View Full Version : Have G.I. Joe... trade for Star Wars

Boba Fitt
09-18-2002, 12:47 PM
This is the last of my Joes. Iíd like to trade it for Star Wars items, preferably vintage but newer stuff is ok. I can provide pics of the vehicles but my camera is broke so I canít take pics of the figs.

Skystriker w/Ace:
Missing 1 missle, 1 seat, parachutes. Left fin is a bit loose. Dirty/dusty from storage and hanging from my ceiling.

Missing engine rollbar, 2 of 4 red missles, blades broke off but can be repaired. Landing gear loose. Includes second FANG body

Dragonfly w/Wild Bill (2000 version)
Mint, complete, includes Billís file card, the instructions and the sticker sheet


1983: Gung-H0
All limbs perfect, minimal paint wear on hat, chest tattoo is perfect, has all accessories

1984: Blowtorch
All limbs perfect, no paint wear, has all accessories

1984: Deep Six (from SHARC)
Arms are fairly tight, minimal paint wear

1985: Airtight
All limbs tight. Very minimal paint rub on right hand. No accessories

1993: G.I. Joe (Joseph Colton Ė the original GI Joe. Mail in offer)
All limbs tight. Slight paint wear to hands, 2 spots on hat. No accessories

Please email me at dennyd@hotmail.com or boba_fitt@sandcrawlerworkshop.com