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09-27-2002, 12:21 PM
I Have the Following For Trade, my wanted list is also below. Please email me at jhamm4@yahoo.com or PM me!

Star Wars Figures:
For Trade

1.Darth Vader : Commtech
2.Rebel Fleet Trooper
3.Bib Fortuna, Tri LOGO
4.Luke Skywalker: Hoth Gear
5.Emperor Palpatine
7. Weequay Skiff Guard
8.Ellors Madak (Duros)
9.Obi One Kenobi (Red card, long saber)
10.Captain Tarpals
11.Obi One Kenobi ( Naboo)
12.Grand Moff Tarkin (Tri Logo)
13.Sandtrooper ( tri logo)
14. T1-b Medic Droid
15.Ody Mandrell
16.Qui Gon Jinn, Jedi Dual
18.Luke Skywalker, red card, long saber
19.Jawa 2 pack
20.Boss Nass
21.Shmi Skywalker
22.Admiral Ackbar
23.Grand Moff Tarkin,
24.Chewbacca, Canada card, not cut
25.Obi One Jedi Dual
27. Ellors Madak , 2
28.Darth Maul, Jedi dual
29.Ric Olie, Closed Hand
30.Chewbacca, Prisoner
31.Jar Jar Binks
32.Jango Fett, Preview Figure
33.Bib Fortuna
34.Shmi Skywalker
36.Han Solo bespin
37. Anakin, tatooine
38. Han Solo Hoth Gear, open hand
40.Darth Maul, tatooine
41.Han Solo in Carbonite freezing chamber
42.Han Solo, endor gear
43. Battle Droid
44.Chewbacca: Shadows OF the empire
45. Princess Leia, Red Card
46.Lando, Red Card
47.Darth Vader: Red Card, long saber
48.Han Solo, red card
49.Stormtrooper, red card
50.Leia, Ewok Celebration
51.Luke, Dagobah, long saber
52.Endor Rebel Solider
53. Luke With Blast shield, bubble has a ding
54.Princess Leia, red card
55. Garidan, long snoot
46. Saga collection. Chewbacca, cloud city escape
47.AOTC Boba Fett, with backdrop card
48. Anakin Skywalker, Hanger Dual
49.Padme with mole
50.Padme without Mole
52.Sage collection, Darth Vader, Bespin
53. Aotc Clonetrooper with 5 dots on chest
54. AOTC Clonetrooper with noe dots on card insert.


Saga Collection:
1. Watto
2. Ephant Mon
3. Teemto (orange podracer)

Loose or mint in box:
Qui gon 12 inch figure, original
12 Inch Jar Jar
12 Inch Captain Tarpals with Kaadu
12 Inch Watto
12 Inch Boss Nass


Vintage: Loose
R2D2- Star Wars release
R2D2 Droids Figure
R2D2 Pop Up Lightsaber figure
Ewok Village, loose, complete or almost complete
Any Loose Ewoks