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Jangu Fett
09-17-2002, 07:18 PM
We all know that there was a Action Fleet line for Star Wars, Predator, and Aliens. Although, the later 2 were really short lived. What other lines could be made into Action Fleet?

I know there were G.I. Joe Micro Machines, but not AF. I think that would have made a awesome AF. With ships like the Cobra Rattler, the Joe Sky Shark. And some of the large ships, The U.S.S. Flagg Aircraft Carrier, of my favorite the Defiant Space Vehicle Complex. Then we can have playsets for each of the Armies. I'd love to have a AF size Cobra Terrordome, or Joe Headquarters. And just think of all the figures they could make for A G.I. Joe Action Fleet. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlet, Duke, Flint, Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Cobra C.L.A.W.S, Cobra Vipers, Cobra Crimson Guards.

Just a thought.:crazed:

Jedi Idej
09-17-2002, 09:14 PM
Battlestar Galactica. There's only a few onscreen vehicles, but oh, to have a Viper and Cylon raider and mini-figs of a Cylon Centurian, Boray Raider, and Lucifer.

Planet of the Apes. Everyone loves monkeys. (Ok, primates.)

And the biggest What If? -- Star Trek. (A local collector who knew a designer/modeler at Galoob told me a former Galoob designer headed up Playmates' Strikeforce. Not sure if it's true.)

Jangu Fett
09-17-2002, 10:31 PM
Maybe?:confused: It's to bad that both the Star trek Micro lines didn't go over to well. Me personally, really liked the Innerspace line better then the Strike Force.

Babylon 5 would have made a great Action Fleet line. Their were a ton of ships that could have been made.:)

09-17-2002, 11:28 PM
I second that, Babylon 5 would be a great AF collection.

Darth Carlos

09-18-2002, 12:24 AM
I personally would have liked a James Bond action fleet line.

I like the GI Joe line concept, toys based on larger toys sounds like a real winner in this case. In the '80s, nobody had more cool vehicles than GI Joe: A Real American Hero, and a lot of these would translate very well to the AF scale.

I don't know about Trek. My dream line for Trek wouldn't be like Strike Force, it'd be smaller ships like runabouts and shuttlecraft - but almost nobody would buy that. I thought larger Trek ships just didn't translate into the AF scale, the concept just didn't work for me and the execution was even worse.

Idej, I don't know about that claim, the Strike Force was similar in concept but I always felt they never really captured the spirit of the Action Fleet line - it felt more like a wannabe headed by someone who didn't fully understand what made AF great. That's just my opinion, of course.

I'm a huge B5 fan, but I don't think that show has much to offer the Action Fleet style. Only the small vehicles like the Starfuries work for me, I feel that larger ships really don't translate too well to the Action Fleet concept. Of course, I'd love AF of those Starfuries and a few other similarly-sized ships from B5. :D

Jedi Idej
09-18-2002, 02:43 AM
Oops. Tee hee. I guess I didn't put my thoughts down clearly. :crazed:

JT, I agree that SF doesn't measure up to AF (which is I didn't buy them). Hence my desire to see how Galoob's team would handle Star Trek.

Quirky features, like the missile launcher on the t-14, "gas-fill opening" on the SW ships, or the extendable pod racer, are AF signatures, whether they were included to increase play value or a compromise to budgetary constraints, safety concerns, or licensing restrictions.

These goofy things (for me) give AF character. Devoid of these, SF is bland. And if Hasbro patterned a Star Trek line after Strikeforce, yeah... I'd continue to be turned off.

In fairness to the design team at Playmates, maybe they didn't have the benefit of a shop as sophisticated as the one utilized by Galoob and mentioned by Glitch in another thread.

Glitch: what say you about the Galoob/Strikeforce connection? Have I been wearing a dunce cap these 4-5 years and not known it? :stupid:

good shot jansen
09-18-2002, 07:01 AM
battle squads. as sci fi's my thang (alreay got waaay toooo much reality in my life, don't need no toys of it :p ), I never really got into collecting them, but they were fantastically detailed, and offered the same playabillity and features that were given to the sci fi line. swafster may have more to add here on the battle squads line

battlestar galactica would definately be a cool source of action fleets. (seein' as they were sw knock off's anyway)

gotta agree with jt on the size thing. the small to medium ships make the best action fleet scale (hence my not too enthusiastic feelings for the trade federation lander, way to big a bird to have been made an af imho)

that's one of the things that made galoob such a cool company, if the vehicle was too big to meet the size constraints of af, they would make a mm playset. like the falcon, rebel transport, star destroyer, etc. i always like the scale of the falcon playset to the star fighters when staging battles in lieu of the af falcon. the rebel transport would not have been as well done in action fleet scale either. galoob took a line collection to a never before heard of level by producing so many sized vehicles. it allows for mixing and matching across the lines to find the right scale match ups!

i was in a hallmark store this weekend, and saw the new delta flyer tree ornament. it's about the size of a sw die cast vehicle (maybe a little larger), it's been fitted out with electronics (when you push a button, captain janeway's voice wishes you a mery x-mas, or something like that), unfortunately, it's got an electrical wire coming out the bottom so as to be connected to a string of lights on the tree, so if one were to add it to their play fleet, it would necessitate the snipping of this wire, as well as removal of the top monted hook.

it's nicely detailed so it certainly would make a nice addition to a sci fi fleet, i only wish that it was mm scale, then i wouldn't have hesitated a moment in plunking down the $25.00 asking price.

09-18-2002, 08:13 AM
Actually if you wait till after Christmas Hallmark marks down their ornaments to half-off.

I got a couples of the Battle Squads packs, they weren't badly detailed but left quite a bit to be desired considering since they seemed to get confused on play/display value so some fun really got lost in the mini-figs and only some were fun to mess around with. I think the Military Micro-Machines were alot better when it came to this type of stuff because the guys while they were all one-posed, they had their purpose and if you wanted it to do something else then that was on another fig.

09-18-2002, 12:51 PM
Speaking of Battle Squads, I always wished they had produced a Naval Series of Battle Squads with everything from Spanish Galeons to the U.S. Civil War legend Monitor and Merrimack, WWII Bismark and U-Boats and Yamato and Yorktown, Normandie Beach invasion fleets, etc..., all the way up to modern-era US & Russian fast-attack and missile subs and nuclear-powered AEGIS destroyers and carriers. Basically all manner of naval war vessels.

While on the reality-based theme, I'm surprised AF never did a line of real space vehicles, from Sputnik & Telstar all the way up through the Mars Lander and the Space Station currently being constructed. I'd love an AF-quality/price-point version of the Apollo 11 service module/capsule/LEM-Eagle, as well as the cool green-colored Russian capsules (Soyuz??). Talk about playability! Spacewalks and dockings and splashdowns - oh my!

I'd also like to see more of the Aliens vehicles, an AF-Scale ID-4 alien fighter in a twin-pack with a Battle Squad F-16, also the ships I've seen in the previews for the new TV series Firefly look like good AF-fodder, too.

Finally, what about a line of craft from the flash-forward sequences in the Terminator flix? They've already shown they can do chrome pretty well with the SWAF royal starship. If they chromed an Aliens AF drop ship, they'd pretty much have one of the Terminator ships already done! ;)

09-18-2002, 01:00 PM
Yukka ma lukkah! :p

I would kill for a Close Encounters set of AFs with a giant transforming Mothership and a Playset of "the dark side of the moon" landing site. It would be cool to have a miniscene of the MacDonalds Roadsign area where the kid nearly buys it at the hands of speeding Roy Neary. :cool:

The UFOs would be dead easy to cast and make as they were all based around a common 18" plate :)

I'd also like to see a Farscape line of AF because so far there's been no ships PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS IF YOU REFER TO THIS POST - UK is only up to Season 3 thanks :)

5th Element has lots of cool designs too, lots of miniscenes and playsetabilities too!


09-18-2002, 05:05 PM
GSJ, the Battle Squads line (which is great IMO, except for the ugly missile-launching elements) wasn't GI Joe-esque since BS was very realistic while Joe vehicles are more fantasy-based.

What's funny to me is that Battle Squads wasn't limited by the size issue (SWAF was) so they could have made the vehicles a little bigger, but instead they stuck with classic AF scale and only did one WAY TOO BIG vehicle which was in scale with the figures and jeep, I guess, but was too much money. I wish Galoob could have found a middle ground.

Swaffy, a few "real life" space vehicles were done in the Star Trek "Innerspace" line, which leads me to believe they had the licensing for it.

I think the ID4 alien ship is technically in Action Fleet scale because the mini-figures are in that scale. Unfortunately, Trendmasters - like Playmates - didn't know how to do interesting Action Fleet-style interiors and gimmicks.

Jeddah, Farscape has been cancelled by those idiots at Sci-Fi Channel. The SFC even tried to have the sets destroyed last week while people were distracted with Sept 11th stuff. There's a thread about it in the MISC section.

I'd like to see Crichton's module, Aeryn's prowler, D'argo's ship, Moya, and Talyn done in Action Fleet scale, maybe having Moya as a large deluxe design.

Battle Droid
09-18-2002, 05:23 PM
Jurassic Park Trilogy Action Fleet.


JP Jeep Wrangler
JP Ford Explorer Tour Vehicle
inGen Construction Helicopter


inGen Snagger Humvee
inGen Unimog
inGen Helicopters (both kinds)
inGen SS Venture Cargo Ship
inGen SUV
Eddie's Mercedes(sp?)Benz M Classes (one with Eddie's High Hide)
Eddie's Mobile Lab Trailers
inGen Canyon Motorcycles


inGen Barge
Enrique's Speedboat (with parasail)
Kirby's Chartered Jet (with Spinosaurus Damage)

Jangu Fett
09-18-2002, 06:26 PM
I'd like to see one of the Glider/Fighter from Stargate, they would also be able to do some cool mini-scenes.

When I heard that Hasbro was doing the AF acouple years ago I got so excited, because they also had the license for Titan A.E. I hoped they would release a Af line for Titan. They made a MIcro Machines line for it. To bad it never really made it to the toy stores.

I really like the Battle Squads they cancelled the line right before they released the F-14 Falcon, and Stealth Fighter.:cry:

09-18-2002, 06:26 PM
I'll probably be close or the only one, but what about A.I. Artifical Intelligence AF scale vehicles? They could've had the Chopper thing, and the Moon balloon for the Flesh Fair. There were alot of vehicles but it would still make an interesting line.

Another line of AF vehicles I wouldn't mind seeing would be MIB. Some vehicles would be outta scale but they'd still be cool in AF scale like the Arquillian battle cruiser.

In case you were wondering what ships JT was talking about, Innerspace made AF scale Lunar Lander module and Command Module. I don't think the return module was seperating nor the different sections on the Lunar Lander but I think you could connect them. Also they both opened up and weren't bad looking, I never got a chance to buy them but they look great in packages, I'm sure they would look better on a display.

Oh yea, BD don't forget an Amphibian Tank from the end, I know Battle Squads had one of them in their first wave so all they would have to do would be to add some dino damage to it or something (I know it wasn't in the movie but just for play value)

09-18-2002, 08:41 PM
ooooh!!!! I forgot!!!!



09-18-2002, 09:29 PM
All these vehicles and ships would also look cool in micro size!:)

Darth Carlos

09-18-2002, 09:38 PM
Stargate/SG1 would have 3 or 4 cool Action Fleet vehicles IMO. Death Glider, SG1-copied Death Glider, Cargo Ship, maybe a few others. Mini-scenes would be fantastic for this line, you could have Ra's sarcophagus, the transport rings, pyramid openings, and the gateroom itself.

An MIB line would be kinda brief, but I'd love to have a fully-transforming LTD. :D

Basker, were those the only 2 sets in the Innerspace line? I really didn't pay much attention to that line at all.

Swaffy hit it on the head with that Blade Runner comment, that'd be so freakin' cool! I'd want all the ground cars and spinners!!! Ertl did 4 of 'em waaaaay back in the day, but I never got a chance to grab 'em.

Another line I'd like to see is Batman. They started to do a mini-AF Batman Beyond line that wasn't too shabby, but the vehicles should have been a bit bigger, I have the "bat cave" w/ Bat-beyond Batmobile, but it just makes me want Action Fleet batmobiles and batvehicles from the '60s TV show, the '80s cartoon, the '89 movie, the '90s movies and cartoons. Dang Hasbro soiled their Batman license though, so you can kiss that goodbye.

09-18-2002, 11:51 PM
Originally posted by JediTricks
Dang Hasbro soiled their Batman license though, so you can kiss that goodbye.

Mattel = HotWheels. ;)

We could still possibly get something like that, Batmobiles could be made by Mattel in die-cast but in AF scale, I'm sure if there was enough fan backing behind something like that. They'd probably have to be die-cast, but they could still be AF scale. I remember ERTL put out a Die-Cast Batmobile that was about AF size for Batman and Batman Returns, it's pretty cool too (has a little Batman molded inside that you can barely see) so if there was fan backing I think Mattel would probably eat it up so that they would have an easy way to get better fan reaction than Hasbro's had for the last years.

Originally posted by JediTricks
Basker, were those the only 2 sets in the Innerspace line? I really didn't pay much attention to that line at all.

I think they only released them because they were on an episode of TNG. Never seen the episode myself but I recall someone talking about an astronaut on Trekkies that was from an episode of TNG so I'm guessing it's that same episode.

I can think of one movie that really needs an Action Fleet line right now... Episode 2. ;) Theres a list in the Saga section that has some stuff on it which has been confirmed and it lists Wave 2 for Action Fleet as being March releases. :cry:

Couple other movies that I can think of that would really be cool to have AF from is Total Recall and (wasn't much of a fan of it but I know it had some cool vehicles) Robocop.

I think theres very little chance but I wonder if Art Asylum would have any possibility in making AF scale stuff. I think they'd hit it off great if they made an AF line of shuttles and such. (They could leave the Starships to the regular vehicle line)

09-19-2002, 12:40 AM
How about Star Wars. I'd love to see some Star Wars ships. Wouldn't that be cool. No, really. Just imagine the possibilities if Hasbro would actually make AOTC AFs!

<removes tongue from cheek>

Blade Runner would be awesome.

Battlestar Galactica. Definitely! Some of my favorite toys when I was a kid were my the BG toys I inherited from my brother.

James Bond. Hmmm. Not to sure what they could include in this line. I had a James Bond Hot Wheels or Matchbox car when I was a kid that I loved.

Star Trek. You better believe it. I want all the ST ships and I don't want micros.

Batman. Wow. That would be amazing to see.

Jedi Idej
09-19-2002, 12:45 AM
I am salivating at the possibilities, especially the sci-fi stuff. For Stargate, let's not forget the mastadge with real-feel hair. :D

I'm big on the then-and-now pairings. How 'bout Buck Rogers, with the 70s series and old serials. Or a Mars Attacks complement of the trading card set and the 90s movie.

09-19-2002, 05:51 AM
I add my vote to SWAFMAN for an AF line for real space vehicles.
Gemini, Apollo, Soyuz, the Eagle, Lunar Rover, Space Shuttle, ...
There are a lot of middle sized vehicles (which is the best scale for AF). They could even let people create their own space station connecting together different modules!
There would not be a lot of competition in this field. The vehicles would not be related to war (unlike, unfortunately, military airplanes). They would increase little boys interest in space related subjects.
I would be curious to know what Hasbro thought about this.
Hey JT, is it possible to ask this to Hasbro? Maybe trough Glitch?


09-19-2002, 02:36 PM
We could still possibly get something like that, Batmobiles could be made by Mattel in die-cast but in AF scale

Mattel has a die-cast series of NASCAR replicas in fancy display boxes. I suppose they would qualify as roughly "AF-scale."

In that context, maybe it would be more palatable to Mattel to propose a "TV-Tribute" line of vehicles in that scale, and maybe include as many of the memorable TV vehicles as possible. I'll start a list, and please add any others you'd like to see:

vintage 60's Batmobile
" " " Batcycle
" " " Batcopter
" " " Bat-Girl Cycle
" " " Batboat
Green Hornet Lincoln (I think it was a lincoln?)
Monkeemobile (I had a plastic model of this one in the 60's)
classic Lost In Space Jupiter II
classic Lost In Space rover vehicle
Munsters car
Munsters dragster
Beverly Hillbillies Car
CHiPs Cycles
Knight Rider KITT
Knight Rider 18-Wheeler
Dukes o' Hazzard General Lee (I think that's it's name?)
Starsky & Hutch Dodge
McHale's Navy PT Boat (okay, I'm reaching here....)
Airwolf Copter
classic Speed Racer Mach 5

I am not considering licensing restrictions or whether any of these have already been produced in a similar scale, so forgive any transgressions in those respects.

good shot jansen
09-19-2002, 04:03 PM
when i was a kid, i wnated so desperately for either corgi or dinky to make a jupiter II from lost in space. when i was 10 or 11, i wrote a letter to both of em pleading my case on how a jupiter II would make such a great toy. alas, niether heard my pleas and none was forth coming :(

i did snag a trendmasters jupiter II a couple of years ago (at least i think it's trendmasters), and i love it. it's about 3 3/4" potwhatever scale, and it has all the features that i wanted either of those great english toy companies to make back then.

if it ever got done at af scale, i'd be in pure heaven baby!

corgie made excellent die-casts of the tv batmobile. they even released as gift sets later on, a plastic bat boat and bat copter, i can't remember if they did a bat girl cycle or not. they also did the green hornets black beauty, which was my all time favorite corgi car. gawd i loved that thing, with the drop down grill to fire the missle, and the tracking satalite which launched from the trunk (boot fer our english pals).

corgi also made a super cool monkeemobile, unfortunately, it had no moving parts or gizmo's, but it was a cool car to play with.

other sci fi stuff to add to the list

the space ship from casino royale, complete with the mini hover craft.

the ufo space craft from the television series ufo was kinda cool, i remember i built a revelle model of it back when i was 8 or 9, (then of course blew it up with a bunch of fire crackers when i was 11 or 12)

the space craft from my favorite martian. as i recall it kinda resembled the royal star ship from episode I

i'm sure ther's plenty more, but that's all i can think of for now

09-19-2002, 04:48 PM
Mattel is pretty stingey on the die cast features. I have that '89 Ertl Batmobile and Batwing, they're great toys but have NO features at all. I actually removed the Batman figure from each, looked kinda funky.

I don't remember any of those NASA vehicles in a TNG ep.

Ep 2 Action Fleet should be here at the end of this month or next month, right on sched with what Hasbro told SSG months ago.

Haggie, for 007, I picture Bond's gadgety vehicles in AF form - the Astin Martin DB5 from Goldfinger & Thunderball, the Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me, the portable mini-copter Little Nellie from You Only Live Twice, the Tiger helicopter from Goldeneye, the Astin Martin DBS from Living Daylights, the BMW Z8 from The World Is Not Enough, the BMW sedan (I admit it, I don't remember which one) from Tomorrow Never Dies, and probably a few others I hadn't thought of.


Goofy, I don't know Glitch any more than most of you, so you have as good a chance there as anybody. I am not in a position to suggest a line like this to Hasbro right now, I'm just an annoyance at best ;).

Swaffy, most of those already have companies making toys, the Monkeymobile was just released in 1/24th scale from Johnny Lighting I think. A lot of those are with Johnny Lighting/Playing Mantis now.

09-20-2002, 10:32 AM
Great topic!

It's tough to think of what would sell as a viable licensed product versus what I would like to see in my own collection.

Harry Potter and Batman would be prime for the making. Bond would be cool, but the market would be limited....

What the HELL? when did I start sounding like a marketing guy? This is a fan board!

Now, what I would like to see is another story....

Indiana Jones WOULD have been a GREAT series. I've seen the Disney toys, and they just don't cut it. By the way, have you noticed that EVERY attempt at AF and micro scale by any company other than Galoob turns into crap?


Indaina Jones: He's a classic, and lotsa' possibilities!

Batman (film and animated): plenty o' gadgets.

Bond: ditto.

Unrealistic, but cool...

Thunderbirds: plenty of vehicles, and you gotta love them little puppets!

Captian Scarlet: ditto.

Tron: Nice sellection of vehicles and accessories.

I'll think of more later I'm sure....

09-20-2002, 12:42 PM
When I was a kiddiwinkle my bro and I were bought that very same Batman presentation pack. We've still got the vehicles up in my parent's loft :)

The batmobile had a small plastic flame that came out the back, and when you rolled it along the floor, it worked its way in and out of its exhaust pipe.

The missiles silos on the boot end fired much in the same fashion as the Corgi James bond missiles - except it was a rolling cogwheel that you turned, and the hood ornament was a little raised cross that you pressed and the buzzsaw came out of the front grille :) :eek:

The Batboat was cool but very lightweight and made entirely out of plastic. It had a trailer which attached to the batmobile but sadly the sailfin on the back was too high so when I was a babby in the bath, I remember it flopping over on its side all the tme.

The helicopter was just a black affair with folding rotors that were spun by another cogwheel underneath. I don't think I have this one anymore :( (My mother had a nasty habit of giving all out toys away as we grew up. She was severely chastised for it and has since learned her lesson) :evil:

Sorry for the long OT post but GSJ reminded me and I had to share :happy:


09-20-2002, 03:49 PM
Thunderbirds do have an OK line of toys that are vaguely similar to AF right now. I suppose the Thunderbirds movie coming out in 2004 will add to that toy roster. (Yes, Thunderbirds ARE go! But why with Jonathan Frakes as director? He did good with First Contact, but Thunderbirds?!?)

Glitch, I think Bandai did ok copying the Action Fleet concept with some of their lines, but they are the only company with such successes IMO.

I'd love to see TRON in Action Fleet format, more than almost any other line mentioned here so far in fact. Recognizers, tanks, light cycles... oh dear, I'm drooling on my keyboard again. :D