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09-15-2002, 01:14 AM
I just got my hands on the lastest of the Jango Fetts... This is Jango number #5 If I'm correct as I think I'm just short of the preview one... So I will just give you guys my thoughts on the up and down points on this figure...

Sculpt : The sculpt is in my opinion is slightly better than that of say the Jango KE... The nose is slightly sharper and his eyes are slightly bigger which makes it look slightly better and more spot on... His head set makes it impossible to squeeze a helmet on it which I don't really think makes a difference... Other than that, I do not think there is much problem with the sculpt...

Articulation : This is probably the most disappointing part of this figure in my opinion... The points of articulation are his neck, arms, upper arms (slightly above the elbows), waist and his legs torso... I'm rather disturbed by his lack of articulation especially after being rather impressed with ObiWann JSP... His jetpack is not removable due to the quickdraw gimmick that comes along with it... You got to press down the missle in order for the arms to be raised... Without pressing on the missle, he just can't raise his arms... Kinda have that boyband trying to act cool look if you ask me... Yes at least he has his holsters to hold his little pistols... No change in the pistols from the Jango KE ones though...

Overall I'm pretty saddened by the lack of articulation and poseability ( is there such a word? :D ) of this figure... He looks rather good in the SlaveI and thats pretty much all I would say is impressive abt it... Or maybe he just looks better left carded...

Ratings :
Sculpts $8 / $10
Articulation $4 / $10

Cheers :p

09-15-2002, 11:09 PM
Cool review, funny grading scale though I don't think any Saga figure is worth $10 ;). Does it fit in the Slave 1 cockpit with that backpack, and if so, does it look ok?

09-16-2002, 02:04 AM
Thanks JediTricks, the grading scale was kinda just for the fun of it. Like movie reviews where they rate it according to pop corn or something like that. :D Well anyway, the Pilot Jango does fit into the Slave I quite nicely I must say...Though it does look like he is alittle uncomfortable.

Cheers :D

09-17-2002, 01:27 PM
Mine should be here any day. I do feel that this likeness is closer to Temura Morrison than the previous Jango with the removable helmet.

Darth Trymybestus
09-28-2002, 03:55 PM
I wonder if this will be the last Jango Fett that we'll get, I love the character and preview Jango and kamino escape Jango were both awesome.
I don't think Final Battle lived up to the hype, it's good that they've made a different Jango, the headsculpt looks pretty awesome :)

Mr. JabbaJohnL
09-28-2002, 04:46 PM
We still need a "Kamino jammies" Jango.

Battle Droid
09-28-2002, 05:09 PM
And Jango in poncho, from the cut scene that'll be on the DVD.

Prince Xizor
10-01-2002, 12:05 AM
I don't think that this Jango was meant to have a lot of Articulation. If he fits into the Slave I correctly, and looks decent in it, then I think it got its job done.

10-01-2002, 01:25 PM
Yes we definitely need one of him in his jammies... Helps with dioramas in his kamino room!!

Bib Forlobster
10-26-2002, 03:32 PM
I just got my Jango pilot the other day. TRU had tons of them. After opening mine, now I know why.

Chiesa is dead on in his review. Not much more I can add except that overall I am very disappointed.

He looks great on the card. I think the sculpt is very nice, but his arms are very floppy with the silly gimmick. Also, the jetpack is a permanent fixture. I don't understand. Hasbro trys to give us more accurate sculpts by giving us all these same character sculpts in different stages of dress, yet they screw up by making the jetpack permanent so they can incorporate a garbage gimmick and totally ruin an otherwise good figure. Even the picture that comes with the card, shows Jango in the pilot seat without his jetpack on. The Slave I even has a spot to hang a jetpack. Why, Hasbro, why?!?!?!

This figure would have been so much better if they had just left the gimmick out. (a helmet that fits over his head would've been nice,also.)

Be careful when using the quick draw. Mine threw his guns across the room when I used it and took a while to find. I probably wouldn't have bought this figure if I knew how sucky it was going to be. If you did buy it, you might want to leave it on the card. The KE version is much better.

Darth Evil
10-27-2002, 09:44 AM
I'm probably just going to leave Jango Pilot in Slave 1 forever anyway, if I ever get one.

11-03-2002, 08:38 PM
Well, I finally found this figure and since I was a penny short of the $19.99 SW purchase for R2, I bought Jango Pilot as well as the other 2 things I was already getting.

I'd like to add a little to these already-apt reviews...

- Watch the eye paint on this figure, I saw 3 different ones and only 1 had reasonable paint (one had a eye that was much bigger than the other - that was disturbing).
- The headset sculpt is a bit too fat at the earmuffs.
- This figure doesn't look so great in Slave 1 because the permanent backpack pushes him forward away from the seat, so he looks like he's trying to warm his chest with the dashboard heating vent rather than piloting.
- The arms are SUPER loosey-goosey before you push the button, absolutely nothing holds them in place between the up and down positions and they flop up and down with almost no friction at all - they're loose at least 90 degrees of rotation! However, if you move the arms beyond their upwards stopping point, you can get the arms to stay up when you're not pushing the button and when you do push the button Jango throws his arms up in the air - this is reversible as well, simply move his arms back down to the place you want and the gimmick returns to original factory setting. ;)

All in all, I'd give this figure a C- grade if I was feeling generous and a D+ if I wasn't.

11-14-2002, 09:39 AM
Jango Pilot is a decnt looking figure in the package(then again I dont open any of the toys i get). My Step-son wants one bad cause he looks at the toys and basically drools. I think it is a decnt looking toy in a package but looks like it isnt fun to play with. I will let you know after x-mas when he should get both.