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Mace Windex
09-16-2002, 10:13 AM
Rather than going back in history like the other rate section I thought having a modern poll would be more appropriate. All of us most likely will have differing opinions on how we judge the figures and I expect a bunch of varied responses. So, to better assist those who may be contemplating purchasing these figures I think it would be a great help to others if we list what we like and dislike about out choices.
Here is what I have bought so far.
Obiwan, Anakin, Mace, Ki Adi Mundi, Jango, and Count Dooku.
Let me point out that normally, I only collect Jedi figures. This hobby is too expensive! However, like in my normal collecting, if I think a figure is very well done I sometimes stray. I have seen all of the Episode II related figures. Here are my reviews from worst to best.
9. Zam: Pumpkin Head. Nuff said.
8. Clone Troopers: Out of proportion, chunky. Just don't look right
7. Anakin: Big head and looks like a kid. No cloak. Nice saber!
6. Mace: Ugh, the face is horrible! Where are the robes???? The lightsaber is really the only reason to buy him if you already own EP1 Mace. However, If you missed out on EP1 Mace buy this one!
5. Obiwan: Could use better face detail, Squinty eyes. No Cloak. Nice saber!
4. Super BD: Nice detail. Great looking figure but poor articulation.
3. Count Dooku: Excellent head sculpt. Best proportion.Uniform restricts posing. Cape snap is chincy. Lightsaber not as good as others.
2. Ultimate Jango: Top notch detail. Great proportions. Realistic face detail. Poor way of attaching uniform armor on legs, and trying to fasten the gun belt leg straps will drive you insane.
1. Ki Adi Mundi: I seem to be the lone person on this one. Ki is 100% awesome! His face is one of the best and he seems in proportion overall. His Jedi uniform is the most accurate and has greater detail than any of the others. Ki is also highly poseable. Again, a GREAT lightsaber.

I know I listed negatives in my figures but of those I own I enjoy. All are out of the box BTW!
If I was only allowed to buy two of these I would get Ki Adi Mundi and Jango.
Let's hear your thoughts.

Mace Windex
09-16-2002, 10:39 AM
Here's a pic of Ki and Obi in some "arena" battle action.


09-16-2002, 11:14 AM
i ve only got the Obi Wan, Dooku, and Mace- and am pretty pleased with them all- Great detail on the clothing- Dooku has a superb likeness- why not do a 12" Yoda??????

Exhaust Port
09-16-2002, 11:19 AM
1. Ultimate Jango
2. Ki-Adi Mundi
3. Count Dooku
4. Mace Windu
5. Clonetrooper (a 3 varients)
6. ObiWan
7. Super BD
8. Anakin Skywalker
15. Zam

09-16-2002, 05:25 PM
1) Count Dooku - Even with the restricted movement the sculpt is awesome 100% dead on.

2) Mace Windu - I know I'm the minority here, but put him in a running pose with lightsaber out to his side (like when he was runing from the Reek)
and it looks fantastic. By far the best Lightsaber IMO.

3) Ki-Adi Mundi - Allot of potential with posing, and great outfit. Lightsaber is plain, but it is cool to finally have an alien Jedi.

4) Jango Fett - Once you get the armor on (ARGH!) and figure posed it looks fantastic. This is one kick *** looking figure. The gunbelt legstraps are a PITA! But nothing a little superglue can't take care of.

5) Clonetroopers (White,Yellow,& Red) - The OT Stormtroopers wouldn't stand a chance against these three.

6) Anakin Skywalker - Not very poseable, and the sculpt is ok, but the saber rules! For posing suggest putting his saber high, otherwise it just looks dumb.

7) Zam Wesell - I like purple. You can forget about posing this figure though, and how in the hell are you supposed to put on that vail?

8) Obi-Wan Kenobi - Ok figure, ok posability, and his lips are too pink. Great Lightsaber though.

9) Super Battledroid - I really like the way this figure looks. It's BIG, it's blue, and built like a tank. However the firing mechanism on his right arm does not pop out nor does the arm rotate like in the movie. For a figure that came with nothing that was the least that could have been done, and would have received a much higher score from me.

09-16-2002, 07:26 PM
Originally posted by mini-rock

3) Ki-Adi Mundi - Allot of potential with posing ...

6) Anakin Skywalker - Not very poseable ...

8) Obi-Wan Kenobi - Ok figure, ok posability ...

All three have the same body.

Rank the EPISODE II 12 inch figures

I like my:
1. Anakin
2. Obi-Wan
3. Clone Troopers
4. Super Battle Droids
5. Jango
6. Dooku
7. Zam
8. Ki-Adi

I will not buy:
9. Mace - ugly redundant like open mouthed Qui-Gon (gone) and open mouthed Anakin (coming soon)

09-16-2002, 10:55 PM
[QUOTE]Originally posted by N-2PF
All three have the same body.[/QUOTE

OK, but it's difficult, due to the clothing, to raise the arms high on Anakin or Obi-Wan. With Ki-Adi I do not have that problem. They may all have the same body, but clothing plays a big part too sweetie. ;)

09-17-2002, 02:54 AM
Overall.... I give the AOTC action collection a wary thumb's up with just a few issues I'll get out of the way first.

The packaging... stinks! The worst for the action collection so far! Unless you're lucky enough to get these figures fresh from the case (& even then...depending on who may have packed them...they could STILL be damaged!) the shelf life on these is extremely short without them ending up with dinged & crushed windows.

Where's the robes!?! Only really noticable with the jedi characters, it just makes the figures look incomplete. I'm convinced that if Hasbro had included the robes with the Kenobi & Skywalker figures, we wouldn't see them warming the shelves like they are. I opened my jedi figures and put Episode One robes on them and they look amazing (especially Kenobi). I just hope the robe's absence isn't just an excuse for Hasbro to re-issue the same figures later with them...

The RealScan's good but... as we've seen with the Mace figure, letting the actors have fun with facial expressions isn't always a good thing. As accurate as the sculpt on Mace is, I don't recall a single instance in the film where Mace smiled like that.....but on the other hand, the realscan proves very effective on figures like Dooku & Obi-Wan.

As for posability issues....until Hasbro comes up with a body the rivals 21st century's extremely posable ones, it's safe to say that ALL the figures lack any real posability (with the female character being especially bad)....

Now that's it for any major issues with these figures...on to my ranks for 'em.....

1) Obi-Wan Kenobi The realscan is a real winner here and while the coloring on the tunic is a little on the dark side (no pun intended), the outfit's detailing are top-notch, especially the boots and belt.
Slap on the EpOne robe on him and he looks fantastic!

2) Ki Adi Mundi I was thrilled when I read earlier this year we were getting this character in the AC & Hasbro didn't disappoint! The head sculpt, the hands, the outfit are all great! He looks cool posed with the other jedi figures. Very well done!

3) Count Dooku What kept this figure from being number one for me was a scale issue....I wish Hasbro had used the taller body (like the one used for the MP Anakin & DoN Qui-Gon) to give this character the height he deserved. The realscan-assisted sculpt is awesome and the outfit's crisp detailing are very good (although I agree with Mace Windex who commented the lightsabre was below par). Still, it's a commanding figure....

4) Jango Fett While pulling him out of that overdone package and getting him outfitted is a chore, the end result looks pretty good. I think the whole velcro thing works okay. One minor thing that's missing on him truly being the "ultimate" version is the pilot head-gear but....who knows? Maybe that's headed for a re-issue down the line... The head sculpt is good & he seems scaled correctly. Could have been a little cheaper though....but he looks good posed back-to-back with Zam....

5) Zam Wessel Okay....I'm putting this "melon-head" thing to rest! I don't think the head is as out of scale as some do. While she features the same utterly useless body (she can't even be posed holding the long rifle she comes with!), the detailing on the outfit almost make up for it. I think she looks pretty good (and with a little effort, the veil works just fine). I only wish she'd come with a tube o' kouhouns!

6) Clonetroopers While they look good and the detailing is fine, it's just a little odd that the thigh and shin panels seem made from a different materail than the rest of the armor and it's somewhat distracting from the look of the figure. I am glad to see they used a slightly different approach to attaching the armor to the body than with the classic stormtroopers, I hope any subsequent versions have a little more consistancy with the materails used. I'll give a slight nod to the KB ones for the colors...it makes 'em look less bland...

7) Mace Windu Yes, it looks more like Sam than the wide-eyed EpOne one did...but that weird grin really takes away the edge this character should have. The materails used for his jedi outfit are great, but....that face! He does have a really cool lightsabre though....

8) Anakin Skywalker I wanted to rate this one higher, but two things take away the true effectiveness this figure could have....one, the odd look to it's eyes....they're just too wide looking...not intense enough. Two: the materail used to simulate the leather look of the outer layer of his jedi tunic is too bulky and shiny and takes away the look of scale (kind of in the smae way cloth accessories on the small scale figures do). It helps to put a robe on him, but it would have been more effective with a different choice of materails...

9) Super Battle Droid Again, there's just a few things that could have made this figure a real stand-out that didn't happen.
First off....what's with the wack color?!? A gunmetal grey with a laquer-type finish similair to the one used on the death star droid would have looked more movie-like and as mini-rock mentioned, it's a shame the gun arm doesn't rotate or fold the way it did in the film. It's sculpt and detailing are great & it's well-balanced to stand, but those two little details would have pushed this one near the top.

Well, that's my take on these AOTC 12"ers so far....
Here's hoping the upcoming Padme, Geonosian & Ani are good ones too (although the pics floating around so far don't give me too much hope....but pics have been wrong before)

Thanks for the good thread....

Sinister Lord
09-17-2002, 02:02 PM
Count Dooku is the top of the list for me.

Ultimate Jango is a close second.

Mace, Obi-Wan, Clonetrooper, Anakin, Super Battle Droid are all mediocre figures.

Zam Wesell is the absolute worst, Hasbro totally messed up what could have been a potentially great figure. Horrible likeness and distorted body proportions on this figure... yuck!

I haven't seen Ki Adi Mundi yet, so I can't formulate an opinion on that one.

Master Goeweins
09-18-2002, 12:27 AM
Okay, staying with the figures that I have actually bought and opened:

1) Ultimate Jango- Two guns with holsters. A sci-fi cowboy waiting for a showdown. Too cool. Plus accessories make the man!
2) Obi Wan- mixture of great toy with an awesome portrayal by Ewan makes me love playing with this figure.
3) Ki Adi Mundi- Wooooooooow! This guy is great!
4) Yellow Cone Trooper- I love these things and the yellow just adds to the coolness.
5) Regular Clone Trooper- Again, just cool looking.
6) Mace Windu- His head throws it off a little, but not miserable like Zam.
7) Anakin- what is up with the sculpt. He looks like a little boy with brillo hair. Could have been better, however, Hasbro gets credit for the outfit. The imitation leather is a nice touch.

And Zam...... oh poor Zam for I may know you not.

Mace Windex , where did you manage to score a Dooku. Can you either post it or PM me the details when you get a chance? Thanks.

09-18-2002, 11:50 AM
1. Count Dooku
2. Jango Fett
3. Obi-Wan Kenobi
4. Anakin Skywalker

I only own these 4, of the EPII 12 figures anyway. I really want to get Ki-Adi Mundi but have been too lazy to order him from the Fan Club. I'm really lookin forward to Plo Koon!

09-18-2002, 05:41 PM
9. Zam: Not bad for a Barbie doll.
8. Clone Troopers: I miss the removable helmet - They look all alike, what a chance to build an army with just one equal face.
7. Anakin: Nice stupid babyface - but thats what he is.
6. Mace: Resculpt just a must for the afro-american collectors, I think.
5. Obiwan: Yes. Not good. Not bad. But was in the movie.
4. Super BD: Make this thing a stand-alone! It's done for complete collectors. No sense. Has to be metal. Is just like the Battle-droids. Plastic will warp if out of box.
3. Count Dooku: A joke. Will match the 1/7 collection. Head, body, light saber - everything too small. Just don't fit into the line.
2. Ultimate Jango: For boxed collectors only! You can't put these things together. If that should be the genetic mother of the clone troopers, why are they taller than him?
1. Ki Adi Mundi: black painted bit of snot in his nostrils, pink lipstick all over his head - but just one color for his hair = the responsible person will never have a sense of it.

Mace Windex
09-19-2002, 10:56 AM
I picked up Dooku at my Local WALMART. They had (gone now) all of the new 12 inch figures and the republic gunship (also gone). Still waiting on any new 3-3/4 figs.