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09-24-2002, 03:32 PM
Sorry to start a thread for this but there's one for the 2003 vehicles and one for the 2003 basic figures so why not a deluxe thread?

That said I was checking the rumour list and so far there's these listed :

Super battle droid builder set (w/ interchangeable limbs that will work with the deluxe C-3PO perhaps?)

Commerce guild dwarf spider droid (w/ sound effects perhaps?)

Flying Jango Fett Kamino battle (w/ tower section perhaps?)

Force powers Obi-Wan Kamino battle (w/ landing platform spring loaded attack feature perhaps?)

But I've also seen a listing for a screen scene version of Obi-Wan and Jango Kamino battle so which is right? And what else can we expect?

There has been rumours flying round of a new Gamorrean pig guard with Bubo the frog-dog as a pack in. Given the size of the characters I would say that this would constitute a deluxe sized pack but so far the deluxe sets have either been some kind of gimmick laden figure 2-pack or one single decent item like the Nexu.

So, what offers a good option for deluxe status?

Orray w/ Geonosian
Shaak with bucking action
RIC-920 w/ rickshaw speeder
Aiwha w/ kaminoan

And from the older movies:

Dianoga beast (companion to the trash compactor Wal-Mart exclusives perhaps?)
Ewok w/ catapult
Ewok w/ glider
Luke Jedi w/ throne room gantry section
Han w/ Bespin torture aparatus
'exploding' STAP and Battle droid
Imperial officer w/ 'exploding' detention block sentry station

This is all pure speculation and I only just thought these up on the spot so please don't anyone take it as anything else. I just got to wondering what hasbro would come up with for 2003. We haven't had a deluxe update yet, so why not speculate? :)

09-24-2002, 04:00 PM
Jargo, the latest rumor about the Super Battle Droid Builder set from GalacticHunter (the place that has gotten most of 2003 right) said that it's going to be a three pack of Battle Droids. Will be a nice set for army builders. :)

Battle Droid 3 Pack (Battle Droid, Super Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid)
Spider Droid (AOTC)
As for what else is on the way? That's a toughy, I do like your ideas though. To bad that you and I don't work for Hasbro. You can bet Yarna would have been out a long time ago. :)


Jar Jar Binks

Battle Droid
09-24-2002, 04:03 PM
One's I'd like to see.

Imperial Probe Droid (highly articulated with Hyperspace Pod)
Luke Skywalker : Hoth (with Dead TaunTaun)
Electronic Ice Wampa (with TaunTaun Skeleton)

09-24-2002, 05:41 PM
I took the 3-pack as a seperate item. I was under the assumption that the 3-pack was going to be something like a cinema scene pack or something like the unmarked army builder packs from the fanclub.

The Super battle droid builder pack was mooted as a deluxe set which would intimate something more akin to the deluxe C-3PO set with the droid being comprised of removable interchangeable parts that could be used with the battle droid and C-3po to add to the fun. This would also tie in with the Padme droid factory figure and add more to the dire arena playset rear section with the conveyor belt of droid building and pummelling. Padme's stand connects to the deluxe C-3PO set so I would imagine that the deluxe super battle droid builder set would too if it appears.

I would say there's more chance of a deluxe set with just the super battle droid than the 3-pack to be honest. Somehow it just doesn't sound like something hasbro would do. Maybe a three pack of one or the other of the droids but not a three pack with one of each. sounds fishy to me.

But then again hasbro are doing screen scenes so you never know what they might turn out in that line which seems much better than the cinema scene idea. Two figures per set looks better. They can spend the budget they used to spend on the third figure on the bases.

But back to deluxe. Battle droid, I like the dead Tauntaun idea but that would make it a beast assortment not a deluxe, same with the Wampa. Both of which I would go nuts for. The probe droid sounds excellent though. I always liked the idea of getting the pod with it. split apart one end with a clear rod straight through the center to stick the droid on so it looks like it's emerging. But I'd be happy with anew version of the probe droid without that firing mechanism through the middle. It's too big as well. A smaller scale would work excellently with the pod idea.

And they could also pack in the patrol droid in its pod as seen in the SE of ANH. The existing patrol droid is great but the rod coming out of it isn't removable and it's ugly looking. Pack a small pod in and have the patrol droid on a removable clear rod that can be stuck into the pod so it's got something to attach to for stability, but still looks like it's hovering. Or pack in a clear stand like they did with Maul''s dark eye probe only make it from totally transparent crystal plastic not transluscent acrylic stuff.