View Full Version : Vintage Toys for Trade

09-16-2002, 11:52 PM
Hey, I have several Vintage Star Wars items for trade.

First of all I have a piece of a Y-wing fighter, it is the front half of the bomb. It is light grey and in perfect condition, anyone who needs it to complete their vintage Y-wing fighter please let me know so we can trade!

I also have several vintage carded figures that I am willing to trade for other vintage items both loose and carded. The items I have for trade are...C-7+ ROJ Carded AT-ST Driver (YB), C-8 ROJ Carded Rancor Keeper (SYB), C-8+ ESB Carded FX-7 (SYB), and a C-9 ROJ Bib Fortuna (Japanese Back/SYB).

I also have a vintage loose Lando General That I am willing to Trade. It is in Good Condition with only a few slight paint chips. It is incomplete missing the cape and the gun.