, RARE first release with open hand,C8+
32. Qui Gon Jinn- First Release, first ep 1 figure
33. Obi one kenobi- first ep 1 figure
34. AOTC Sneak Peak-Jango fett
35. Aotc Boba fett with backdrop card
36. Episode 1 Yoda without episode 1 text
37. Chewbacca red card, Canadian , C8
Lobot, Green card freeze frame c9

Yoda mask, adult size, Brand new Sold for $50.00