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09-29-2002, 12:34 AM

Welcome to the Order of the Sith! Now you MUST obey your Master! You will learn the teachings of the Sith. When you have been well-trained my apprentice, WE WILL REVEAL OURSELVES and AT LAST WE WILL HAVE REVENGE!

To understand Us, you must first understand Justice! Every religion falsely claims itself the vaunted guardians of justice in the galaxy. Yet where was the justice when they persecuted others that did not believe as they did? Where was the justice when they pursued us across the galaxy and exiled us from our homes, our families, and the people we were entrusted to govern and protect? Where was their tolerance for the beliefs and freedom of sentient beings that they supposedly so valiantly defend?

Most religions are the cults of hypocrites and intolerants because they deny themselves the true power of the Force; because they deny nature itself!

The Force is created by the natural evolution of life. And in the evolution of life, the strong have always survived the weak. It is the natural order of things. The strong are supposed to dominate the weak.

The strong can choose to rule over the weak, and protect them - if they so choose - using all the power at their disposal to do so. The strong may indeed have that DUTY! We do not deny that!

But the weak and the inefficient governments the weak propone, stagnate from the paralysis of Fear. The common creatures of the galaxy are weak and so they fear the powerful and set up their political institutions to limit their officeholders' powers. Thus their inefficient governments cannot stop the genocidal slaughtering of whole races while they endlessly debate the issues in the Senates they establish to govern "justly."

Is that justice? How many suffer and die while they debate the question in a committee?

A government with a directed purpose and a clear hierarchy of leadership would never tolerate such chaos under its administration! The Sith Empire had known stability for over a thousand years! We only want to bring our enlightened justice back to the crumbling and decadent galaxy that so desperately needs our help.


Other religious leaders deny their converts the use of their own natural abilities that would allow themselves to gain power, make changes, perhaps even impose a New (and better) Order. They bask in the glory of how much they can be "needed" to settle petty disputes in small jurisdictions, when it is really their own inaction that allows these social crisis to escalate in the first place.

If they are ignorant to this, they violate their own highest codes they claim to hold dear.

There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.


They don't consider the fact that there exist experiments and research they can do to learn more about their own universe and their own origins.

If they FEAR that in a New Order their gods will not be needed, then they are weak!

There is no emotion; there is peace.


If they Fear Death, they are being emotional, illogical and ignorant.

There is no Death; there is only the Force!


There is no passion; there is serenity.

There's no passion, no motivation, and therefore no progress! The religious institutions and faith in prayer over science and taking initiative all serve the staus quo and therefore stagnation! A people that stagnate and do not progress beyond thier abilities are inherently weak.


It is our highest acknowledgement of the truth that the weak must be dominated by the strong. It is our duty to restore a natural order to things to the universe, to stop this abandonment of progress. To bring back Natural Justice!


It is not evil. It is the natural order of things!

Now you must ask yourself if you are a just person? Can you open your mind enough to consider the alternatives to ideas you've always been taught? Can you objectively learn about becoming a Dark Lords of the Sith?

Can you realize I am telling you the truth?

If your forbearers got one thing right it is that knowledge is power!

But then only their elites could acquire that knowledge and become learned. They begged the masses for their faith to keep them ignorant! Power corrupted them, then turned them, and made them lie to you!


Why don't You want it too?



09-29-2002, 12:40 AM
*Showers Tycho with Force Lightning until he kneels before his Master. Then takes his place at the head of the Sith Collector's Club*

You can't have a Sith Collector's Club without The Emperor. You have done well, my Young Apprentice. Emperor Binks demands a footrub.

*Jar Jar takes his seat in his comfy Emperor chair, as seen in ROTJ*


Emperor Binks

09-29-2002, 12:41 AM
First you must learn where to put your faith:

"There is only one Lord: Lord Vader, and Lucas was His Prophet."

"And He gave His only begotten Son's right hand in sacrafice, to pay for our sins against our Patriarch, and for those against our Sister."

"Until such time, at the Climax, when the Son returns, and sweeps all sins clean from the Hand of the Father."

"For no one is innocent after all - even our Lord governs over an imprefect universe. Our training will never be complete!"

"And then with Song, we return to Nature, having been saved to live beside the Lord's last resting place in the Eternal Forest."

From this you must take into account the lesson that while other religions delude themselves that their lords are perfect, we accept, learn, and grow stronger from the knowledge that we must fight for every cubic inch of perfection in the universe. We must establish Order!

09-29-2002, 12:46 AM
Next, a leader must be capable of instructing and correcting the blasphemies of his followers:

DARTH SIDIOUS: I have to take issue with someone mis-representing my religion on these message boards.

I refer to your signature's statement of the Sith code.

Where did you get this? There is an extreme flaw in it's statement.

Do you know what the Sith Code means?

Let me help you MY APPRENTICE!

You wrote:

There is no compassion, there is hatred.
There is no compliance, there is aggression.
There is no order, there is chaos.
There is no equality, there is power.
-The Sith Code

But what does it mean?

1) You might feel compassion for a homeless beggar wanting you to spare them some food. Do not give in to compassion and just continue the problem!

HATE THE SITUATION. Hate poverty, homelessness, etc. Do something about it! Either acquire power to eliminate, KILL the problem itself, by erecting shelters and job training centers as your Sith Temples, or become a social worker and do case work, eliminating the problem with one person at a time. Wipe it out! All of it!

2) Do not compromise. Accomplish what you set out to do. Attack! This is straight forward.

So far, so good.

There is no order; there is chaos????

3) The seeking of Power (tenet 4) without compromise (tenet 2) to destroy a poor situation for one you favor (tenet 1) means YOU establish ORDER! Palpatine, the real Darth Sidious, established a New Order (the Empire).

Tenet 3 (ought to be) There is no deliberation; there is ORDER!
This is one of the highest Sith values!!!

Tenet 4 I think we covered.

I just needed to set you straight! DO NOT FAIL ME AGAIN, Lord Sidious!

The Sith Code:

There is no compassion; there is Hatred!
There is no compliance; there is Aggression!
There is no deliberation; there is Order!
There is no equality, there is Power!

09-29-2002, 12:48 AM
I don't want to be within 20 feet when the Son climaxes.

09-29-2002, 01:01 AM
Well, at the time of one Climax on the hunt to aquire control of this galaxy:

A Republic Gunship CloneTrooper Pilot was acquired at KB Toys in San Diego, CA. He will add to our armies we'll assemble.

A weak Senator from Naboo was caught in her fighter pilot flight gear at the same location. She will be sacraficed, and nailed to cardboard and bubble plastic on my carded wall!

And a Bounty Hunter who can fly a starship was found that will be the source for our army of Clones.

A Tusken Raider we needed to ELIMINATE from our want lists was taken along with a Massif that was supposed to be protecting him.

The treachery of a Neimoidian Senator, one Lott Dodd, who was doing so well at evading us, was finally caught - his crown was removed!

A Soldier dared to Rebel against us and shaved his face innocent and clean so he thought he could hide alongside a commoner he resembled. He too was caught by your Sith Lord!

And a Toydarian Junk Dealer only proved that the corruptible can always be bought!

KB Toys has the Force. Go there my apprentices. Seek its power. Acquire it and conquer! Control of the Galaxy will once again be yours!

09-29-2002, 01:07 AM
Wow, you found all of those at KB ? :eek: Around here KayBee and ToyWorks are like dumping grounds for old product.

Hmm, I'll have to be on the lookout for that Padme and Lott Dodd, the 2 I really want. And also the Clone pilot since I bought a Gunship recently. :p

What was the ratio of available figures? Are the Clones at all more bountiful? :( I hope so, because I'm assuming a lot of people will want 2 for their Gunship(s). I know I want 2 !

09-29-2002, 01:10 AM
Congratulations on your new acquisitions, my Young Apprentice. My local Toydarian Dealers have been quite unhelpful in acquiring anything new, and many have still eluded me. I may have to resort to the use of Bounty Hunters from the dreaded moon of E-Bay. :mad: :(


Emperor Binks

09-29-2002, 01:22 AM
To adequately crew a SINGLE Gunship, you need 4 of those guys.

2 firing guns, and 2 piloting the ship in the cockpit.

I only got 1 because I share with a circle of collectors I'm in here in San Diego. But eventually, we'll all get the quantities we want with 7 people actively DOMINATING 7 different KB stores in our area!

I want 16 total, or more. The figure is great. Doesn't bend at the elbows (like bicep curls) but does swivel there, and at the wrists. The gun actually takes up NO room in the hold. The pilot must stand in there, however.

And it looks good!


They got 6 cases of Star Wars figures in a DROP SHIPMENT.

This is not a truck shipment. It will NOT be on the truck manifest.

They have e-mail access to the drop shipment contents, as they must respond back and verify they got it. My store's drop came in Thursday afternoon. The only thing in it was the 6 SW cases.

Trucks go to KB every Thursday, and they stock after and before store hours. So if you arrive before openings on Fridays (or Saturdays if they don't finish) you can WIPE THEM OUT! ALL OF THEM!

Get every last Gunship Pilot like a SITH! Use your agressive feelings! Seize the moment when you can exercise your power!

The cases consist of:

3 Gunship Pilots
3 Padme
3 Jango
1 Han * I think
1 Chewie * I think
1 Obi-Wan * I think

I was not able to be there for the drop shipment, and it caught us quite unexpectedly, or else I might have had 18 Gunship pilots and not needed to return to KB or have friends pursue more figures at other stores.

Actually, since I share with 6 others, who want at least 2, with others preferring some exhorbinant quantities, I would have only been able to keep 3 out of 18 at this time, had I gotten them all.

The POWER is in the fact that our group did successfully find 4-1-3 at other stores. So that was 9 between all of us (counting mine) so we just let one guy who only does "carded-and-loose" to finish on his figure set.

Padme actually seemed to be harder to acquire. Our group got 5 of her total I think.

Jango sits. It's a great figure, but I myself will get the exclusive Slave-One that comes with this figure. It's also the 4th Jango Figure (5th if you count deluxe) in one year. I like Kamino and Final Battle best myself.

09-29-2002, 08:48 AM
So...at what post number did you lunatics actualluy start believeing this SITH stuff? 1000, 2000???

I just need to know so I can stop posting here.

09-29-2002, 08:49 AM
Oh damn, it was post 320. Now I believe as well. It is to late for me now...


Darth Sidious
09-29-2002, 09:51 AM
As you can see, Tycho, the "Sith Code" is no longer a part of my signature. I do not want to be a part of a useless controversy, so it is gone. Very interesting...You seem to have taken a logical approach to the Sith, it reminds me of Count Dooku's thinking rather than Maul's (If he really can think for himself. :D) I'll join, I suppose.

Dar' Argol
09-29-2002, 04:39 PM
standing in the shadows

If you need my services, you know where to find me.

09-29-2002, 04:52 PM
Y'know Tycho, I completely forgot about the 3rd and 4th Clone ! :crazed:

Yep, I'm looking at the Gunship now and I was only thinking about the 2 pilots. I'll have to fill those turrets too ! :D

Lowly Bantha Cleaner
10-03-2002, 10:34 PM
I'd join this Sith Collector's Club, but I fully realize that there can only be two members. A master and an apprentice, no more, no less. :D

10-04-2002, 12:28 PM
We are all vying for Power in the toy collectors' isles. Here is a good place to practice and share what you learn.

We could try and restrict the Sith on this thread. Indeed it might be a great place to try it if I ever think I need an online forum to talk to myself.

Or we can cultivate our training here so that we may learn to be ruthless in our real lives and accelerate the growth of our own personal Power. Power for control over our own lives. At least a Sith should have that!

Everything is built upon it.

Darth Sidious
10-09-2002, 07:33 PM
Length: 17.4 Meters.
Manufacturer: Rothana Heavy Engineering (Subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards).
Type: Repulsorlift Gunship.
Weaponry: 3 anti-personnel laser turrets, 4 composite-beam laser turrets, 8 light air-to-air rockets, 2 mass-driver missile launchers.
Affiliation: Galactic Republic.

New Acquisition: Republic Gunship.
Status: Shipping.
Estimated Arrival Time: 5-10 Days.
Destination: -CLASSIFIED-

It will certainly prove to be a powerful asset...Two pilots are necessary, but they will come in time.


Darth Sidious
10-13-2002, 06:59 PM
My Gunship arrived Friday, I got a Deluxe 3PO today. The Gunship is amazing, and the 3PO/Battle Droid are pretty damned good.

10-14-2002, 01:32 PM
I love both those toys. I like the 3PO Deluxe Figure - it's one of the best Deluxe they offer along with the Nexu and Yoda. I do like the Mace figure for Mace himself though.

Anyway, the Deluxe 3PO set connects very nicely to the Arena Playset Droid factory piece and now all I need is Padme to connect them all to it!

Plus she's a good looking figure! I can't wait to add her to my collection!

A Sith priority: Target the Senator from Naboo!:happy:

Darth Sidious
10-14-2002, 03:42 PM
Yes, I am looking forward to Padme. I don't have a Padme yet because I think they've all sucked, or they had a big dumb dress that I didn't want. I plan on attaching her to the Arena when I get one, then enhancing it with Tubing and stuff. (Note how I capitalized "Tubing?" :D) I forgot to mention, that was the only time I saw 3PO, and it was at a Kohls in their miniscule toy section. It was $13, but I got it on sale for $7.38. It was a good hunt. :)

Dar' Argol
10-14-2002, 07:07 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
A Sith priority: Target the Senator from Naboo!:happy:

Steps out from the shadows

Target aquired sir. Awaiting futher instructions

10-15-2002, 02:23 AM
I've found Padme Coruscant WITHOUT Clone Pilots and Jango Pilot at K-mart. There appears to be a case out there with only her, Darth Maul, Anakin Tatooine, and maybe some Han and Chewies shipping there.

Also K-mart had Lott Dodd and Tusken / Massif as well as Watto. They must have sold the one Endor Rebel w.o. the goatee. But they had NO (as in Zero) Endor soldiers period. Strange since the goatee needs to be "shaved" off the pegs very badly at all the other stores.

Right now, find your stuff at K-stores: KB Toys and K-mart.

They're the best bet. Playskool toys will be all re-shipping to KB too - in case you missed out on those. I still need the smaller sets with the Wampa, speederbikes, and Reek. But I think I got that covered later this week.

10-22-2002, 01:36 PM
Toys R Us is getting in major shipments of the cases with Endor Soldier (no Goatee) and Clone Trooper Pilots. I bought 12 Pilots the other day!

The Soldiers are in case Col 2, Wave 8, R1 - note there is an R2, but it does not have the clean-shaven guy.

They had about 60 cases of SW figures in the back and they let me go back there and open the cases I wanted to. They are feeling some dread at being stuck with a lot of figures after the holiday shopping. Yet so far as I know, there are no plans to mark SW figures down from $4.99 - their regular price.

They do have Arena Playsets and Gunships, so hopefully parents shopping for holiday gifts will buy the figures to accompany the playset and Gunship - unless they think that figures are included. Then they'll probably clean the racks for their kids at after-New Year's sales.

With 60 cases worth of figures in stock, it does NOT seem likely that a Collection 2, Wave 9 case (with Ephont Mon) will show up before the holidays. :cry:

These cases have way too many:

Orm Free Taa
Endor Soldier w. Goatee
Massif with Geonosian
Massif with Tusken
Chancellor Palpatine
Teemto Pegules
Ki-Adi Mundi
Djas Puhr

Collection 1 will probably move a lot faster.

Darth Sidious
10-23-2002, 05:15 PM
I went to TRU and they had all of the new figures (And plenty of the "Rare" old ones) and I got 2 Clone Pilots for my Gunship and Lott Dodd.I accidentally broke the turrets on my first clonies (PLEASE don't ask how, I don't want to get into it. It's a long story. :D) So I returned them and got new ones which I didn't break....err...yet. Anyway, Lott and YellowClone are great figures, I'll have to get more RedClones and maybe more YellowClones. it was a successful hunt. :)

10-23-2002, 11:14 PM
I know how you broke them: the ball does not twist and it takes several tries to figure out how to attach the cannon to the gunship to allow the gunner to use it. I know because I broke one of mine. Then I figured it out. Hasbro puts no instructions that are clear on the figure card nor in the gunship instructions. I kept my broken guy because every gunship takes 4 pilot figures: 2 as gunners, and 2 in the cockpit, so it didn't matter if one cannon was broken. I wasn't going to use 4 per ship (cannons anyway) in the end of it, so there you go.

Everyone else: learn from our mistake. The Cannon ball DOES NOT TWIST!

I'll post this in the saga section, as more people are bound to make this mistake as soon as they find this figure.

Just another example of why the Sith are smarter than the average Jedi - we recover from our mistakes, and adapt them, turning them around to serve our gain. Just another example of Sith leadership providing the Star Wars community justice....

Darth Sidious
10-24-2002, 05:55 AM
Yep, that's how I broke them. The new unbroken turrets are on the Gunship and I do NOT even touch those damn things now. Thanks for posting the thread in the Saga section, we have to keep others from breaking them. When Hasbro recieves all the broken ones (I know we aren't the only ones to break them) they might learn to use stronger, thicker plastic and clear directions.
Makes me feel better that I'm not the only one, by the way! :D

Darth Sidious
10-26-2002, 12:34 PM
I went to TRU today and I got Sith Training Maul, Tatooine Attack Anakin, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Palpy and Anakin are really good, but I am blown away by Darth Maul. He is incredible, the best Maul yet. I have him in an awesome pose and his fist is raised in the air, it's almost frightening. I secured his saber with a clear rubber band, so it doesn't fall out. The gimmicks are even awesome! Hasbro, keep up the good work.

Darth Sidious
11-02-2002, 11:45 AM
I went to TRU and Target. Basic figures were $2.99, but I passed on them. I might go back tomorrow though and pick up arena Padme. Anyway, at TRU they didn't have the new R2, but I did get a Tusken w/ Massiff. I like it a lot becuase I never got the POTJ Tusken, and I can give him the Geonosian's Massiff so he has two of them. The rifle that came with TA Anakin also looks great with this guy. Giving him an extra Massiff and a rifle COMPLETELY changes the figure.

11-03-2002, 03:24 AM
Target as well as K-mart are great places to find the Clone Trooper Deluxe figure (where you add his armor - and it comes with a speederbike).

As you can tell, I still am really impressed with this figure and dig it a lot.

Darth Sidious
11-09-2002, 02:15 PM
I went to Target today and got Padme (Arena Battle), Final Battle Jango, and another Battle Droid for my army, for ony $10.00! They were on discount for about $3.00 a piece, and I probably wouldn't have gotten Padme or Jango if they were $5.00. It's also nice to get army builders so cheaply. Pretty good, overall. :)

11-09-2002, 06:14 PM
My Target did not appear to be having such a sale. They also didn't have anything I wanted, neither did Toys R Us, so I never bothered to price check.

In the WWII Ultimate Soldiers, the 3 3/4", I noticed a new wave was out. In one of the older waves (still available) there is a great likeness to Grand Moff Tarkin (younger version) in one of the German soldiers. With Lt. Faytooni (Anthony Daniels) figure rumored to be coming, the body with the Ultimate Soldier head would make a great young Tarkin to meet Anakin and Obi-Wan in a diorama from Rogue Planet.

Also of note in the new wave, they have some soldiers that look incredibly like Star Trek characters Captain Jean-Luc Picard, and Voyager Commander Chakotay. The former is another German, the latter an American soldier. Looks like they are using famous people for head sculpt ideas. Interesting if true, because then the older wave dude really could have been intended to be Tarkin! Take a look. You'll also get a kick out of a Native American U.S. Soldier complete with warpaint. No slander intended, he'd make a great "custom invention" of a "Darth Mohawk" if one ever existed! He-he.

Darth Sidious
11-09-2002, 07:42 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
My Target did not appear to be having such a sale.

Does your Target have new stuff? (Teemto, Djas, etc. and/or anything newer) Becuase my Target hasn't been able to sell crap, and the newest thing they have is Force flipping Dooku or SBD. They are probably very desperate to get rid of their excess. No accessory sets either, the pegs are there but they have never showed up. :mad: Well, I like my new figs and I'm glad I helped to get rid of some of the pegwarmers.

11-09-2002, 08:04 PM
No. That's why then. My Target was rumored to have Ephont Mon, but I got him at KB.

They have Teemto, Lott Dodd, non-beard Endor Soldier, etc.

Clone Trooper Deluxe, too.

Darth Sidious
11-09-2002, 08:46 PM
Too bad you don't get the discount. Oh well, I'd much rather be in your position, at least there would be some hope of the accessory sets showing up. I am beginning to wonder if I am the only one who hasn't found them...

Darth Sidious
11-16-2002, 12:29 PM
At TRU I saw the sign that told about the Silver R2 (Which I didn't have), so I bought CA Padme, Deluxe Jango, and Pilot Jango (Completing my Jango collection until they release new ones), and I got the Silver R2! It's package is almost completely mint, and I am going to keep it there, even though I am not a carded collector. Deluxe Jango isn't that bad, really, as long as you put the hulking gun away and give him his pistols. Today was good.

11-17-2002, 02:16 AM
Cool! Good finds. And I know how much many people here appreciate the silver R2-D2!

By the way, notice how our Sith group has regressed to only the two of us?

I didn't kill the other guys yet. Did you? :D

Darth Sidious
11-17-2002, 10:16 AM
Umm... **Moves the corpses aside** Err...I didn't! :D Hmm...Maybe they all became Jedi or something stupid like that. I consider it a filtering: Separating the true Sith from the deserters! :evil:

Darth Sidious
11-18-2002, 08:20 PM
I have searched this thread and found two Jedi in our presence. It seems there are deserters! (Hence our dwindling numbers) ...Err...or they got tired of the Sith ranking system. But we're ok until a Jedi Collector Club develops. I don't see that happening soon, however. :D :evil:

Darth Sidious
11-29-2002, 11:32 AM
I got the Arena Conflict Accesory Set, they had all 4. I thought I'd never see them...

Darth Sidious
12-13-2002, 06:46 PM
You will not believe what I just found at my TRU. Although they have not had ANY POTJ figures for months, I got BoShek, Teebo, and R4-M9!!! These were the only ones they had, and I was quite surprised when I found them. I had only seen R4-M9 once but didn't get him until today, and I had never even seen Teebo or BoShek. They're all really great, quite a good hunt. :) This means I got to smell the Mouse Droid. :evil: It IS potent, but still nothing compared to Redguard or Luminara. :D

12-13-2002, 08:08 PM
Right on! Good finds - and rare these days. I take it you never had Teebo and BoShek the first time around?

And yes! This is the best smelling Mouse Droid over the one with the Death Star Droid - you are about to have an extremely pleasant and rewarding experience smelling that little guy once he comes out of the packaging! He just smells...well....NICE! :)


Darth Sidious
12-13-2002, 09:01 PM
Nope, I had never even seen them before. There was a short period of time (Unfortunately during the POTJ days) when I wasn't collecting as much. I missed out on a lot of great oppurtunities, but now I am starting to make up for it. All three of these figures are incredible, at least as highly detailed as anything from the SAGA line. As for the mouse droid, I have found it to be very enjoyable indeed. I can't stop sniffing it! I discovered something-When you hold him under a hot, bright light (Not too close so you don't melt him) he heats up and the smell is even more potent! It is mind-blowing! His smell seems a bit...oh, how do you say, sweeter than that of other figures. Sniffing him has been a great experience, I am tempted to work for Hasbro just to be around that material! :D

EDIT: My sig and avatar have taken my devotion to the Mouse Droid to a whole new level! Heh, I probably won't get a date until I'm 40 now, but I don't care! I have my Mouse Droid! :D

Darth Sidious
12-25-2002, 09:04 AM
Here's what I got for Christmas:
I got:
-Jango Fett & Slave I ornaments
-Anakin Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber
-Geonosian arena
-Silver R2
-Two 300th Boba Fetts (Opened one)
-Security Battle Droid
-HOLOGRAM DARTH SIDIOUS! (Yes, I DID open it, I just couldn't stand to keep it imprisoned)
-TOYFAIR SILVER DARTH VADER!!!!!!!!!!! It is in a StarCase, and no, I will not open it. It also came with david Prowse's autograph and a picture of Vader talking to Boba Fett on Bespin. Truly awesome.
-AOTC Visual Dictionary
-Another RedClone for my armies.

I didn't have any of these except the Silver R2 (Now I have one I can open) and the RedClone, which you can never have too many of.

12-27-2002, 12:32 AM
That's great! It sounds like you had a happy holiday!

Who got you an autographed silver anniversary Darth Vader?

That is an awesome present! Somebody went to a LOT of trouble for you!

Darth Sidious Hologram is also not easy to find! - at any price!

I like the E2 Visual Dictionary. I have E1's and have been meaning to get E2 and the Classic ones for myself to collect them. They are really very cool and loaded with extra information about background characters like the Separatists.

How do you like the Fett 300 and the Arena Playset?

Dude: it sounds like you couldn't have had a better Christmas had you gone and shopped for the stuff yourself (then wrapped it up and hid it for a while)! Did you? Or does somebody actually KNOW how to shop for their favorite SW collector? That read like the best gift list I've ever heard of!

Darth Sidious
12-29-2002, 03:18 PM
It was a very awesome Christmas. :D The 300th Fett is great, especially considering the only Boba Fett I had before this was the IG-88 2-pack one...This one completely blows it out of the water! It might be my favorite 3 3/4" figure yet. DS Holo is very cool, I have no regrets whatsoever about opening it. The IG-88 is awesome! Especially compared to the old one. They got the head shape right and everything, it's really cool. The Vader (Which isn't autographed, it came with an autograph) is amazing. My dad got it for me on eBay. I was practically speechless when I saw it. The Battle Droid and Clonetrooper are cool, you can never have too many of those. I think I have about 10 Battle Droids now, and 5 clones. Although the Arena playset is no Gunship, it is also awesome. I don't see why everyone has such a problem with it. Those 6 rubber things that go on the balcony smell great! Anakin's Lightsaber is the first blue saber I have, and since it is basically Luke's first saber, it can be used as either one. It feels strangely familiar to me when I hold it... I also got $120 from relatives with which I plan on getting a LOT more stuff. I hope you're Christmas was just as good!

12-29-2002, 04:55 PM
If you got $120, might I recommend the Gunship and Slave-One if you don't already have them? You'll still have money left over if you shop for bargains. Try online and ask your dad to order them for you and pay him back with your money if you must. I think Slave-One is only $14 versus $29 online at ToysRUs.com (Amazon does their ordering).

If you already have these, well then continue to appreciate them. I've had mine for a couple months in the case of the gunship - and since last April for Slave-One and they STILL amaze me!

If you collect any 12", get an Ultimate Bounty Hunter Jango Fett if you don't have that, too.

I think these were some of the best highlights of all the stuff we got offered this whole year!

Finally, save some money. You never know when you'll meet a nice girlfriend or see something new that you want and weren't expecting to find!

Darth Sidious
12-29-2002, 06:18 PM
Originally posted by Tycho
You never know when you'll meet a nice girlfriend

Hahahaha, that's probably the funniest thing I've ever heard! :D I've already given up on that happening, people are too shallow in my area, they only do so much as talk to you if you look like a supermodel or can bench 600 lbs. Anyway, I do have the Gunship and the Slave I, and you are right, they are incredible. The Gunship is my favorite vehicle yet, and the Slave I is a very close second. I won't spend all of it at once, I actually can't think of anything (Other than the Shuttle, which is overpriced and unavailable) that I could spend $120 on at one time. I will probably just start off with basics and deluxes, specifically Ephant Mon and BikerClone, and any of the POTJ figures that are strangely popping up at my TRU. I'll take your advice with the rest of it (Not the girlfriend thing, but in case I find new stuff). I'm going on a hunt tomorrow, I'll tell you what, if anything, I find.

12-29-2002, 08:05 PM
Hmmm: $120 at 6 bucks a figure (after tax - though really it will be more like $5.30 per figure...)

but at 6 for arguments sake: that's 20 figures....

in 2003, that means:

1) Anakin w. Cloak
2) Padme droid factory
3) Boba Fett with rocket flare
4) Dooku w. lightning
5) R2 flying
6) Tusken head-loss
7) Jedi Droid 2-pack
8) Chewie Mynock Hunt
9) Han Hoth
10) Luke Jedi Knight (new one)
11) Barriss Offee
12) Aayla Secura
13) Wat Tambler
14) Bail Organa

etc. etc. etc. AND / OR Hailfire Droid (in June?) and Geonosian Fighter (also in June?)

See my point? You have money for all of them now...Enjoy!:D

Darth Sidious
12-29-2002, 08:54 PM
Very true! I probably won't get all of the listed figures (DEFINITELY not hung-like-a-Bantha R2. :D) I do plan on getting the Battle of Geonosis ships and vehicles for a large diorama though. POTJ is what I am mostly concentrating on, since I missed most of them and they are all showing up at my TRU. I have no idea why they are showing up...Very strange, but very awesome.

Darth Sidious
01-03-2003, 05:16 PM
The AT-ST w/ Speeder Bike I ordered from AmokTime came today, it is really cool! I can't stop playing with the clicking guns. :D Oh, and I got an Endor Rebel Soldier (Bearded) a few days ago for only $2.50. (And some non-SW stuff I've been wanting). Tomorrow I am going to a flea market thing my dad checked out, he said that there were plenty of POTF and POTJ figures there. I'll post what, if anything, I find.

01-03-2003, 06:31 PM
Good luck & Happy hunting!

Darth Sidious
01-04-2003, 12:45 PM
My hunt sucked. The guy at the Flea Market was gone. There were a few figures. A Bespin Escape Leia which I need was $30.00! (Needless to say, I didn't get it.) At TRU there was a Beardless Endor Soldier, but I didn't get him either. Then I went to Target to try to find an Endor Accessory set to help enhance an Endor diorama I am planning on doing. They had all of the sets EXCEPT FOR THE ONE I NEEDED! It ****** me off.

01-04-2003, 01:06 PM
It happens. You come up empty handed a lot in this hobby.

That just makes finding something (or days like April 23, 2002) all the more better.

But congratulations: you didn't find anything that was on your "buyer's list," so you practiced true self-discipline like a Sith and left with all your money!

You retained your power and did not expose your hand. :)

Darth Sidious
01-04-2003, 01:13 PM
Yes, I suppose you're right. I was awfully tempted by the Electronic Sauron figure at TRU and the Death Star Accessory set...But I'd rather get the set I really wanted or Ephant Mon, etc.

01-07-2003, 09:52 AM
Tycho, if your numbers are correct as to what you will find in a case: 3 Gunship Pilots
3 Padme
3 Jango
Then that explains why the over abundance of Padme and Jangos at Walmart right now, everybody wants multiple clone troopers, but only wants or needs 1 Padme and 1 Jango...

Darth Sidious
01-11-2003, 02:50 PM
I went to TRU and naturally there wasn't much SW stuff, but that's not what I came there for. I got what I wanted, the 10 in. Sauron figure! (LOTR's) It is freaking awesome. It is huge, has perfect detail, more points of articulation than Hasbro will ever dream of, and the voice is so loud it hurts my ears! Even if you don't like LOTR's (Which I obviously do), it is still cool. If every Hasbro figure was like this their sales would triple. Treebeard, you're next!

Darth Sidious
02-05-2003, 05:35 PM
My dad got me the Trash Compactor sets today, and they are truly awesome. Nice detail, nice figures, everything. This proves that Hasbro can do something right sometimes. :)

Darth Sidious
03-28-2003, 04:55 PM
Well, the first part of the new wave is here. At WM, yes WM, I found the new Tusken, Padme (Droid factory), Pilot Clones, Analysis Droids, and the rest except Ephant Mon. Got the new Tusken, he's great.

03-29-2003, 04:17 AM
Yeah he is. My WalMart got up to the Aayla Secura wave, but they only got 4 cases. I needed at least 9 of her. She's 1 per case.

Really tired right now though. Gotta sleep or I won't be able to go after more of her in the morning. TTYL

Good luck hunting.

Darth Sidious
03-29-2003, 08:10 AM
How come you needed 9? (Nothing wrong with it, just wondering.) The newest ones we had were the Padmes and Analysis Droids. Good luck to you too. I can't wait until the Boba Fett wave comes...

Jedi Drew
03-29-2003, 12:35 PM
Yes, please explain why you would need NINE of them??? We all know that you build dioramas but I really don't see any need to purchase nine of them. Could you save some for other collectors??? :eek: :eek: I don't need any of them since I am up to speed on all the latest figures-including the new Boba Fett wave,Lama, Aayla, Barriss ect. that I found at Wally World. Happy Hunting. :D :D

06-11-2003, 03:48 AM
You Sith are to much like the Jeedai. When the Yuzzan Vong control Sir Steves Guide you will be sacrificed to the gods. Prepare yourselves we are coming for you.

06-12-2003, 01:09 AM
Attention Yuuzhan Vong inferiors: when fully used by a power that knows how to handle it, the Force will destroy even those who are blind to it.

Your false gods will be shredded apart across the universe again.

There is one Lord, and now his begotten grandchildren, the Solo Jedi, have learned of your existence in a spectrum of the Force that you cannot tap into. They know where to find you, and their very existence springs from us.

Now if there are any truths we both agree on, Pain and Death are constants.

But if the Force comes from all the life that the Jedi so revere, remember that the Dark Side of the Force checks that life, with dark energies that make up anit-life itself. Therefore only we the Sith, utilize destruction and death to restore balance to the overgrowth of disordered life such as yourselves.

We bring the natural balance of the universe back into order.

It is only a matter of time until our heirs, Jacen and Jaina Solo, the direct descendants of our latest great Lord Vader, put the Vong back where they belong: completing your great quest for truth, and finding it in your Pain and your Deaths.

We the Sith actually love your religion. We do. We will see to it that you find your faith in its true form.

Prepare for annihilation!

We will now hear your weak voices if you wish to thank us.

06-12-2003, 01:15 AM
Originally posted by Jedi Drew
Yes, please explain why you would need NINE of them??? We all know that you build dioramas but I really don't see any need to purchase nine of them. Could you save some for other collectors??? :eek: :eek: I don't need any of them since I am up to speed on all the latest figures-including the new Boba Fett wave,Lama, Aayla, Barriss ect. that I found at Wally World. Happy Hunting. :D :D

And uses for 9 Aayla Jedis:

1) Palpatine's Office, posing as a consort of Orm Free Taa so the Jedi can infiltrate crucial developments in the Senate.

2) A later appearance in the same office, to witness Obi-Wan Kenobi's report from Geonosis.

3) The Arena Battle as the battle beasts and the droid army attacks the Jedi.

4) The arena battle when the Attack of the Clones occurs.

5) The Battle of Geonosis, as a Jedi General, commanding the Clones.

6) The Attack on Kamino, as a Jedi General from the Expanded Universe Clone Wars comics.

7) Saved for keepsake just in case there is ever a Quinlan Vos action figure.

8) Saved for possible Episode 3 or Expanded Universe scenes that develop out of media shown in the future.

9) Possibly used in a Jedi Temple scene with Yoda and the Younglings, when Obi-Wan brings the starmap. - Or some other scene I wanted her in.

It is possible I might want even more figures of Aayla Secura, however, the more variety of Jedi I use in my scenes, the more each will have their own unique special components.

But I must have them! and my friend found me 2 more that I will pick up from him on Friday.

That will bring me up to 5 total, as I have not been actively hunting them.

Jedi Drew
06-12-2003, 05:14 PM
Don't want to be a jerk but......didn't you post in the Saga Section that you are low on money? :confused: How are you gonna afford these? :confused: I thought that you were tighting your belt? :confused: Well, to each his own.......:rolleyes:

06-13-2003, 02:40 AM
My friend in my collecting circle went out and found 3 more of them, or something like that.

It's only $15 I owe him - and it includes Yoda and the kid.

Who knows where he got them.

I haven't been hunting due to budget constraints and my time spent in insurance school.

Darth Sidious
06-13-2003, 12:18 PM
Originally posted by chrisc
You Sith are to much like the Jeedai. When the Yuzzan Vong control Sir Steves Guide you will be sacrificed to the gods. Prepare yourselves we are coming for you.

Yuuzhan Vong? Hmm...I thought I smelled cabbage. Did you hear that, Tycho? We're too much like the Jeedai. We'd better be careful. ;) Well, as I always said, better to be a Jeedai than a Vong. Yuuzhan Vong like self-mutilation, do they not? Sounds like an insecurity thing to me, most self-mutilators are quite insecure. Says something about the whole race, doesn't it? Tell me something, Vong. How do you prefer to display the corpses of victims you do not consume? I prefer “The Bloody Eagle,” a Norse sacrificial custom with the victim's short ribs separated from the spine and lungs pulled out the back to look like wings.

06-13-2003, 09:01 PM

Well done, my young apprentice. Well done.

Darth Sidious
06-13-2003, 09:56 PM
Why thank you. I found it quite enjoyable myself. Now, I'm off to make more Bloody Eagles. You've got to love those lungs pulled out the back to look like wings! They make quite interesting scarecrows if I do say so myself, albeit not very effective. The crows seem attracted to the carcasses, not repelled by them. Oh well, they do a good job of cleaning off the meat. Just recently I made quite an interesting dagger from the femur of a man who...wait...why am I telling everyone this?!? Oh yeah, because it's fun. :evil:

06-16-2003, 10:04 AM
OK you have won the battle with words but trust me we will be back Jeedai.

06-16-2003, 01:28 PM
Should we be scared?


Fear leads to anger.

Anger leads to hate.

Anger, fear, agression: the Dark Side are they.

And never underestimate the power of the Dark Side of the Force!

06-17-2003, 09:35 AM
Yes you should be scared!!!! Also your stupid mind powers have no effect on the mighty Yuuzhan Vong!

Darth Sidious
06-25-2003, 10:24 AM
Originally posted by chrisc
Also your stupid mind powers have no effect on the mighty Yuuzhan Vong!

As I always said, that's what those nifty torture droids are for. ;)

Anyway, I got a Padme (Droid Factory) and the new Droideka today. I know these are not really new for all of you priveleged people who actually get new figures more than once a year, but to me it is, so I'm fairly happy. That Droideka had been sitting there forever and I figured, why not? And it is actually really cool! I will also be getting the Imperial Forces pack for my birthday (July 13th.) If only the REALLY new waves would get here... :( (Bariss, Boba, etc...) That is probably a pipe dream though.

On a completely unrelated note, I notcied your sig addition, Tycho. It rules. Have you tried to eat any of your action figures yet? (I was going to make a nice little sautee sauce and buy some of those damned pegwarming Pilot Jangos for dinner.) I think we need an action figure eating thread? :Pirate: :Pirate: :Pirate:

06-25-2003, 11:09 AM
Congrats: Padme's a great figure!

As to eating Jangos & gravy? Never tried it. But the nicely removeable heads with the Arena Battle Jango might go over well in cereal or for an offtake of eyeball soup.

Jango Soup. yeah. That's it.

What's that warning sticker on Hasbro's packaging say?

Darth Sidious
06-25-2003, 11:17 AM
I think it says ages 3+ or something, in case little kids might try to eat them. Although I guess it's not really little kids that they have to worry about nowadays. :p As for the Jangos, there are so many in my WM that you could feed a small country. (If we weren't just talking about eating figures, that sentence would have made NO sense. :D) I did a lot of peg-climbing today and founf nothing up there, which gave me an idea. I think, since the Jangos aren't selling, the WM people think SW figures in general are unpopular. So I took all of the Jangos and threw them on top of the highest shelves I could find so the employees would think they all sold and they should get in more figures. (There's only one Droideka left in sight.) Maybe that would help?

06-25-2003, 11:29 AM
No. The computer orders more SW figures, not employees.

When the computer registers sales, an items' profit margin goes up and more inventory is ordered.

If no one can find the SW figures because they are hidden, the store will not order more, and worse, they could be written as a negative loss if they think they were stolen.

You have failed my apprentice!

The best thing a person can do is buy all the pegwarmers, and then return them within 90 days with their receipt, after newer figures have come in.

OR return them to a Walmart far away from yours that you bought the figures at. Otherwise, you might only be keeping the inventory stationary in the same delivery hub (of several Walmart stores) and thus not actually prompting the automatic inventory control system to order more.

Walmart calls it their SMART SYSTEM. You my young apprentice, must become smarter than their system if you want to achieve control over your local action figure market!

Darth Sidious
06-25-2003, 12:41 PM
I see...I obviously knew little of their system, but seeing as I had no "Insiders" at the time, there is no way I could have known. But either way, I got a certain satisfaction from watching those damned Jangos flying through the air. But I can not bring myself to buy all of those Jangos and return them. The least I could do is buy the rest of the Droidekas though. I like them and I could use them for bulking up my armies.

Darth Sidious
06-27-2003, 12:29 PM
I went to TRU today and got some LotR stuff I was looking for, and I also got the Clones and Droids Clone Wars 3-packs! They rule, they really made my already considerably sized armies even larger. I shall drive the machines of war with with the droid and the Force and the Iron Fist of the Sith! :evil:

Darth Sidious
07-06-2003, 03:32 PM
I got a hell of a haul today! I went to a flea market and found a guy who was selling a whole bunch of old stuff for really low prices. Although a lot of it was incomplete, most of it was fine. He had a lot of carded figures too. I picked up a lot of stuff there, you can see it all in the attachment. The best part? I got all of that for $15!!! Anyway, one question, does anyone know what the mini-rig is called and its approximate worth? Just curious... Oh, and I didn't buy the Clonetroopers in the background at the flea market, they're just there.

07-06-2003, 03:58 PM
Nice catch . It's an MLC-3 (mobile laser cannon) mini-rig. I don't know what the price is, but it might be useful if you make any EU scenes.

Darth Sidious
07-13-2003, 09:38 AM
I got a Droideka launcher (Which rocks, actually, the rolling works really really well and looks very realistic; the set built up my Droideka armies too) and the Imperial Forces set for my birthday today, among some non SW stuff. Pretty good, overall! :)

07-13-2003, 11:18 AM
Happy Birthday Darth Sidious!

It was a great day for me , too!

I scored:

Coleman Trebor x2
Padme Wedding
Ashla & Jempa x2
Yoda and Chian
Wat Tambler x 2
Aayla Secura (again!)

plus I got a lot of the above for my friend Tony, including 2 red battle droids for his army. (I use white ones - they're easier to find cheaper)

Darth Sidious
07-13-2003, 11:44 AM
Happy Birthday Darth Sidious!

It was a great day for me , too!

I scored:

Coleman Trebor x2
Padme Wedding
Ashla & Jempa x2
Yoda and Chian
Wat Tambler x 2
Aayla Secura (again!)

plus I got a lot of the above for my friend Tony, including 2 red battle droids for his army. (I use white ones - they're easier to find cheaper)

Thanks! :)

As for that haul, that is bloody awesome. My Wal-Mart still has nothing but Cantina sets and force-flipping Obi-Wans and Jango Pilots. So it has been for about 8 months. Maybe longer. But TRU is getting in the Army Builder sets so I still have faith in them, and in Target since they had the Padme (Factory) that I bought. As for finding the ones you found, well, I believe it will be many a month before I see those. Before I see the Analysis droids and Darth Tyranus and Boba Fett (Pit of Carkoon), even. Oh well, congratulations, and good luck finding what you need. :)

07-13-2003, 12:46 PM
Oh, I found these at Target. They seem to be getting the most in.

Vader, Snowboy, and Luke seem to be hitting WalMart

It's almost time to order Dooku online, since I need a second one, too.

Han and Chewie, Maybe Boba, Anakin - those will be the re-packs with Vader's wave. I'm not sure if Dooku is likey again.

It just seemed like not enough of him got out, and older cases, with Destroyers, Yoda in the chair, Gunship pilots, still will leak out from most of our retailers' wherehouses.

Darth Jax
07-14-2003, 10:49 PM
well, even though i've had them on order for months. couldn't help but pick up the only copies of aayla, barriss, wat, younglings, yoda&chian, and red battle droid. couldn't pass them up and let them fall into someone less deservings clutches. means that if/when i get my shipment i'll have duplicates to open.

07-15-2003, 02:05 AM
well, even though i've had them on order for months. couldn't help but pick up the only copies of aayla, barriss, wat, younglings, yoda&chian, and red battle droid. couldn't pass them up and let them fall into someone less deservings clutches. means that if/when i get my shipment i'll have duplicates to open.

That's it. Stay ruthless, Dude. You'd make a fine Sith!

Darth Jax
07-15-2003, 07:41 PM
stopped in at wally world on my way home from work, still flush with excitement from my good day yesterday. someone had tried to hide a snowtrooper behind the muscle figs. but i spotted him anyway and now he's mine (got one of him on order as well). i'd cancel my pre-order but since all look good on the card, imagine they'll look good loose on my shelves as well.

Darth Sidious
07-26-2003, 11:59 AM
Well, it's about bloody time! At Target I found Theed Maul, New Leia, Alderaan Escape Han, Red Battle Droid, Yoda w/Youngling, and Barriss Offee. I also found the new Clone Wars Tank at TRU. I got the Tank, Maul, and Han. I didn't get Leia or the BD because they just weren't that special, and the Yoda w/Youngling and Barriss were in the hands of a little kid. :mad: :rolleyes: He HAD grabbed Maul, which is the one I wanted most of all, and I was thinking "drop it or die..." He dropped it though. :D So I took it right away. I also got the Tank when I found it (The Starfighter was there too, but honestly I REALLY don't want another one), and it is great! I missed it the first time around. It is a lot bigger than I thought and has a ton of fun features that don't interfere with the sculpt or anything like that.

07-26-2003, 12:43 PM
Yeah, the tanks a great toy. It's totally under-rated.

I think it's probably one of the top 10 or 15 vehicles in the entire line.

Darth Sidious
07-26-2003, 02:46 PM
Agreed. It's right up there with the Gunship for me. It looks really cool when you put it beside that little EU Tank with the Pilot Droid, I'll be sure to use both of those (once I have built everything up enough) for a Clone Wars Diorama. I'm sure the Hailfire Droid will be great, too. I have been waiting for one of those ever since I saw AotC.

Darth Sidious
08-01-2003, 03:27 PM
I went on a hunt and didn't find anything new, but my KB has tons and tons of Clonetroopers for $1.99 apiece. I got 4 for about $8. Here's a picture of my clone army.

Darth Sidious
08-03-2003, 04:45 PM
Got a Snowtrooper today at Target. I also saw the repacked Kamino Jango but seeing as I have that Jango already, I did not wish to buy another. I like the Snowtrooper. Not a lot of articulation, but it will look great in a diorama. The cannon is pretty cool too. It's bigger than he is! Could this appearance of new figures mean the drought is starting to end? One can only hope.

08-03-2003, 08:32 PM
Ah, you found the all-white Clones in your 3-packs I see. Good find.

Now I think you have enough reds, LOL. "Everyone's a captain!"

But you're doing better than me. I've found zero Clones - haven't been at the store when the shipments came in because I got 3 of the droid packs. They're surprisingly good quality.

I have enough droids and Clones for all my E2 scenes, I'm basically getting together some EU stuff for dioramas wiht the Clone Wars toys and saving some for Episode 3.

My KB has the Red Clones for $1.99 too. I passed on them today, but wonder if I made a mistake.

I still have to budget:

-new stuff is coming
-Terminator 3 figures are showing up at Game Stops (at too high of price)
-I might get some Geonosians at 1.99 (or is it $2.99 at KB? I forgot but a sale is a sale!)
-I need to get some Star Trek figures (all extras) when they are marked down enough: Borgs 1,2,3, Archer x 2, Mayweather.

I try to avoid all other toy lines, but:

1) Playmates started Star Trek Next Generation with only 10 figures, and it was like buying SW - only it started 3 years before SW came back out. So when SW was in, I was already a few years invested in Trek too.

2) I was shopping for SW when my friend found the rare Sarah Conner from Terminator. He suggested I buy it. There was no SW, so I suckered into it, and OK, I'll do Terminator figures as well now :rolleyes:

KB has X-men figures really cheap, and though I don't own any, certain characters are surely tempting:

Wolverine of course.
Dr. X

maybe Sabertoothe

I really have to control myself!

I need to get that new Star Wars generations book with Yoda training kid-Dooku, and Dooku training a kid Qui-Gon, plus Shatterpoint!

Darth Sidious
08-03-2003, 10:41 PM
Yes, I was particularly glad to find the white ones, I need some more basic footsoldiers because, as you pointed out, I have too many Captains. :D I would repaint them, but I really do not want to ruin them...I guess I'll just have lots and lots of captains...Until I find more 3-Packs, that is. I got the Droids too, and they are great army builders indeed. I got the Droideka launcher too, and I really like it! The rolling is very realistic looking. I'm planning on doing a CW diorama too when more vehicles/separatist droids are out...Going to limit it to one of each ship in the scene though, I can't afford to do more than one unless they're on clearance. I have about as many BDs as clones, and some Droidekas and other stuff... Should be okay if I don't screw up the scenery. Also, don't pass on this $1.99 deal, they kicked it back up to $2.99 right after I bought them...Not much money, I know, but if you buy a lot it can make a difference.

Darth Jax
08-05-2003, 10:48 PM
was at KB today and found they'd gotten more playskool sets in. grabbed all 3 falcon playsets they had available. will make great introductory sets for smaller kids come this x-mas. KB has raised the price on single figures again to 2.99 but mine is almost sold out finally (maybe they'll get some of the later waves now). they did lower the price on the 4 packs though to 7.49.

Darth Sidious
08-07-2003, 11:32 AM
That's cool, I don't collect the Playskool sets, but I like them. Cute little fat Falcons and X-Wings. :D I got Chewbacca-Mynock Hunt at Target. I love it, especially the Mynock. It's so cool, how they made it translucent and put the veins on its wings. I'd pay $5 for a few Mynocks by themselves! Chewbacca is great too, good scale, awesome bowcaster. The mask is great, I like how you can see the Wookieeteeth behind it. Now if only I could find Pit of Carkoon Boba-the one I want most of all...Oh yeah, I saw the Command Gunship too but didn't get it.

Darth Sidious
09-14-2003, 01:00 PM
Well, I've found quite a few things since I last posted here...Lama Su, Darth Tyranus, Han Hoth, POC BOBA!!! But the biggest and best surprise came today. I went to Target today, and saw...


Needlesss to say, I picked it up right away. It is awesome, even the gimmick is tolerable. The pointy parts are a bit bendy, but it's not too noticable. I LOVE the pilot, he has a little air mask that looks like a muzzle with a hose that goes into a hole in the control panel...It's almost "cute". :D The canopy is awesome, the whole ship looks very Geonosian. It is small, about 15 inches long and quite thin, but that is exactly how I hoped it would be, because they are smaller ships. The missiles fire pretty well. I only wish I could have gotten a Hailfire Droid too...According to the booklet in the box, the Hailfire Droid really does come with 32 missiles! I also saw the Jedi Council set (The one with Yarael Poof) and the Separatist set that comes with Nute Gunray; I found the CW Anakin too. I passed on all of those except for the Starfighter, though. Good luck, I hope this cool ship may grace everyone's collections soon! :)

09-15-2003, 01:00 AM
Hope it was just a budget thing. You'll like the screen scenes if you can get them again (I'd think)? Yes?

Darth Sidious
09-15-2003, 06:06 AM
Yes, it was definitely a budget thing, I set myself limits on amount paid for SW items, because, well...I need to. I do plan on buying the screen scenes though. Right nowI'm just concentrating on keeping $20 handy for when I see the Hailfire Droid...As much as I like the Screen Scenes, I wouldn't like to buy them and be broke when I finally see the Hailfire...

Darth Jax
09-15-2003, 02:46 PM
found part two of the jedi council, will there be a part 3 & 4 to give us the entire council (4 minus chairs)? also picked up the other half of the war room. i've managed to get caught up with the saga line but am not finding much from clone wars yet.

Darth Sidious
09-20-2003, 01:12 PM
I got my Hailfire Droid today, as you can see in my review thread, and it is great. Just thought I'd post that. I also got a LotR figure I've been wanting. Saw more screen scenes...Seeing as I am a bit financially limited, I was wondering, is $20 a bit too high a price for three figures and a chair/half table? Good luck everyone! :)

12-09-2003, 03:28 AM
I may have made a huge mistake with my Clone Army

First, my Wal-Mart was stocking them tonight just before midnite, and I bought 4 more.

There were 4 or 5 more cases of the Clone Trooper wave on the pallets.

After my little raid, the 6 pegs of SW figures they had were still full of SaeSee, Obi-Wan, new Kit Fisto, and Durge.

I circled the pallets and circled them again, but elected not to get caught on Wal-Mart security cameras opening the cases when they had no room to stock the remaining figures.


2 Clones
2 Kits
2 SaeSee
2 Obi-Wan
2 Durge
2 others - that I couldn't tell???

I got 4 Clones and left 4 SaeSee, 4 Kits anyway. There were a lot of Obi-Wans. So I'm not sure....

Anyway, instead of opening the cases on the pallets (as I might've done in days' past) I went and got a manager and asked if I could buy more clones.

She said no because the pegs were still full. They weren't supposed to have open product in the back, were they to take the non-bought figures back on the pallet. She offered to hold a case prior to stocking them tomorrow night, until I came in, at which point I could have those Clones - because I was nice and didn't attack their pallet.

So I should end up with at least 2 more, but I could've gotten 8-10 more tonight, were I seriously emboldened and disrespectful (and lucky enough to get away with it).

So did I make a mistake? I have 7 Clones, possibly 10 when I get 3 more from my friends find the other day. And tomorrow morning, by hitting the stores as they open, I should pull in about 2-4 more at least. 6 might be a realistic optimist's hope.

I want 30 altogether. Is it time to get more ruthless?

Darth Sidious
12-25-2003, 03:34 PM
Just thought I'd post my Christmas haul, here's what I got, SW related: Deluxe Wampa, Speederbike Clone, Dwarf Spider Droid, Super Poseable Clone, Concept Stormtrooper, Waitress Droid, and EPHANT MON. (Ephant was ordered online, never seen him in real life. Damn he's huge! He even makes deluxe Durge look small.) Overall, alone with other things such as a LotR Sting replica and a Sentinel figure from the Matrix, a good haul.

12-25-2003, 08:22 PM
That's a good Christmas. Congratulations on Ephant Mon. You're very lucky to have one. Unless Hasbro decides to release more, or they are buried in some national chain warehouses, most people who don't have him already, won't get him.

I take it somebody in your family got you Ephant for a present? That there is a stroke of kindness and thoughtfulness that is hard to match in Star Wars collecting.

I think you'll like the SA Clone, too.

Right there, in my opinion, you got the 2 best SW figures EVER made!

Probably Vader Removeable Helmet (1998's) is the only other truly comparable figure.

Enjoy and happy holidays.

El Chuxter
10-07-2009, 05:43 PM
The Sith have infiltrated Hasbro and instituted our master plan! Here (http://www.collectionstation.com/items/view/11400) is proof!